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  1. Shrubmaster M4A3

    New guy checking in

    Thanks again for the warm welcome fellas! I'm still pretty new to the AR platform and as such I've been trying to read as much as possible. My wife and I are currently in the process of moving cross country but I'm sure I'll be around here quite a bit once we get settled in. Ohhhh... And the name. Well, I have a buddy who always talks down on my Dan Wesson 10mm 1911's simply because they aren't Colt's (He owns several). Same guy owns a couple Colt ARs, and when I showed him my new AR he said "Why on earth would you spend $900.00 on a Shrubmaster?!" Well, I thought it was pretty damned funny, so I decided to keep the name for myself.
  2. Shrubmaster M4A3

    New guy checking in

    Thanks for the hospitality everyone. I definately look forward to spending more time chatting with all of you. Lots of information to be found here.
  3. Shrubmaster M4A3

    New guy checking in

    Howdy all. New around here and just wanted to say hi. Just found this forum and I really like the looks of it... Very unique in design from a lot of the other boards. Anyway, I look forward to chattin with y'all.