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  1. Just got some info on their rewards program. If you sign up for it and you make a purchase of$300 then you get 300 points to use towards a future purchase. 35 points equal $1.
  2. ElinichD, Haven't heard anything bad about Del-ton's reliability with any of their parts and good reviews for their customer service. Also they have a rewards program that I am going to look into. May be another incentive to go with them.
  3. I am also currently remodeling my house and yes, I have great patients for things I want and want right.
  4. I plan on building from stripped lower and upper. Budget is still up for debate as I will be purchasing part by part over most likely several months.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to AR scene and am seriously considering building my first AR. Ofcoarse I am doing my homework by doing a lot reading. This rifle will primarily be for pond range shooting and varmint. There are a lot of companies out there to buy parts from and have been look at Del-ton quite a bit. Can anyone give me any tips for my build on the type of gun I want to make. Also, I have read good reviews from Del-ton customer about their parts. Has anyone heard differently and if so what would be a good company for parts then. Like I said, there are so many. Thank you all for any advise you can give me.
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