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  1. You warned me about him and I still fell for it!
  2. Thanks everyone! I still catch myself staring at her out the windows at work and getting the biggest grin like some peeping tom lol.
  3. I see lol, he posted quite quick with rifle in hand! As far as your rifle goes, it is a sweet build! I would like to hold off because there is a gun show in town next weekend and want to see all the options first! Plus everything posted in this thread about what to look for or what to stay away from.... just don't want to rush into anything and say "Ouhh shiny" lol. I learned my lesson after buying my last 1911 Wont have to worry about going out to 1k here! 500 or so is going to be the best I can do in my area
  4. It seems I never updated you all last year when I finished my project car, but here are the pics. One is just before I was lead car in a parade through town and the other is after one of the many shows that I placed in!
  5. Hello all, I am looking at getting my first rifle in .308 and plan to shoot anywhere from 100 to 500yd's. I have been reading a bunch about different options on what I could go with and a lot of people seem to recommend a Remington 700 AAC-SD for about this. My plans would also be to upgrade an AX AICS chassis for it at some point in the future. The price point I want to keep is somewhere around $2000 without glass. This price would however include the chassis What do you guys think about this? What else should I look for within the .308 caliber? Other chassis recommendations?
  6. Just got home with it! Pretty dirty but im going to fix that ;)
  7. Still need to clean it up because apparently the previous owner didnt want to before the sale >.>
  8. Looks like I will be joining the cool kids club Sunday afternoon! Im going to keep what I have on the way a surprise until I get it home
  9. Thank you very much for you input to this thread! Glad to see that its worth it, told him I will check it out next weekend so this way I have time to see what other offers I can find and keep asking you all about!
  10. Well someone near my town has a colt rail gun for sale, says he put $1550 into it (He had a trigger job done and slide work, also only 100 rounds through it) but is asking $1050 for it. Here is a picture What do you guys think?
  11. Has anyone heard things about the Sig 1911 Nightmare? I thought there was a thread about it here but didnt seem to find it. I have also started to look into a Remington R1 carry after reading a review about it on here. It has everything I am really looking for and is just a bit more than the Nightmare
  12. I wouldnt say that it is just a little more, the ones that I seem to find are around $1400 to $1700 .... thats an awful big chunk of cash more than I was looking to spend!
  13. out of your 4 which do you like the most? I have never even considered sig for a carry 1911 haha , maybe i should check em out too... Like im not saying i havent done research on 1911's I just havent done it for many companies yet
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