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  1. We have a similar law here in Florida which prohibits a conceal carrier from carrying while inside of a bar. All I'm willing to say is, I believe it was Retcop who so eloquently put it, the days of going unarmed are over. Carry deeper.
  2. Forsaken352

    Time to kick some butt

    Last cat we had was killed by coyote(s). They prefer eating from the ass end forward. I was left only to discover and bury a head and a paw. Couple months ago, the next cat went missing without any signs of death whatsoever. Not even so much as a buzzard circling. Popular belief is that a gator got that one. Done with cats unless the next one is a lion. Then, it may stand a fighting chance. Anyways, it'd surprise me if your cats are going against a coyote and making it back for vet visits.
  3. Forsaken352

    Alec Baldwin Arrested in NYC for Punching a Man in a Parking Lot

    Living on his dime certainly sounds acceptable. However, with a net worth of $65M, I can only imagine it'd be a drop in the bucket to him. If it were 'me', I'd love to add salt to the wound with many, many new firearms. That transferable m240 that was listed for sale awhile ago? You betcha'! Maybe look into opening a range. Broadcast everything all over social media. A guy can dream, can't he?
  4. Forsaken352

    Gear Thread/Picture Thread?

    Every now and again I'll be looking through Google images at firearms, firearm related accessories, etc. Often times, it'll lead me to other forums should I find something I wish to know more about. Anyways, some of those forums I've noticed have threads on plate carriers, vests, 'battle belts', etc. Got me to wonderin' why we don't seem to have anything similar to that here. If there is, I didn't notice it anywhere. Figure, if nothing else, it would prove beneficial to those wanting to get an idea of where to start in creating a particular 'rig'. I know I can't be alone here. First off, let me just make this clear - I don't try to be 'Rambo on the range'. however, there are two things about this: One, if 'I' walk out the back door, I'm at the range. My mall ninja status isn't such that you'd see me bringing this to any sort of indoor 'pay to play' facility, or even most public ranges. Secondly, we hear it all the time; Train with what you brought, right? No sense in having it if you don't use it/test to see what works for you, eh? Granted, I do have a habit of lacking in the second category, but even still, the following has been almost indescribably useful in a utilitarian manner. It's almost like having a third and fourth hand since I have to carry everything over to the range. With that said, suppose I'll start this off: This here is part of what I chose to put together awhile back, 'mostly' for carrying spare magazines to the range, but I could easily see this being useful in other situations. It's an HSGI padded belt with an HSGI 1.75 Cobra belt. This is meant to be quickly thrown on over all clothing, so I use my EDC belt as a sort of base support. On it are a couple of open-top pistol/rifle taco pouches, as well as one double pouch which I use for M1A mags (Should have stuck with a single pouch. Two .30 cal mags stacked is a bit much), each also being HSGI. (Swear I'm not an HSGI fan-boy!) Wanted some sort of 'dump-pouch', and I swear this thing is used for everything from range trash, brass, ammo, might throw an extra pistol in there to bring out, magazines, my phone, whatever. For that purpose, I went with a Maxpedition Rollpoly and love it. It's very unobtrusive when rolled up, quick to undo, and 'there' when you want/need it. The suppressor pouch was just one which came with the AAC Ti-Rant .45, but usually I keep the Omego .300 in that pouch, and it works quite well. It's attached directly to the Cobra belt between two areas where the Molle separates on the padded belt. Lastly, the pistol. With this, I can further drive the point home that if you don't 'use' your gear, you won't know what works or not. (For some, I may be preaching to the choir. This is for anybody else.) As you can see, I've got a drop-leg system from G-Code hanging from an RTI (Rapid Transition Interface) wheel, and that wheel molle'd to the belt. This was a rather new addition. The holster, an Off The Grid Concepts Mkiii on an RTI hanger, used to be mounted directly to the belt's RTI wheel. I found over time by wearing the belt for long periods of time (even around the house) that it had a tendency to 'ride up' my waist if I sat down or leaned far enough over. So, I figured a second mounting point would come in handy, and it seems to have helped thus far. While on the point of the RTI wheels, if you haven't ever heard of them, I suggest checking them out! Anyways, this is just one piece of gear I use quite frequently. Would like to hear if anybody else regularly makes use of anything similar.
  5. Forsaken352

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    It does have a hell of a bark. 'Apparently' that's one of the main reasons they changed the 6 port brake for the 2 port as it was claimed to be less deafening. However, it's also claimed to be 30-40% less efficient than the early style. If somebody told me it was nothing more than simply a way of cutting cost, it wouldn't surprise me. Russia's got a history of doing things the cheapest way possible when manufacturing firearms.
  6. Forsaken352

