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    case knives

    Outstanding knives, all US made! Ebay and Smokey Mountain Knife Works are where I get most of mine. They are a great value for collectors if you know what you are looking for. Norkal

    Ontario knives

    Outstanding value for the buck. Very durable and easy to sharpen. They are not tempered to hold a razor edge, but do maintain an edge well, they are made for rugged use. Norkal

    favorite survival knife

    If I could only carry one it would be the basic USMC Kabar pattern made by Kabar or Camillus. If allowed two, one would be the Becker Necker the other would be the Ontario SP50. Norkal

    swiss army or multi-tool?

    I have always carried both, a basic multi-tool and a fairly large swiss. I have been in situations where I needed to use both of them at the same time, especially when making repairs on horse and mule tack. Norkal

    1911 Subcompacts For Concealed Carry

    100_1601.JPG Kimber Eclipse Ultra II Norkal

    My Kimber Pro Carry

    Nice! FYI- I hope you never have any need for Kimber CS, however if you do my experience with them is that their CS is OUTSTANDING! I had a feed problem with an Eclipse Ultra. Sent it back to Kimber with a detailed letter. Kimber called the dealership that I had purchased the weapon from, asked a few questions and assured the shop owner that they would take care of the problem. Kimber then sent the weapon to their Custom Shop in Oregon. I had it back in two weeks with a page and a half of detailed, line by line work they did on the weapon. It functions flawlessly regardless of what I feed it. Norkal

    Comfortable concealed carry...

    You can carry just about anything comfortably if you dress for it. Norkal

    Vortex Sparc

    I have been considering purchasing a SPARC for a while now and have looked at all the reviews (including UTUBE) I could find. The deciding factor is their CS. I have seen other responses on other forums from Scott and am very impressed with the way they back their product even after being sold to a larger company. I'm sold and will be buying one in the near future. Norkal