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  1. Forsaken352

    omg. Troll level = master.

    I thought for a moment, maybe that 'was' the troll.
  2. Forsaken352

    Hey Forsaken352

    Thank you, fellas! Much appreciated
  3. Forsaken352

    Pants poll!!!

    I've been wearing nothing but Wrangler cargo pants for years. Two of them are my favorite, and I'll be damned if I can find more just like 'em. They're a darker khaki, they don't have that rip-stop material, yet, as long as I've had them, my holster, and daily activities have worn through these the least of all my other pants. That includes the ones with the rip-stop material.
  4. Forsaken352

    Just musing

    What'd I miss? Is the ATF looking to re-write some more stuff?
  5. Forsaken352

    What Gun-Related Stuff Have You Done in the Past 48 Hours?

    About the only thing I've done recently was finally get off my ass to clean the SVT-40, and bought my buddy a Trijicon MRO along with an RS Regulate mount as a birthday present for his AK and give it a preliminary 'sighting in' before getting soaked in the rain.
  6. Forsaken352

    WANT! KR-9

    I always wonder, which would be the easier route to SBR? The barrel or the stock? I suppose in the case of the above, replacing the rear trunnion for a side folder would be more difficult than a chop and thread. However, a fixed stock setup probably wouldn't be too terribly involved. Something about chopping a barrel, just never appealed to me. Getting the crown/threads concentric to the bore.. Hmmm I tell people all the time, a 9mm AK WOULD be awesome! Call me when the 9x39 AK's are here.
  7. Forsaken352

    Range Time.

    Throughout my whole life, I've heard numerous people mentioning that the sound of the slide racking on a pump action would be enough to deter a would-be intruder. Personally? I wouldn't give them the opportunity to hear the sound of me charging any firearm. I see it as being ill prepared for the circumstance to leave a go-to firearm on an empty chamber. It puts one at a disadvantage, giving yourself away. Granted, I have no kids or prohibited persons living with me, so having many rifles ready to go are no issue [for me]. But, having a shotgun on hand, presumably, with an empty chamber, but a loaded magazine, I'd deduce that it is a non-issue for you as well. Just some food for thought. I'd wager that your wife would get far more enjoyment from an AR rather than a pump action 12 gauge. Build 'er something badass, not something pink just because she's a lady. Unless that's her cup of tea, of course. And remember, keep it simple. A rifle with all the bells and whistles possible gets heavy enough for a fully grown man in a short while. Doubt she'd want too much hanging off of it either, unless she is a viking.
  8. Forsaken352

    How do you clean here?

  9. Forsaken352

    Century wasr 10 quality?

    Check the gas tube and front sight, making sure they are not canted to one side or the other, in comparison to the barrel. Check the rivets on the receiver, ensuring they are uniform, and don't look like shat. Check the magazine 'well'. From what I gather, Century Arms opened up the existing holes of the single stack rifles to accept double stack AK mags. The cuts are quite visible on the ones I have handled. In other words, make sure the magazine isn't too tight/too loose, etc. A little wobble is good, too much is unnecessary, and may cause problems. The receivers aren't dimpled like on some AK's, to apply a bit of friction to an inserted magazine. Instead, they rely on metal plates which are, I believe, welded to the interior of the receiver. You might also find that it has a muzzle nut welded onto the front sight block. Maybe, maybe not. If so, it's just a tack weld, and there are 14x1LH threads underneath for any typical AKM muzzle devices. They're okay rifles. Nothing spectacular. Chrome lined US barrels, US receiver, built on Romanian parts kits. But, it'll shoot. *Edited to hopefully correct some information. It's been awhile since I've done any studying of these.
  10. Forsaken352

    Got a Good Deal at the Local Gun Store

    I'm sure you're aware, but in case you're not: Be sure and check the date of manufacture on the 365 before you start carrying it around. I know the early models kept having issues, one of which being with the striker dragging on the primers of the cartridges, and ultimately snapping. I'm not even entirely certain what was done to address the issue as I never really cared to follow up on it. Or, if they even *have* fixed it entirely. In other words, be sure and do your research. Nice score on the FN.
  11. AAC is notorious for having poor 'finish' jobs on their cans. My Element II is completely bare titanium now, and the full size Ti-Rant .45, which came to me as FDE, while a little more durable than the Element was, is still easily worn/chipped/flaked, etc. Now, the few rings which are burnt into the Cerakote, I take responsibility for that. Apparently, 70 round drum dumps on full auto are a little much. Oh well! The SilencerCo Omega .300, on the other hand, has what seems to be an extremely durable finish. It picks up some wear marks, but it doesn't seem to shed its finish like the AAC cans. On another note, has anybody tried Slip2000 Carbon Killer for their pistons/baffles? I've been very bad about the cleaning intervals, because I've not found anything yet that actually cleans them well.
  12. Forsaken352

    Noob rebuild.

