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  1. The serial number. "...there are many like it, but this one is mine."
  2. I use a Midwest Industries FSB mount, and a cheap 1" weaver ring. Works for a 6P no problem. Might want to look into a Z32 bezel though, to help absorb some of the chock to the light from recoil.
  3. No, unfortunately not. Somewhere in the north of Michigan, most likely Sault Ste. Marie area
  4. Good read, my Great Grandmother was Ojibewa, and I'd like to learn more about her and my heritage one of these days.
  5. guess this means I need to start saving my pennies for that new G36T
  6. I yelled at a ganster because that's how I roll. All your silly sayings are belong to me!
  7. My herring was involved in a tragic boating accident.
  8. Canon Powershot A60....2 megapixel point&shoot. I have the resolution set to it's highest setting, in order to get the greastest amount of detail. Actual original photo was 1600x1200. A simple camera, a decent tripod, and good lighting are all you need. Good lighting is pretty much #1. A lot of photos you see, (and that I have taken) are often done indoors with incandecent lighting, which makes everything look yellowed. Outdoor, natural light is the only way to go. A steady hand helps prevent blurry photos, and a tripod helps eliminate and shaking at all. I want a digital SLR (single lens reflex, the really expensive kind with different lenses), but I can't justify $1000 or more for a camera that I only use on occasion.
  9. I wasn't sold on it originally either, but as soon as I picked it up, it was one of the most natural feeling pistols I've held. Like in the original post, I'm gonna fancy it up a little with some wood grips, and I'm searching for some leather for it as well.
  10. Inspired by Stickman (who isn't?), and with some extra time and a little sunshine, I present my new-from-the-gun-show Sig P220ST. She's the old(er) school variety, with the narrow accessory rail. Thinking hard about getting a set of Hogue wood grips for it. Enjoy!
  11. Picked up a P220ST from the gun show today, and after getting it home and playing with it a little more, it seems as though there is an issue with the slide to frame fit while the barrel, guide rod and spring are installed. I took the barrel and guide rod/spring out, and put the slide back onto the frame. There is a slight sitcky spot once the slide is about 1/2" from being fully installed. With the barrel and guide rod/spring installed, and after attempting to reinstall the slide onto the frame, the sticky spot gets much worse. At about 1" from being fully installed, I literally have to use the base of my palm and a firm smack to get the slide to finish sliding onto the frame. After installing, and checking for security, the slide will not return to the full-forward point if I ride it forward, sticking about 1/16" back. The sticky spot is not that tight, to where I can use my thumb to push it fully forward. If I pull and release the slide as if chambering a round, it returns to it's full-forward position without needing an extra push. I pulled the grip panels off and checked for anything binding, and nothing is visually evident. Is there something I should look at to fix this problem? Serial number is G331xxx, and it has the older style narrow rail. No magazine was in the pistol during these checks.
  12. FDE or tan since you're a Texan, not too much OD Green around these parts.
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