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  1. are there extented mags for ajvelina/1911 in 10mm? ..found max 9 rounds capacity..
  2. in german army we used uzis as service smg. i was there in about 2002/03 there, the uzis were maybe 30 or more yrs old then and had a lot of shots fired.. sometimes a hard smack was enough to let it fire... as a result you carry it (im missing the right word...) "bolt closed" but you got a closed bolt model so its unimportant for you accuray not that bad... you can easily hit a man sized target at 100 or 150 meters.... but a mp5 will sure hit a melon sized target...you know what i mean..... dont forget im talking about uzis in their last 25% of "life"...new ones could be more accurate..
  3. youre lucky.... quantity here is restricted to 2 handguns (hunting license) -then buying two 10mm handguns require a bit of "fanatism" for this cartridge... -
  4. like the uzi, had very early hessen arms model...but wasnt reliable enough...sold it... uzis make much fun shooting... relieable (except mine), and able to shoot with one hand (military (bike) driver use...) but (in my opinion): unsafe, not very accurate
  5. is your uzi open- or close bolt model??
  6. cant pronounce.... but can fire it.... more important i think
  7. does anybody know how many javelinas were made? how many 7" hunting models: (mine came yesterday, only tested 1 mag. seems to be pretty accurate. prey: 1 ea dry pine tree)
  8. Glok 20C iAi Javelina 7" g20 rare here in germany Javelina "exotic"
  9. he´s pretty good! just what´s going on in my mind... and because of the subtitle i could understand it all ("native german" ;-) got to go now, that saiga auction is Ending....
  10. hi, i just bought a 7" iai javelina, need to know if barrel and slide of a delta elite will fit on javelina "lower receiver". Im from germany (so- sorry for my bad english), and its hard to get more than 2 pistols per person here- for that reason im interested in buying a 2nd slide and barrel (whats it called in english , ("changing system" would be the translation word by word). -i read that some parts of javelina arent inter changeable to regular 1911- what for example? quick answer would be nice- auction is ending soon.... p.s :hedning- you got any reloading data with powder available in europe? ....ned a load to exeed 1200 joules of energy to be able to start in our "super magnum" competitions... -that should be a absolute maximum load- will the javelina survive a load like that?? ...and: you got an adress to get (very) light bullets in 10mm?
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