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  1. I've been finding good reviews for this vortex red dot, and the lwoer ring allows for keeping the optic closer to the barrel. yet i see almost every application mounted as M4 style or flat topped AR's. I guess as i mention before if i could use this at 50+ yards and use iron sites for anything closer that would be perfect. Any insight? http://www.opticsplanet.com/vortex-riflescope-sfrd-hunt.html
  2. yeah i have considered it haha, at the moment i'd like to keep the handle, I like the use of the old style, but it does comprimise the use of newer optics obviously. But if I could get away with using the optice for say 50 yards up to 300 thats all i would want, since I can still use the "handle" or iron sights for anything closer. Maybe there are other options or other optics others have used on a similar situation? I'll keep in touch to see what others have seen / experienced. Thanks for your insight and replies
  3. I've been looking into getting a new optic for my AR, and I'm leaning towards the aimpoint M4s. I'd like some magnification for long shots, but i see alot of guys are getting 200-300 yard shots with this. Am I wrong in thinking this is possible? Also can an optic like this be mounted on an A2 with carrying handle with the rail which mounts atop the handle? I know mounting scopes you go as close to the barrel as possible, but with an optic such as this, would that height be too much to be able to zero the optic? Or would this be just a waste of time? If so, anyone have any ideas as to what a good "scope"would be to mount on the ol A2?
  4. ok that makes sense. thanks for the insight, now when you say jam the bullet into the lands, do you mean if I was to fire one that was say too long the bullet would not actually make it out of the barrel? I seem to find alot of reloading books say that you want your ogive of your bullet to sit right on the lands, or say .001 to .002 for bolt actions and about .003 - .005 for semis and pumps. I guess what i'm looking at is if I can chamber and fire rounds at and around 2.265, should i measure the ogive of the round and stick with that or do you think taking it back to 2.260 would be a better idea? I'm trying to find maximum accuracy, but at the same time I dont want to make matters worse by making a rookie mistake
  5. I know this post is alittle old, but I came across it trying to find an answer which relates to this exact topic. Yet I'm using the standard magpul 30 round mags and setting my COAL to 2.265 + or - .003 and they still cycle and chamber fine. I noticed once i got to 2.270 they wouldnt chamber. I'm using the same Hornady 75g HBPT bullets. I notice the tips of the bullets at this COAL will slightly touch the face of the mag, BUT they slide with no resistance at all. Is the listed 2.250 COAL in the 8th edition Hornady reloading book to keep them from having ANY drag at all? And as a side question, what disadvantage would this have? I'm new to reloading myself, only been doing it for about 6 months BUT before i got this deep into making maximum COAL's, i was running 2.260 and having no problems before in my AR-15. also, i do have the hornady comparator set, I had measure all cartridges by the COAL and not the ogive which I see is a more accurate way to go about it. BUT as long as my rounds will chamber and i can pull the bolt back and they eject that would mean that they are not so long as to have the bullets being held in by the entrance of the barrel correct?
  6. welcome, i as well am from NH and joined the AR-15 craze
  7. damn that truck is so clean.
  8. Her in NH all we had to do was ask and fill out paperwork with our local police to get our permits. I had gotten this a few years back. Now they are trying to pass a law that if you have a pistol you can just carry concealed with out one. WHAT?!!! to me seems alittle ridiculous only becuase it wasnt hard to get to begin with, but i guess when your state moto is "Live Free or Die" there isnt much that people wont try to pass.
  9. thanks guys, i picked this up a few years ago, and completly rebuilt it. i put in new floors from the pedals back to the tailgate. All new body mounts and rebuilt more rugged cab mounts. I used 1/8" diamond plate for the "bed" or the section behinde the front seats. I ended up using a fresh set of seats from an old bronco for the front and an ol 78's Cherrokee back seat fro the rear. I'm just now looking to get some dana 60's in this pig cuz the 44's with these 36 inch tires are killing me haha
  10. hey every one i'm new to this forum and figured i would share the one toy which costs the most, but puts the biggest smile on my face every time i start her up Just put in a 355 dirt track set-up motor, 10.5:1 compression, flat top pistons, cam, eldebrock RPM intake (which i plan to change for more torque for towing) Edelbrock 4 barrel, headers and a bunch more other stuff. If your from NH let me know, there are a bunch of us who got some sick trails we can run once this cold weather runs dry
  11. go with the XJ bud, HO 4.0 will never die and solid axles wont let you down, unless you dont plan on wheelin it too hard
  12. just posting my first thread and saying hey to all you out there. Just picked up my first ar-15 DPMS last sunday and love it. first day out hitting clay pigeons at 120 yards was just the start, but i'm excited to see all this valuable information and knowledge on this site as i want to start building this gun into something custom.
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