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  1. the faster those lead free rounds move the less pentration they get.
  2. I just got some hard cast an some Corbons soft points. Gonna go try them out this weekend
  3. Sure! I still wanna test out some my hand loads. I have pdx1, ranger t to see what damage they do. I have pics of what the holes look like in the flesh, but don't know if I can post them here.
  4. I can test any bullets y'all won't too. Just let me know. Deer season is here now, so now I'm gonna be on them instead of hogs. Here are the widths and lengths: 155gr dpx .8125 .500 175gr st. .6250 .375 180gr xtp .6250 .3125 165gr ftx .500 .375 180gr BB .6250 .375
  5. Over past couple months I've been trying to recover my bullets from hogs I hunted. Some didn't pass through, and some I needed my metal detector to find. Corbon dpx 155 Winchester silver tip 175 Buffalo bore 180jhp Hornady 180 xtp Hornady 165 ftx critical defence And a little group picture I've noticed that the buffalo bore that is using Montana gold bullets now is having jacket separation. Also I've had couple 180gr xtp seperate too. I also tested powR ball, black talon, hydra shock, corbon jhp, Remington fmj. I didn't recover the bullets though.
  6. I like to tinker with my guns, so while at the gun show today I picked up a lonewolf trigger, and striker spring. My new mods along with polished innards has my trigger pull amazing! I havnt put a gauge on it yet to measure poundage, but my guess it would be around 2lbs. Trigger reset is crisp also, and havnt had any light primer strikes. My pistol is primary my hunting/range gun btw. Here is my mod list for people interested: Ghost rocket 3.5 connector Kkm 4.6 barrel Lonewolf ss guide rod Lonewolf 20lb recoil spring Lonewolf 4lb striker spring Lonewolf 6lb trigger spring High gloss shine on innards
  7. I carry g20sf. I use Corbon dpx, and win silver tips
  8. Them federals around my way cost $28 a box! Cheapest I've been finding in the store is the hornady 165 ftx. I just recently found some 165gr Speer gold dots for a good price.
  9. Thanks! I'm still looking at getting a kkm barrel
  10. 2011 glock20 3gen. I've just installed lonewolf guide rod, 20lb spring, 3.5 ghost connector, lasermax unimax green laser, truglo tfo sights, polished up trigger components. Ive been using it on hogs an now gonna try to tag a deer on the 19th with it. Here's couple pics
  11. I find the accuracy is ok. I shoot off a rest an still have a flyer every now and then. I'm thiking about getting a kkm
  12. Just bought new lasermax green unimax laser today. Going to try it out in the morning with some win silvertips. Accuracy been pretty good with my gun with the silvertips.
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