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  1. :mad: Got IM from the guy, said "sale is pending" I shouldn't have waited.
  2. I think I can get a S&W 1006 for $525 with 5 mags. Is that a pretty good price? Thanks.
  3. I don't have any problems with any other brass, just 3 pcs of Privi. I'm pretty sure it's a brass issue.
  4. I have been buying brass when I can find it, bought 1200 pcs. on this site, I just need to watch for that headstamp.
  5. I had a case head seperation, I missed one of the nny (Privi Partizen) headstamps. This was the last round in the Mag., it blew the bottom of mag loose, and jammed slide closed, got the slide back and the case head fell out, rest of shell was stuck in barrel. No injuries ( other then my hemroids swelled up!) Gun is back in working order. Anyone else have problems with Privi? (brass or ammo) I won't use it again.
  6. I just found out the KSP is Kentucky State Police headstamp. Pretty Cool!
  7. I found out that is Privi Partizen brass, so I sorted some of my other 10mm brass and found 1 more, so I'm going to take them out of the equation. I also found 1 piece of KSP brass that I have never seen before. Thanks for the info.
  8. I have a new Colt Delta Elite That I have just started to reload for. I have worked my way up from starting load. I weigh every load, measure every round (OAL) and case gauge every round. Last week I loaded 12 rounds of mixed brass that had been loaded maybe 3 to 4 times, after I shot them I examined the cases and had one that had a slight bulge, enough that I could feel it with my finger and enough that I wouldn't reload it. This brass was what looks like nny headstamp, out of the 12 rounds, this was the only one with this headstamp, I checked online and can't determine what kind of brass this is, all of the other brass looks fine. Do I have a problem with my load? I figured I would check with the experts here, Thanks for any help. Colt Delta Elite Mixed Brass 10.4gr. Blue Dot 180gr. Precision Delta FMJ OAL 1.255
  9. GMAN12

    +1 for 10mmGary

    Excellent transaction, good to deal with. Thanks Gary.
  10. Yep, I shot the 9.8 gr. Blue dot, about like a mouse fart, dirty too. I just loaded 5 more @ 10.0 gr. will try them next. Thanks for the info, Shadow.
  11. I'm just starting out with reloading 10mm and have a question. I loaded 5rds with 9.8gr of Blue Dot using Berry's 165gr FP with an OAL @ 1.255", These will be shot from a Delta Elite, is this too hot for a starting load, I have 2 manuals and this is a happy medium. Should I lower that charge down a little? I only loaded 5 rounds. Thanks
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