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  1. I've been using them for the past few years but only for competition (IDPA). Can't speak on the hollow points, but their jacketed ones run great. Fully jacketed and no problems pushing them. My usual load for 10mm is 10.7gr of Blue Dot with a 1.250 COAL.
  2. I've got a Kimber 10mm Eclipse and use Kimber's "mil-spec" guide rod and solid plug along with a 23lb recoil spring. Works great with the full powerish to full power loads I usually shoot and works with FBI Lite loads as well. About 5,000rds and no problems. Thinking of shooting it a lot in IDPA this year for fun.
  3. I've had superb results with both the 9 and 10rd magazines for 10mm 1911s from Tripp Research in my Kimber Eclipse.
  4. Already drooling! Hoping to get a 10mm 1911 Commander one of these days!
  5. No need to convert it to .40 Short & Wimpy for ESP. Totally legal to shoot it with 10mm in SSP & ESP. Are you planning on full power loads or FBI Lite style loads? I'll probably do some of each with the Eclipse.
  6. Started breaking in a Kimber 10mm Eclipse this week. Planning on shooting it in IDPA this year in Ohio as much as brass and bullets hold out. Anyone else looking at shooting 10mm in IDPA this year? If so, what gun and division. ESP, SSP, or maybe even an ESR person or two? Nothing like the reactions I sometimes get when shooting a full power load from both the SOs and other shooters! Unfortunately the G20 & G29 don't fit my hand very well. Can imagine the looks I'd get at a bug match with my loads in a G29!
  7. In the warmer months, when we have IDPA here in Ohio, I regularly drive an hour to a match. Sometimes get out a little further with a 2 hour drive. Longest is a 3 hour drive having to leave by 6:30a. Still try getting there once a year for sentimental reasons, first place I ever shot IDPA (or any competition).
  8. My Kimber 10mm Eclipse's recoil springs are the same diameter & length as the standard spring. I use a Wolff 22lb recoil spring (Kimber ships it with a 18.5lb spring but thought it a little weak since I feed it a regular diet of full power loads). I believe the Delta Elites use a dual recoil spring setup which will be different but even there you can convert it to a standard guide rod setup and springs.
  9. I posted these pics there as well, but nothing wrong with seeing more pictures of 10mms out there! I went with the Kimber panels on mine and love how they look and feel. I've got either the Kimber or Carbon Creations carbon fiber grips on almost all of my 1911s. Currently trying out Colt Gold Cup grips on the ones without front strap checkering. Added the magwell to my Eclipse 10mm and also changed to a Milspec guide rod and recoil plug.
  10. I've been very happy with my Kimber Eclipse. Almost 5000rds through it since I got it last fall with no issues. I did move up to a 22lb recoil spring since I usually shoot full power loads.
  11. Don't think anyone gasped at the power. It was more a WTF which the noise and especially how far back it threw the brass. At about 1:00 into the video you can see the SO have to check it out! I did warn him at the start about how it threw the brass back and that they were 9rd magazines. He had to ask if I was shooting a 10mm out of choice? Told him it was just a fun gun to shoot!
  12. Had the 10mm Eclipse with me yesterday at the IDPA match at PCSI in Circleville, OH. As always had a great time! Friend was there and put together a great video. About a minute in you can see the SO have to check out how far it throws brass!
  13. The past month or so I've been shooting my 10mm Kimber Eclipse in IDPA for fun. Definitely a little slower than with the 9mm in ESP but have loved some of the reactions. I've tried to be considerate and warn the SO about how aggressively it throws the brass but at least one has gotten a few pieces thrown right at him! To help wake the range gods from their winter slumber here in Ohio I've been shooting 165gr bullets with 9.8gr of Power Pistol. Very authoritative sounding! A few people waiting their turn have commented on it! At a local club that has weekly IDPA practice sessions it's usually been an 180gr bullet and 10.7gr of Blue Dot. Side benefit is when I shoot my .45 it feels like nothing.
  14. Brought the 10mm Eclipse out to one of the first IDPA club matches in Ohio this year and got some attention. 165gr with 9.8gr of Power Pistol made for a loud and flashy (well, indoor anyway) load. Chrono range session a few weeks ago came out at 1280fps. If you aren't familiar with the Kimber, it really throws the brass even with an increased weight recoil spring. Tried to warn the SOs but some didn't listen and one got pelted with brass the first few shots! Otherwise a couple WTF are you shooting comments and a fun day in the sun.
