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  1. Aussie D

    FLGR or not in 1911?

    If the gun is a defensive 1911, then ditch the full length guide rod. A standard GI rod gives you more options for single handed stoppage drills. If it is a comp gun, then keep it or lose, your choice. The FLGR only comes into its own at lower end of the load cycle, like reloading very low velocity rounds, and you want a smooth cycling of the recoil spring to minise wasted energy transfer. You may also want a little bit of extra weight in the frame area to minimise muzzle rise upon recoil, and using a Tugsten FLGR as it is heavier and better upon recoil, although much more expensive. Its all about tailoring the gun for the need at hand, not saying which is better. Cheers, Aussie D
  2. Aussie D

    9x25 Dillon Conversion Barrel for 1911!!!!

    Gday, I am familiar with the manufacturer of what was called Lissner Barrels, now called Holland Precision Barrels, and yes a 9 x 25 is possible. Drop us a PM and we can get into specifics, but you name the twist between 1:10 and 1:32 and diameter between .355 and .357 in .0005 steps and that is what you will get. It will be oversize for gunsmith fit, but oh, so accurate. Cheers, Aussie D