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  1. I live close to your area, I run a coated cable with lock thru both upper and lower, put the BCG in my pocket and lock up the loaded mags. In our area the WBPD are idiots! Don't give them the opportunity to brake your stones.
  2. For 25 yard zeroing I use the standard Army BSZ target. What is a good target for "50" zeroing???? Thanks in advance.
  3. Well I use to live in Staten Island, NY close enough! I feel for you Jersey guys. NJ is so damb gun tough.
  4. Roll call, Sound off! Where in the NE do you live and what do you shoot?
  5. Actually I own the SD9 and once you get use to the trigger its b*lls acurate. I think you get your moneys worth and then some. Its not the so called turd people associate it with...The Sigma. Its a middle road gun between a Sigma and an M&P.
  6. NE PA here! Not proud of it and try to stay in cognito about it, but I'm here.
  7. You'll never make them feel better unless you find a way to let them into our bank accounts or they can tax the Sheep dip out of it. In this state its that old simpleton coal miner mentality of thinking.
  8. Abso-freakin-lutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Smith & Wesson SD9/40, does anyone own one and whats your opinion on them.
  10. Tried all of the above and the Glocks IMHO are the best! Durable, shootable, self repairable, dependable and just simple.
  11. When it comes to BOB/GHB's I'm a firm believer in "Two is one and one is none". Redundency is a good thing sometimes.
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