  15. I've never been able to get used to the stock Glock sights. Any Glock I've ever gotten has had some form of 3 dot sights put on it, either fiber or night. Have to ask about the Witness compact. A local store got one in (steel not polymer) and I was thinking of getting it but skipped. Heard lots of horror stories about sights breaking, sights coming off, cracked frames, feed issues, etc. that I decided to skip it. How is yours holding up and what type of accuracy does it have?
  16. Got a 10mm Eclipse last year and have since follow it up with a G20SF. Much prefer the 1911 though. I think you'll be very happy with the Kimber. Only changes I did was adding a magwell. Also tried a variety of recoil springs before settling on 22lb that works well for me with both full power and FBI loads. Looking for to IDPA starting off in Ohio as I'll shoot it in ESP against the 9mm crowd! Have some nice full power loads with Power Pistol that may get some attention!
  17. Does this version have the magazine disconnect?
  18. For IDPA you'll have one in the gun and 2 on the waist. That's all that's allowed for pistols. Magazines can have up to 10 rds in them. Not sure what you'll be shooting. If it's 1911, then you'll probably only be allowed to use 9 rd magazines. I don't think the 10rd 10mm mags will fit in the box. So for a 1911 style 10mm you'd have 2 9rd magazines on your belt and one full magazine in the gun with one in the chamber (9+1). If you using a glock 20, then it would be two magazines with 10 rds in them on the belt and 10+1 in the gun (magazine with 10 rds in it and one in the chamber). Good luck! Thinking of using my Eclipse 10mm or 20SF this year a few times in IDPA for some fun. The Eclipse in ESP would be a big change from the gamers with the powerpuff 9mm loads and pretty much the same with the 20SF in SSP.
  19. Not sure, but it would likely require more work. In addition to the barrel, the extractor might need to be changed. In addition the 2009-2010 10mm CBOBs used a ramped barrel which is better for full power loads. You might need some major gunsmith work to fit a ramped barrel if the .45 VBOB has the feed ramp as part of the frame as in standard in most .45ACP 1911s. Started looking for a 10mm CBOB myself almost two weeks ago but no luck yet.
  20. I've developed a rhythm with my LnL Progressive. I have the brass in a plastic box and bullets in a candy dish to the left of the press on the bench. Grab brass while pulling lever, seat new brass, prime while grabbing bullet, pull and seat bullet as it starts going up. Depending on how many breaks I take, I can make 300-600 rds an hour.
  21. We have different ideas of being set. Still accumulating 10mm brass and loading enough to be set in 10mm but in .45, .40 & 9mm I don't feel set until I have at least 2, preferably 5, ammo cans filled.
  22. Welcome! I think a lot of people are unaware of the 10mm or are scared of it because of stories of how the FBI dropped it because a full power load was too much for some agents. Got a Kimber Eclipse in 10mm and a Glock 20SF this past year and love them. Only problems are it can be difficult to find ammo for it but I reload so it's been a problem finding brass! Also 180gr bullets have been difficult to find at times. Otherwise I love it and am even tempted to use them in IDPA next year for SSP & ESP! Give the 9mm wimp load people something to talk about!
  23. Someone gave me one of these last year for Christmas for an AR. It worked okay but needed to be set up just right or it would cause jams. One public range I go to, one person brings a small portable brass catcher (maybe this one http://www.ctkprecision.com/brasscatcher.aspx) and it seemed to work well for him. Tempted to get it the way ammo and brass prices are going up. Usually lose about 10% of my 10mm brass and almost half of the .45. Could also probably make one up fairly easily.
  24. I had no problems with the supplied Kimber magazine. I do have magwells on most of my 1911s and wanted to add it. The Kimber basepads will screw onto it if you do the same. Had a wait for other magazines as I got mine right around the time of the fires in Texas and it shut down Tripp for a few weeks. The 9 and 10 rd Tripps have been flawless and feel better to me but I use Tripps for all my 1911s (.45 & 9mm).
  25. I've had great results with Tripp magazines in my 10mm Eclipse and other 1911s in 9mm and .45ACP. Had a problem with a few Wilsons but nothing major. Seems like they just needed to be used a little and they settled down. Still, I only use the Tripps in my 1911s these days.
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