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva model of 1940 (SVT-40) This particular example was [presumably] manufactured in August of 1940 at the Tula arms factory No. 314, as told by the prefix to the serial number, the year stamp, and 'Tula star' stamp over the receiver. Chambered for 7.62x54R, the SVT-40 utilizes the same 5 round stripper clips as a Mosin-Nagant to feed the 10 round detachable box magazine. However, this one's clip guide seems a bit undersized and makes use of clips almost impossible. Take note of the charging handle and bolt carrier being 'in the white' still. I believe this rifle escaped any factory refurbishment as it would have been given a plum color finish. Since acquiring it, I've added an original PPSH sling which was apparently a common practice during the war (original SVT slings are pretty dang rare). Other than the sling, there have been no other accessories added. Although, I would like to someday pick up a bayonet and the stainless steel piston and cup since even the 'non-corrosive' ammunition is, in fact, corrosive. The stock may or may not be original, but is difficult to tell due to the numbers having been sanded at some point in the past. All I've got to base it off of is the stock width. An early model such as this 'should' have a thinner stock along the receiver at 46mm, and from perhaps 1942 and on was updated to a 49mm stock - this one measuring about 46.8mm at the thickest. So, it seems to be correct there. Obviously I'd prefer it if it is the original, but I love 'er either way! Besides that, everything is matching except for the magazine, and it is quite rare to find an SVT with a matching (not force-matched) magazine. The baseplate of this particular one even has an "SA" stamp from the Finnish army. Anyways, just thought I'd post up another cool old rifle. If I'm feelin' froggy, might post some others soon since this thread hasn't seen much activity lately. Stay tuned!
  7. Forsaken352

    Remington 870 Sling Options

    A few other things you may wish to consider... If you choose the first option, to drill and mount a sling swivel under the stock, be sure to get your angles right or it will be noticeable: Taking into consideration what you said about this being more of a 'defensive use' shotgun, I would say the GG&G receiver end plate sling mount is going to be a stronger mounting option than a swivel stud. Will that ever matter? Probably not, but you never know. The caveat there being it'll push the rear mount further up which may feel somewhat awkward. Another option may be to try something like this: (from their website) Sling Adapter for fixed stock weapons A1 / A2 Buttstocks with sling swivel on the bottom of the stock Some Remington 870, Mossberg 500 series shotguns ***The A2B Buttstock Adapter may not install correctly on some shotgun or rifle buttstocks. Returns accepted on undamaged Adapters*** (I don't see why you couldn't flip it over to put the D-ring on the bottom) https://www.blueforcegear.com/a2-buttstock-adapter.html Also, I suggest checking out Blue Force Gear slings in general. They make some great stuff.
  8. Forsaken352

    Remington 870 Sling Options

    Ipser, if you prefer to sling it around a shoulder, I'd put the attachment on the underside. If you prefer to carry it on your back, the gun will lay flatter when the sling is mounted on the side. As far as the extended tube goes, shouldn't have to remove it for hunting. Just make a longer plug.
  9. Hell no! Make him pay! Lock his ass up and throw away the key. If there's one thing I hate in this world, it's an animal abuser.
  10. Forsaken352

    An idea for a new forum. Deals.

    You'll probably want some sub-categories to go along with it to keep it simple for people to find what they're looking for (i.e. firearms, firearm related accessories, gear, ammo, reloading components, etc.), but sounds like a great idea to me.
  11. Forsaken352

    Gun Test: Remington Model 870 TAC-14

    Think I'd be more keen on running stick mags for most serious work anywho. As a truck gun, running reduced recoil 00? I'd probably take a pump action as well for the sake of reliability. Otherwise, think it'd be the Origin for me. But, I'm the type of person who wants to throw a stock or a brace on pretty much anything. Speaking of which, have you seen the B&T USW? Off topic, I know, but damn I want one - for about $500 less than what they're asking, and when they come up with some backup sights... Also, the Mossberg with the rail doesn't come from the factory that way. It's got a Black Aces Tactical aluminum rail.
  12. Forsaken352

    Gun Test: Remington Model 870 TAC-14

    Whole package would still be about $450 cheaper than the Tac-13's MSRP. I didn't even realize the Tac-13 was so much when I linked it. Hell, if it were 'me' dropping that much coin on a shotgun, may as well do it right and Fostech Origin 12 SBV:
  13. Forsaken352

    Mongoose and vs Black Mamba

    That was cool to watch! Thanks for postin' it!
  14. Forsaken352

    Gun Test: Remington Model 870 TAC-14

    Seen the Tac-13?
  15. Forsaken352

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    Well, the 1-6x24 has held up for about 150 rounds of .50 so far. They seem pretty durable. But, don't let me talk you out of the 10x! I want to see the two rifle approach! :P