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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. I was kinda nervous about purchasing the witness match because of the horror stories but y'all have laid my fears to rest. Espically since I really enjoyed shooting the 10mm. My brother and I went to the range and rented a Glock 20 was really impressed with the round performance, and I had been on the fence for awhile about purchasing an 10mm. Secondly I will paying about 606 for it new, is that abit overpriced or about normal? Also here is a link for a company in Plano that sells 180 gr 10mm FMJ at 1175 velocity for 21 dollars for 50 bucks. Don't know people's ammo preference but the ammo shoots well and is priced well hope it can help anyone out. http://goodtogoammo.com/ Crimson Cav Hooah!!
  2. I have just shot 10mm auto the other day and loved it. Now i have a Witness Elite Match on order that comes in a couple weeks. What modifications should I apply to the pistol before i take it shooting. I dont want to be one of the cracked slide guys, but it would nice to have the parts ready to go for when i get the pistol. Any help on the Witness Match or the 10mm in general would be great thanks
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