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  1. Alright, sent about 400 rounds, Aguila 38gr HP's down range today out of the new American Rimfire. I love the long barrel, much prefer it over the standard 18" on the 10/22. Got it tweaked in, so now it's just getting used to the feel of the gun. I put a cheap Monstrum scope on it, 2x7 and surprisingly, it's sharp, crisp and I like the reticle. Once I had it zeroed, I was putting my rounds into a 3" circle. I had a few old Yellow Jacket rounds, so I loaded up a mag and shot those too. Oh man, they were all over the place. I got lucky before the pandemic hit, I was heading up to Wisconsin and hit Brownells on the way. Picked up 5000 rounds of the Aguila back when they were selling them at 27.00 bucks a brick of 500. I had about 7500 rounds of Aguila, CCI Mini Mags, and a few of those old Remington Yellow Jackets. Glad I finally got rid of em, garbage ammo. Not shooting as often as I was before the pandemic, but am still able to get out 2 or 3 times a month. Gotta keep shooting, one thing I learned in the military is that shooting is a perishable skill. Thanks for the info on the Shilen barrel, I'll take your advice and stick with the old one on my 10/22. Hope all stay safe and healthy. Outa here brothers
  2. Anybody know about Shilen barrels? I've got an old 10/22 with the factory barrel on it, it isn't too bad out to 100 yards. I don't shoot for tight groupings, but I can and do put all my rounds into a 2" circle at 100, so I'm not beotching too loudly. I just got an American Rimfire, put a cheap Monstrum 2x7 on top, and am going to take it out tomorrow to the range. See what it'll do.
  3. Lot easier to take down and clean than the Rugers, that's for sure!
  4. I"ve got a DPMS, it's an excellent rifle. Shoots where I point it, reliable, well made. I've been to the factory in St. Cloud and they were great. I bought my rilfe used, they traced when it was made, what store sold it, how it was configured. Then they offered me advise for customizing it to my desires. I can't say enough good things about the rifle or the company. When I buy another AR, it'll be a DPMS.
  5. Tikka M55 Custom Deluxe in 308, bought in Germany at the Rhein-Main Rod and Gun Club in 1984.
  6. I do the exact same thing. I've got a Tikka M55 Custom Deluxe I bought at the Rod and Gun at Rhein-Main back in 84; the gun shoots better than I can. It'll be passed on to my boys.
  7. I've never had any problems with my direct deposits. Cutting the mid-tours, that's totally insane. I was on 6 month rotations in the the AF. I felt badly for Army personnel I worked with on the 1 year tours. All they had was the mid-tour to look forward to. Totally messed up.
  8. Good friend of mine from the military is a cop down in southern CO. Some of the things he's told me defy explanation. Some people needlessly use up our supply of oxygen.
  9. I can understand airmen being stupid. But NCO's? They know better. Dumb, dumb, dumb. They deserve all they're about to get
  10. I bought a Cabelas dual soft case. Came in Army ACU cammo, nice bag. doesn't have the backpack straps, but I don't need that. Price was right, got it onsale for 44.95, used Cabelas points, ended up costing me less than 20.00. Can't beat that with a stick.
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