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  1. Shot some of my first actual reloads for "accuracy" over the last weekend. I think I have some good loads! Here is one of my better groups. I will mention I am not much of a benchrest guy but dang I think this has some potential! 100yards 16" bhw barrel.
  2. I hope your right. I also hope the idiot behind the trigger can do his part! Nice, that A30 sounds like a cool project! Still debating on 6x45 or 20 practical for my next project.
  3. Mega billet upper/lower & Hooked on the BHW (16" middy 1/8) thanks to a bunch of people to remain nameless on this board! I loaded 10 of the 69's with 25.3 gr of Varget & 10 more @ 25.6 Gr. (COL=2.260) will be my first time shooting these I usually use 55's want to see what this BHW barrel will do. Thinking of loading some more up with 4064 or 8208 xbr. Then I'll be duplicating a load I worked up with varget for the 55gr varmageddon's. Hopefully with the same results! Bad news however I'll have to finish up later.. range trip tomorrow has been canceled. Murphy sucks!!
  4. just got done prepping 250 .223 cases for loading, will be loading up some 55gr nosler varmageddon's, and some 69 sierra match kings.
  5. BRD got the best of me again!!!! :whack: Thanks Greg & the BHW crew!
  6. Didnt shoot bad my first time out either
  7. I just built a mega ambi set, no complaints at all! fit/finish is flawless.
  8. I haven't had time to shoot them just yet! Hoping this weekend as the weather here is supposed to be great! I'm hoping I'll have similar results as some of the others that have used the 4064 on here and other places on the interwebs! Looks quite promising!
  9. Just go with a belt-fed weapon and forget the mag/clip debate
  10. Ahhhh finally back into the swing of reloading.. oh How i've missed thee! Just moved and finished settled in. finished my ladder load of 4064 for the .308 made some .45 acp processing about 200 .223 brass currently.
  11. Was HIGHLY debating fluting but I think it came out just the way I wanted it! Thanks!
  12. Well, I was down on my luck and had to sell all my black rifles to pay off some unforeseen things that life threw my way. Things come and go however and I've started to bounce back, ended up building this bad boy. Still undecided on optics as of this moment. Here are the specs. Mega Ambi Billet receiver set Geissele Hi-Speed national match trigger DD LPK Ergo-Ambi Grip Mil-Spec Buffer Tube LMT Sopmod buttstock Black Hole Weaponry 16" Mid-Length 1-8 twist bbl with the black finish (Thanks Greg and the BHW crew for the awesome sale!) Fortis REV 14" Free float handguards JP Bennie Cooley Tactical Compensator BTE Adjustable gas block. Ares Armor NIB BCG Next up optic, not sure which route to go with (eotech / aimpoint /scope) But I'll shut up and post the pics already! Couldn't be happier with the build! Thanks for everyone's help!
  13. Wow, thank you all for your responses. I really do appreciate it. Learning more and more each day about this disease we all seem to have been infected by! Better to ask than to buy and be upset with purchase. Thanks CalebJ06, Turkishroy, & Nwatson for the responses!
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