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  1. Welcome to the Armory! I usually go through either Midway, Brownells, or BCM. Good Luck. Spend wisely!
  2. I have a Rock River CAR with @ 2000 rounds through it. Flawless! Awesome rifle! I am upgrading the fore grip to a rail but other than that I love it. Stay mil- spec, but remember mil-spec doesn't mean the best. Good Luck and Have Fun!
  3. There are so many other flashlights out there for much less money that are equally as good or very close. So, are the Surefire flashlights really worth the money?
  4. Definitely my RRA AR15, 1911 on my hip(I know its only 1 gun). Ok my 1911 on my wife's hip. There now we both have only 1 gun. Definitely have the bag of loaded mags ready though. 6 of each, along with plenty of spare ammo. Don't like this game either.
  5. I don't miss eating the old MRE's, glad to see they finally changed up the menu. Always liked the chicken though. I agree about the drinks. Guess thy want to give you variety.
  6. Aerobic oxygen drops wil extend the shelf life tremendously. Up to 5 years in certain cases.
  7. Bracelet is awesome. Highly recommend it!
  8. New to the forum, hello everyone! Hope to learn alot.
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