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  1. Forsaken352

    Looking for a barrel...

    I actually forgot to mention that I was hoping to find a thicker contour barrel as well. It's going to be used on a machinegun, which is likely going to see mostly D60's, Beta mags, and X-products drums. As for the mid length gas system? I was thinking that it would allow it more dwell time for reliability purposes over a rifle length.
  2. Does anybody know where I could possibly find a chrome-lined, cold hammer forged, 1:7 twist, 20" 5.56, with a mid length gas system?
  3. Forsaken352

    Well, it's happening

    Okay, I might've bought 500 rounds of 9x19... But, that's because I burned through 500 rounds last weekend with the machinegun. Is what it is.
  4. Forsaken352

    Newest Build

    Sometimes simple is the way to go. Nice!
  5. Forsaken352

    Scope height

    Be aware, that Primary Arms cantilever mount says it's for a 30MM tube. Make sure you know what size yours is. Most commonly is probably going to be 1", followed by 30MM.
  6. Forsaken352

    BLK-LBL Bipod

    Many of you probably watch InRangeTV/Forgotten Weapons, and might have possibly already seen this. But, thought I would share this with the rest of yous, because it really is a neat product for our AR's, and thought some of 'ya might be interested in such a product:
  7. Forsaken352

    Already broke two days ago

    Guess I've been out of the loop for too long. I keep hearing about this 'Hellcat'. What's the major appeal here? Looks like a sub-compact with a factory red dot. I'm not knockin' it, and I'm happy if you're happy, but is there more information I am not privy to? As far as a handgun with a factory mounted red dot goes? This is my ideal package: Too bad it can't be carried, though.. I definitely would find a way. That, and the lack of iron sights is a bit of a bummer. But, hey! Aimpoint nano! Seriously, though. Congrats on the purchase!
  8. I wouldn't exactly agree that something like the Fostech SBV is a 'gimmick'. Think about the people that really do benefit from such a thing. Maybe they have physical limitations, and have difficulty holding a (by law) 18" barrel, starting out. THEY chose to write the law as it is written. A shotgun, by their own definition, requires being constructed with a shoulder stock. Okay, fine. Here is a 'firearm'. Yeah, it might be a big middle finger to the NFA, and I could get into the whole, "The NFA's unconstitutional", but we've all heard it. We all know. But, should these people be (essentially) penalized for having limitations? Right now, it was the SBV. Soon, it will be something else. But, the point is, they were able to purchase a shotgun, with an arm brace, which allows them the ability to hold it and fire it with better control. Yeah, most people probably had other plans, but it still isn't the ATF's concern. It was legal by every definition. Even if those whom benefited the most were a smaller percentage, how much of a gimmick is it, really, if it had a legitimate use to them? My issue is the fact that we keep letting them get away with it. Every day, it's becoming more 'us' vs. 'them'. It seems like we keep pursuing the same fruitless method of placing faith in these 'congress critters', and simply hoping for them not to shaft us. Then they shaft us. Once they do, the task of getting some of our rights returned is enormous in comparison to their taking. I don't have the answers, but I believe that a lot of stuff, even the 'gimmicks', shouldn't be viewed as such unless they truly have zero legitimate use. Still doesn't mean they should be banned, though. The ATF overreach is getting out of hand. Think about Safety Harbor's .50BMG upper for an AR-15 lower receiver. Because they *wanted* to, they deemed the upper receiver a 'firearm'. Since when? It reminds me of the guy who once made an RPD/249 upper for his LEGAL, transferable machinegun, a 'MAC' style lower. Because the ATF was able to put the belt-fed uppers on some jig which made them fire independently of the lower receiver, they were not approved for sale OR use. Then, they went on to say how the swapping of the feed mechanism was not what the original machinegun was designed to do, therefore another mark against it. Well, to that, I ask, is a belt-fed upper for an AR-15/M-16 illegal to use? They keep changing laws on us arbitrarily, unconstitutionally, and unchallenged.
  9. Forsaken352

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    As for myself, I've always been one to lurk a bit more, and only add input on a subject I may be knowledgeable about, when necessary. When I joined this forum, SgtAR15 (I think his name was) was still around, posting his...Was it a meme? The stuff with the action figures. There did seem to be more members, and more traffic as a whole. I believe what you may be seeing is the result of many people across the country having come by with questions about AR-15's, while there were immediate threats of a ban. Now, everybody and their brother owns at least one. It's no longer the hot topic. And, it probably is true to some extent that members feel less encouraged to post because there's less being discussed, and when there's less being discussed, there's less traffic. When there's less traffic, there's less of a desire to begin new topics *here*, rather than elsewhere. There's also the fact of people simply being busy. Either way, it does suck whenever it happens. I dropped by the Saiga forum the other day, and a once flourishing environment, is now all but dead due to the sanctions Obama put on Russian arms importation. The sad fact of reality is, change happens. Some people seem to embrace change. And in some instances, it *can* be a good thing. Personally, I've never been one to welcome it with open arms; a bit more reserved. Anywho, that's my theory, and I'm sticking with it! We're an AR forum, and you don't have half the country or more rushing out in need of one. Which means multitudes whom are ignorant of the platform do not require our guidance.
  10. Forsaken352

    Do you have any great gifts on-the-way?

