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  1. Gusto55

    browning question...

    I have a SS A-Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag. and it is a sure enough tac driver with the 3x9-50 Leupold. A friend of mine has one in 270 and also has the BOSS on it. It is VERY accurate.
  2. Gusto55

    Entry level skeet gun

    I would go with the 1100 and not think twice about it. I recommend it as a beginner shotgun to anyone that asks me. If the interest in shooting wanes.......the gun will always have someone wanting it.
  3. Gusto55

    Tell me about

    I used a Belgian A5 for about 15 years. Ultra reliable, heavy, lots of recoil are the things that I remember. I also recall the butt stock developing a crack just behind the receiver and noticed similar cracks on others I saw at gun shows.
  4. Gusto55

    300 Blackout

    What does the recoil of the 300 Blackout compare to that of the 5.56?
  5. Gusto55

    AR 15 optic

    I looked at the Burris 332 and posted on this site for opinions. I was steered towards the Primary Arms 3X as an alternative. It was $200 less and has same features except the green reticle. I have only been shooting with it for a week but I am very pleased with it. My wife and son have them as well and both really like them.
  6. Gusto55

    Burris AR-332

    Reporting on the first day with the new optics. Wife, son, and I went to sight in new Bushmaster ORCs' with the Primary Arm 3X scopes. No hiccups and the scopes dialed in quickly. Wife had a blast and actually shot tighter groups than our son. Thanks again for recommendation.
  7. Gusto55

    Burris AR-332

    Settled on the 3x Primary Arms scope. They arrived quickly and I am pleased with quality. I would not have found them without the forum. Thanks.
  8. Gusto55

    Burris AR-332

    Thanks for the input. We looked at the offered suggestions. Since we are both over 50 the ones that offer some magnification are more appealing. The Primary Arms unit looks pretty good on paper.
  9. Gusto55

    Burris AR-332

    My wife says she wants an AR15 for Christmas. (what a gal) The rifle will be used on coyotes and small hogs.. I have decided on a Bushmaster O.R.C. I was thinking about red dot type optics until I saw the Burris AR-322. I would appreciate the forum's comments.