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  1. Sweet, the first one really grabs me, wow. didn't know they made all them different type parts!
  2. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into it. Hope you get all the dot's connected, it's full blown panic right now, maybe it'll get better.
  3. S&G still has some 223/5.56, i ordered several cases last night. Most of the ammo is oos, if you don't have what you want go there quick. I can't believe we are going through this again, might even be worse that the last shortage. I can't find powder at the local level, none, zero, zilch. Bought the last of any large and small rifle primer for the last several weeks. Midway has a few 30 cal & 22 cal bullets yet, ammo is almost nil & it won't be long it will all be OOS. Damn I hate this. Just want to let you guys know
  4. Thanks, been lurking awhile, joined just to say i like what i got from red-x, i know there are a lot of good ar's out there, and some not so good, this one i got is a keeper, i met Neil one time, heck of a guy, i wish him well, and dont think he should be linked to blackthorn in any way shape or form, like i said mine has an areo lower, a cerro [sp] upper i think, it has a keyhole symbol anyway, bolt is mp stamped, barrel is made by mossberg,it's a bull stainless with flawless finish and this thing just flat shoots.
  5. I have me a red-x 16'' bull barrel, it came with a areo lower, i have shot hundreds of rounds through it, it has never had any malfunction of any kind, even with steel, and no machine marks inside the upper,it shoots inside an inch with any decent ammo, and i will buy another one.
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