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  1. Hey guys, Here are some pic's of the X-mas AR. The quad rail is free floating I guess i didnt remember that when i purchased it. Added a used Vortex ($80.00) and Hogue grip. Next I'm thinking a MAGPUL ANGLED FORE GRIP? When you all say it is a disease, it is true
  2. nmar

    War movies.

    Hell in the Pacific http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063056/
  3. Thanks guys for the reassurance normally i do a lot more research before a buy. Next i will research (search this forum) a "reasonably" priced red dot. Also thanks for the welcome I will post some pic's soon.
  4. Newbie Question After a long night of shopping with my wife I needed some relief. Went to our local Sportsman Warehouse and made an impulse buy. They had a DPMS Oracle Quad Rail for 699.00. Hadn't planned on getting but I did. Anyone know if this is a good deal? I cant find this configuration online as a reference. New to the forum and posted the same question on the DPMS section. Thanks