    Well, glad I could help. As for the trigger, Geissele is always one at the top of the list. ALG defense is a more budget friendly alternative, and is a sister company, run by Bill Geissele's wife. Personally, I can't weigh in on it much, though. The only 'upgraded' trigger I have ever used is a Rock River two stage which came with the rifle.
  13. Forsaken352

    Noob rebuild.

    Well, here's what I can tell you: The range I most often frequent is the one right out my back door, to a max of 230yd. I am in desperate need of new glasses, and from 200, that torso target looks almost like the eraser on a pencil. Perhaps SLIGHTLY larger, but not much. To the left, there is a dueling tree with 6" circular plates. From standing, magnified optic? No problem. No magnification, requires a little more concentration. The spinners? Now that's a different story. Those look more like the ball point of a pen with no magnification. It is possible, but usually, if I try it, it's from a seated position, sitting 'Indian style', resting my elbow on my knee, much like a hunter would. So, if you have relatively decent vision, a good sling, patience, breathing control, trigger control, a decent zero on your optic, and hold your tongue in your mouth just right, you should have little to no issue with a 3x optic to make hits. You might need to turn the brightness down on the optic to barely visible to reduce any starburst for better accuracy, but it's all doable. If you still prefer the bipod option, there are many options available to you. You could get a Harris with a QD mount and a section of Mlok to picatinny rail, but would be very limited on handguard space, you could get a new low-pro gas block and freefloat rail (the option I'd likely choose) for more real estate, you could do the magnetic bipod, you could try out the grip pod, etc.
  14. Forsaken352

    Noob rebuild.

    Oh, also, for the local zombie shootout thing, if I am reading it correctly, you're saying the targets begin at 80m? So, there's a possibility for extended ranges? Are these torso-sized? Do only headshots count? If torso shots are considered a hit, 80m should be no issue whatsoever for that rifle, especially with magnification. While a bipod would make it quicker, it is also going to add a lot of unnecessary weight/bulk to it. Those ounces add up fast, so if you're having to do any sort of movement, you'll soon realize those ounces became pounds. From the standing position, 200-250yd. is pretty manageable on a torso target with a little practice. So, not sure what kind of environment you're looking at, but if you require more support, something that can be quickly attached/detached might be handy. I've noticed Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons has been using a magnetic bipod during 3gun with pretty decent results. Not sure if this is it or not, but Tiborasaurus Rex has long been regarded as somebody that knows his shat. Seems pretty slick.
  15. Forsaken352

    Noob rebuild.

    I can certainly attest to the quality/durability of Bravo Company rails. Been running mine for a couple of years now. It's pretty safe to say that anything BCM is good to go. Honestly, so long as you stick with a reputable manufacturer, it'll be difficult to go wrong. I'm going to probably disappoint you a bit with what's said next: There's an acronym often tossed around. K.I.S.S. - 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. You don't have to go out and drop thousands of dollars on products, but you also don't want products meant for airsoft on your rifle. I'm glad that Cv-Life optic has worked for you thus far, but it isn't something I'd be putting on a rifle which is going to see any serious use whatsoever. Rimfire range toy? "Maybe". Vortex has a pretty strong track record for producing quality optics, and has an outstanding warranty should things go awry, so the Spitfire should be good to go. But, I'd remove the Cv-Life. Shooting with both eyes open, 3x is quite manageable for 10yd. to 500yd. I've been experimenting with just that using a 3.5x ACOG on a 7.62NATO 'battle rifle' recently, with decent results. HOWEVER, a small reflex sight like that can come in handy in certain situations, and there are MANY out there which have proven themselves. Vortex, Leupold, Trijicon, hell even Dr. Optic.. In other words, ditch the stuff made in a Chinese sweat shop. GET A SLING! A sling not only retains your rifle, but also provides another point of contact to help stabilize. Personally, I run two-point slings on all of my rifles. Tried single-point, hated it. It is an absolute nut cracker. But, only you can decide the best way to sling your rifle by testing it. The one you see below is Blue Force Gear; Love them, will always use them. Heard great things about Viking Tactic as well. Will likely try theirs next. Whilst typing this, I see you mentioned purchasing a new lower receiver? Assuming you mean a completed lower, considering it wouldn't make much sense to rob the lower parts from the DPMS for use on the new one, SO, at that point, you're half way to a new rifle. If you're going to go that far, you may as well gather the tools and assemble your own, personalized AR-15, using all of the parts and accessories you wanted from the start. Just my $.02.