    Got some things I've been lookin' at, but for the time being, only two things have been purchased. One is a new bolt carrier for the Saiga 12 made by R&R Targets. The factory carrier cracked several years ago now at the point where the op rod is threaded into it. It's one of the shortcomings over the Saiga platform. Unfortunately, the only ones he had left in stock were left side charging handles, so I guess cutting the dust cover is in my future. The only other thing I got for now was another Surefire X300U. It's one of the new 1,000 lumen models. Definitely can see a difference between it and the old 600 lumen models. Mostly got it because I got tired of swapping lights back and forth between firearms to accommodate certain light-bearing holsters, etc.
  11. Glenn, I believe the OP is referring to optics such as the M4, M4S, and M5. And to that, I say this; you made a mention of the majority of people never seeing combat. That's true. But, none of us knows that that will always hold true. For example, I personally prefer to typically outfit my firearms with what I feel is the best gear I can get. Whether or not it sees any 'combat', or use as a self-defense/home defense firearm is irrelevant. All I care about is knowing that if it had to be used as such for any reason, then at least I know I won't have limited myself (and yes, it is limiting oneself) by choosing subpar equipment which could fail when it's needed most. Until I see a TRS-25 subjected to the same amount of abuse, and still power on, let alone hold a zero, I'll stick with those that can. And just for the record, the 'house fire' optic is their PRO. Aimpoint's 'budget' optic. Honestly, even with that being said, while I chose an Aimpoint for my go-to AR awhile back, I've really been turned onto Trijicon ACOG's. Dual illumination, caliber specific holdovers built into the reticle, 3.5x magnification is helpful at range and isn't too much that it can't be used up close in a pinch, but paired with an auto adjust LED RMR anyways for use as a back up sight.. you never have to touch it. Was it worth the ~$1,500.00+? I believe it is. Would that make me a fool for willing to spend that amount for something I trust my life to? Some might think so, but I would disagree. Obviously. They've proven themselves on combat rifles overseas just like Aimpoints have. The one time I took it to a 500M range, the reticle made it stupidly easy to wear out the furthest target. But, I guess this is getting off on a different vein. My point is, the most expensive things don't always equal the best. But, sometimes they do. If you wanna send over your Bushnell, I'll be happy to subject it to some torture. Maybe I'll toss it on the .50, and see if it'll hold up to the recoil to start.
  12. Forsaken352

    Been thinkin...

    Honestly man? If you want just one 91/30, try to find something cool and unique. For example, one made by Chatellerault out of France, Remington from the U.S., Sestroryetsk, a 'Peter The Great', etc. Maybe a Dragoon, sniper, or if you wanna fork out the big bucks and hunt down a rare bird, a Cossack. Perhaps even an Finnish M27/28/39 if you're okay with it having been captured & upgraded during the war by the Finns. Otherwise, a simple Izhevsk or Tula 91/30 shouldn't be anymore than a few hundred bucks. Couple of things to note, the Cossack rifles and snipers were never issued with a bayonet. Finnish rifles use their own proprietary bayonet. For the others? If it doesn't come with one, you'll likely have to fit one yourself.
  13. Forsaken352

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    Gentlemen, this page needs more attention. It's been nearly 4 months. Where's all the gun porn? The one I keep above the closet. Schmidt-Rubin G11 7.55x55 Swiss straight pull bolt. Predecessor to the K31. The one I've been piecing together for quite some time now. Posted this one on this thread a little while ago. PTR-91 GI. She's almost finished to my liking. Still trying to come up with the best solution for a light. The X300U is nice, but casts a pretty nasty shadow from being situated so far from the end of the muzzle. Thinking of trying a Surefire Scout. Also, Spuhr makes a proprietary, sleeker, sling mount for this rail, and I'm trying like hell to find it in the U.S.A. I've hit my hand a couple of times on the Gear sector mount while operating the charging handle, and it hurts. Often draws blood. Aside from that, finally acquired the Spuhr G3 forend, and a Type II LED auto adjusting RMR. Was also able to move the front sling mount to where I like it.
  14. Forsaken352

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Very nice!
  15. Forsaken352

    The Revolver Picture Thread

    There's nothing much to tell. I just wanted something ridiculous to part from the usual; rifles with a SHTF/HD purpose and Milsurps. I've never shot, or held a S&W 500 prior to this one, and finding ammo locally was proving difficult. Found some of the 700 grain stuff first, and that has been my first and only experience with it. Honestly? Not as bad as I was expecting recoil-wise, from all the hype spread across the internet. No, I don't expect to shoot it often, but it's just a range toy for me anyways. Living in Florida, there's no immediate threats in which I would feel required to reach for a monstrosity of a handgun over one of the rifles. It's fun in its own unique way. The Milsurps are still what capture my love the most, though. Just something about the wood, steel, and history coming together; each firearm built like a piece of art. They don't make 'em like they used to.