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  1. Just a suggestion, but if you have the time and materials you can break the ammo down remove the primers from the cases and reload them.
  2. My golfball launcher isn't that nice, but I think it's much less expensive. Mine is made of sch40 PVC with a modified sprinkler valve. At 100psi I can launch a golfball further than most pro golfers can drive one. On the average most players can drive over 300yds. This is my collection of launchers. Sorry, I'm not trying to jack the thread just adding some alternate thoughts.
  3. What about a 9-11 theme with the World Trade Center and maybe some firemen and police...something along those lines.
  4. I view putting camo on my M4 kinda like getting a tatoo. I have the urge to do it but I'm not sure what I want, then I see something cool but I don't want to be a copy cat so I just don't do it. Question, if you do camo your weapon, do you have to remove the camo when you PCS/ETS from the unit?
  5. tlcsr66


    Hello from King George, VA Retired Army EOD and other MOS's Glad to be here.
  6. TRAINING!!! The trick is getting consistant head shots, that can be a lot harder than it sounds unless you train to do it. Think about it, you wake up one morning and the DJ on the radio is babbling about some out break then you hear a couple of helicopters buzz your house. UH OH!!! you think, you run to get your AR and your "go" bag, this is the day you have been waiting for! You pause long enough to call your know-it-all brother-in-law, he answers and you hear the panic in his voice. Slowly you smile and say "told you so" hang up the phone and run to your zombie squashing monster truck, as you exit you see the neighbors weren't as prepared as you and have turned to flesh eating walkers. Now the adrenalin is realy pumping, your breathing is faster and your heart rate is up, you never liked the neighbors anyway and their dog always left his mark on your lawn. You raise your AR to your shoulder and squeez the trigger, nothing! DAMN safety, click squeez, BAM!!! Mr. Jones is still coming!!! I MISSED BUT HOW!!! Your shooting at something the size of a fat cantalope and it's on top of something shuffling back and forth and your excited that's why you missed. Here's what we used to do when my unit had a range to ourselves and nobody else was around. Put some balloons 25 meters out then go to the firing line and in full gear do about 75 speed jumping jacks as fast as you can then lock and load and try to hit the ballons, not easy at all but it can be done.
  7. Thanks for the welcome everybody. I'm living in King George VA, I'm about an hour north of Richmond and 45min east of Fredericksburg.
  8. New to the forum but not new to forum life or M16/AR rifles. I'm retired Army EOD. I went to basic training in 1986 my first M16 had "XM16" stamped on the lower, it rattled like a can full of pennys, when I retired last year I had a nice sexy M4. I look back and cant believe I hit anything with that old M16 but I did. I had joined another AR forum and after reading several posts decided that wasn't the place I wanted to hang out, and to be truthful the jury is still out on this group but it looks a little more friendly. Today I own a brand new Bushmaster Carbon 15 M4...I know I know a bunch of you on here will start in with how I wasted my money or something along those lines. I'm not shooting competition or patroling, or holding off hordes of zombies (yet). The rifle fits what I want it to do and so far it does it better than I had hoped so I'm happy with it. Any way I look forward to talking with some of you, offering some of my experiance to the group and maybe this spring if any of you are in my area maybe we can get together and burn some ammo.
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