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  1. Forsaken352

    Heart attack on a donut?

    Nope. Not for me. Sorry, but you don't mix dessert with a main entree like that. Of course, to each their own.
  2. Forsaken352

    AK picture thread

    Looks great! If you had to choose between the Saiga x39 and the Arsenal, which one you goin' with? Also, you plannin' on moving the FSB on that .308?
  3. Forsaken352

    Plate carrier setup

    Got'cha! Appreciate your input. I think I might be copying some of your kit some day. Very nice!
  4. Forsaken352

    Plate carrier setup

    Does that belt velcro to the pants or something? Looks like it has some on the inside there. If so, I LIKE that! Certainly wouldn't go anywhere...
  5. Forsaken352

    Plate carrier setup

    I'm really liking your setup, Tack. I put together a 'war belt' awhile back, and while it's been great for helping to carry spare mags and stuff out to the range (home range), I can never keep it from shifting around on my body no matter how tightly I cinch the inner Cobra belt. Meaning, any physically demanding activity would cause it to ride up on my waist and become a nuisance. That's actually why I moved to a drop leg holster, adding another attachment point in hopes of keeping it more stable. It looks as if you've got your Serpa holster attached directly to the belt for your pants? Might ultimately end up doing something similar to what you have. Only thing is, I can eliminate the taco pouches for the rifle/pistol on the 'war belt' and utilize a chest rig or plate carrier for that purpose, but I do like to have a dump pouch. Seems like it'd be a pain to have to undo a belt from your waist every time to attach/detach items. Would like to know what you think is most comfortable/convenient setup? Also, what do you think about any head gear?
  6. Forsaken352

    My 10/22 "build"

    Can't see the irons over the rail?
  7. An armorer's wrench comes in handy. A bolt scraper tool is a pretty quick way of dealing with carbon in the carrier and the tail of the bolt. Personally, I hardly ever clean an AR. I'm sure many would disagree with me since it was instilled in them during their time in the service to keep their rifle as clean as a whistle, but I never served. The AR does a pretty good job of shatting where it eats. Clean it, and it'll be filthy again in a hundred rounds. Double that filth when running suppressed. Therefore, I figure give it a good once over every...750ish? If that? Get yourself some Dewey cleaning rods, an AR chamber brush. That's about all I can think of. Don't need any tools for the front sight post. A bullet will suffice. Spend the rest in ammo.
  8. Forsaken352

    Oh Happy Day.....Golden Mag Pull

    Is this some sort of invitation randomly given to a few lucky 'winners' so that they may tour the Magpul factory and learn its secrets? "I've got a golden ticket!.."
  9. Forsaken352

    What if ?

    No, no! I didn't take anything you said offensively.. Just setting the record straight is all!
  10. Forsaken352

    What if ?

    We all live in a world of filth. That said, it isn't like I go out of my way to sniff someone's 'brand'. Not even my own. However, the OP was asking if one could send it in a desired direction, and I came across that Amazon user's answer awhile back. Whether it is to be believed or not? You decide. At either rate, it was a bit of humor to add to a very strange thread. Mythbuster's proved a long time ago there is fecal matter on your toothbrush. I'm fairly certain they also mentioned that it makes its way to the kitchen somehow.
  11. Forsaken352

    What if ?

    https://www.amazon.com/Squirrel-Products-2990-Airzooka-Black/dp/B00006IJIC This is the first answered question on this product from Amazon: Can you fart into it and blow it into someone's face from across the room? : I can confirm this. I received one of these as a Christmas gift while deployed. Naturally, it only took a few minutes for two of my Soldiers to attempt firing a fart through it. The key is to have the “gunner” cock and hold the weapon while the “loader” does his thing. It took nearly two full seconds for the blast to cross the tent, resulting in the Major suddenly flailing his arms and yelling “oh, Gawd! I got it in my mouth!” 10/10. Best present received that year.
  12. Forsaken352

    Talk me into/out of the Hakim....

    It's very subjective what each person chooses to do with their money. What's good for one may not be good for another. Even the same person living through different eras will have different priorities. At the end of the day, isn't like we can take it with us anyways. To the OP, I see based off of some of the comments from others that you have a healthy number of Mosin-Nagants on hand? I'm going to play devil's advocate here and suggest skipping the Hakim in favor of the SVT-40 to compliment that collection. You said yourself that you've been trying to consolidate on the variety of calibers. The SVT is a SWEET rifle! The nice thing is it's x54R, AND takes the same stripper clips as the Mosin's. Even maintaining it is enjoyable. Other than the M1A, it's the rifle I most enjoy diving into its guts for cleaning. Besides, as with the Hakim, it's going to keep going up in price. Likely more so due to being a relic from a world war. Just know what you're getting into if you decide on the SVT. For something you wish to shoot VERY often? Perhaps something from about '42 and later I believe would better suit you. The earlier models have slightly thinner stocks along where it is inletted for the receiver. However, as with any firearms built during a period of war back then, the longer into the conflict, the more crude they became. Be very cautious during disassembly not to lift straight up on the upper handguard. Bill at PPSH.com sells stainless steel piston and cup sets. Finding a real SVT sling is damn near as impossible as it is to find the original matching magazine, but PPSH slings were commonly used as well. Just to list a few things to keep in mind...
  13. Forsaken352

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    It's the same damn story for me as well, except I've not tried identifying theculprit. Subway always runs through me. I'm assuming it's all the preservatives? Oh well, Firehouse is better anyways.
  14. Forsaken352

    AF Paperwork & Tax Stamp......

    This is news to me. I've got my brother as a trustee as well for a few items, but he has no stamps and no copy of the trust. However, the items remain with me. What I've always done for the carrying the stamps is I made a bunch of copies, then fold one of each and throw them into the cargo pocket of my pants along with my wallet and knife. It's part of what I carry daily since I never know when I might grab a title II firearm and go somewhere with it. When they get worn out from being in my pocket, grab some fresh ones from the safe. I've been told before by one fella' that you could shrink the stamps down and laminate them, but.. Who knows? As far as who gets to see it? Legally speaking, I dunno. I just go based off of, if I were to get pulled over or something and it gets to the point that they realize I'm carrying around suppressors or a machinegun (that's all *I* currently have), then I will provide the stamp to prove it's legal. I took the machinegun to an indoor range not too long ago, and they asked if I had a stamp. Went ahead and provided it to them as well. All they care about is that a person *does* indeed have a legal firearm at their range and not something somebody unknowingly illegally assembled in their garage the night prior.
  15. Forsaken352

    Meme of the Evening

    There was. It got locked.