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  1. OK got my first AR a DPMS Oracle have put a couple hundred rnds thru it so far with zero fail to feed or fail to fire so far I think for the price I gave Im very satisfied But now its time to add accessories and its dumb question Free Float Tube Handguard Im not too worried about a Quad Rail and so Im looking at the Hogue Knurled Free Float Handguard but I cant find anything thru a google search on what the difference is in what I have a regular stock plastic handguard and a free float It looks like from what I am finding I will have to have some gunsmithing done to convert to a free float. Is this correct and if so are there advantages and disadvantages to going free float? Also I have read where there are issues with the gasblock when switching the handguard on the Oracle I Know semi auto handguns / Shottys / SKS / and hunting rifles but like I say this is my first AR and I plan to use it to learn the ins and outs to build my next one Thanks for the schoolin :flea:
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    Thanx for the welcomes. And yuupp found the answers fersure And was damn glad when I checked out the barrel and on the bottom side found DPMS 5.56 1-9 Now I know I can shoot both .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO
  3. Coudnt say the closest thing I have that even resembles a speed o meter is the gas cap on my mustang tank
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    Well just got my first AR for Xmas. A DPMS Oracle 16" Chambered for 223-5.56. And thats how I came to find this site searching the difference in 5.56 & .223 Been shooting Federal 5.56 only so far. I live in the backwoods so the target range is a short walk out the backdoor Some of my other toys include but not limited to Long Guns Mossberg Tactical Marine Shotty Siaga 308 Norincco SKS Handguns SAXD45 Ruger P90 KelTec 380 S&W 651 9mm Norinco 9mm 78 shovelhead rigid chopper ford 250 3/4 ton diesel laredo fiver
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