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  1. Is the g2s built to be as reliable as the ssa and how is the pull and break compared to eachother? I don't mind paying extra for something that's built to last
  2. Hey guys I took the dremel to my trigger just with a buffer and some flitz it cleaned up the pull a bit but im really thinking about getting a geissele ssa for it. I have read nothing but good things on them so im thinking about going for it. What are they like compared to a stock trigger are they as good as they say?
  3. It's a spikes St 15 stock trigger. It's got about 400 or so rounds through it.
  4. Shot about 100 rounds today trying to get my aimpoint perfectly sighted in at 50 yards. When I start to squeeze the trigger it moves then stops and I add presure then it's moves again until it hit the spot where if you squeeze harder it will go off. Is there any way to get the trigger to not hit the rough spot before I get to where the trigger will break? I don't mind the movement i just don't like where it sticks. Is this normal I don't know much about triggers and what good triggers feel like so bear with me
  5. Looks like I'm going ammo and mags! Any one know if there are mags on sale right now any where? I should have bought some a couple weeks ago got an add for like 9 dollar p mags
  6. I got some extra money after Christmas and I have a b day coming up so im thinking about doing something to my spikes. I was right now its a stock st-15 with a drop in quad rail. I would really like to upgrade to a DD but that's not going to happen. I thought about getting a free float tube and having the fsb removed I like the look and it would free float the barrel. I also thought about putting in a new drop in trigger. Or buy more ammo and go shoot. what would you guys do? Forgot to tell you what's on the rifle already: Aimpoint micro, surefire 6px, ms3 sling, that's pretty much it
  7. Hey guys I just found out I gotta little extra cash coming and I have been wanting to put a free float rail on my spikes. What would you guys go with the 13 or 15 in Troy alpha rail on my 16 in barrel. Also would you guys shave the fsb down into a lowprofile gas block or put a new one on it? I was thinking shaving so I don't have to worry about anything being out of spec
  8. I just ordered 3 of the black dog mags from palmetto state armory after reading this thread I got a conversion for Christmas it's awesome! I can shoot so much more and not worry about it and now I have some extra mags so I'm not reloading all the time. 25 rounds goes fast through an AR
  9. Yeah I want to get that switch too but I thought it would be nice to have the millennium switch that way if the pressure switch should fail you have the click switch also to fall back on
  10. I am looking to get a new weapon light for my spikes tactical and I'm trying to decide between the many surefire lights and I like the mini scout light but I like the tail cap of the millennium lights with the ability to have a tape switch and a click switch on the tail cap. Is there a tailcap like this for a mini scout or regular scout? It would be best of both worlds. If not should I go with a millinneium light?
  11. That would be awesome if it would fit my light
  12. So I have been practicing with a c style grip and I am trying to figure out how to work my light with push button momentary on (surefire 6px tactical). Is there a mount that is good for this or should I start looking at a light with a tape switch? Or should I not worry about it and if I need the light turn the light on and leave it on?
  13. I have a 200 lumen suffice p6x on my rifle I got last year then I saw they upped it to 320 for this years model. Makes me want it I don't know if it's any better but I cant think of why it would be worse
  14. It doesn't "weigh" anything floating in space but it does have mass and the mass causes a gravitational pull. It's been a couple of years but I think scientist can determine the mass by the way a planet bends light as it travels by it? Science is fun Also the sun is pulling on the earth we are slowly falling into the sun I did some more research and I guess it's more common to measure mass by observing an object orbiting the planet to determine it's mass.
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