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  1. Yeah, if I can't find anything else, I'll probably end up with an Atlas as well. Appreciate it guys.
  2. I do kind of like that 5-H, but damn it's pricey. Lon, you wouldn't be talking about something like the Vltor would you?
  3. I should also add, it doesn't have to be able to mount on both top and bottom rails. That's just cool that the Fortmeier bipod is capable. I'd probably prefer it mounts on the bottom rail if I had to choose one or the other. Looked at the GG&G XDS bipod earlier. It, too, seemed suitable for my needs except for the legs not folding both directions.
  4. I'm trying to get a list together of all the parts and accessories I need for an upcoming project, and one of those pieces will be a bipod. I found one which looks like it'd be 'perfect' for my needs, but it's from Germany. No sprechen ze Deutsch. I love the wide stance, the large feet, and the all aluminum construction.. The way it can be attached at the 6 o'clock position as well as the 12 o'clock position of the rail, depending on what mount is used is pure awesome sauce! The way in which the mount pushes the entire unit further forward while the legs can be folded either direction is a must! So, if you happen to know of anything similar, that'd be great! Thanks! Apparently this is known as a Phoenix Tactical bipod from the UK, but on Phoenix's website, it states: "Now supplied by Fortmeier of Germany." http://www.phoenixtactical.co.uk/fortmeier-bipod.html https://www.vikingtactics.de/Fortmeier-Bipod/?language=en
  5. Forsaken352

    Whoopie! Guess what just came in the mail?

    Like hlhneast said, nothing like that for us. I wish.
  6. Forsaken352

    Black Rifle missionary at it again...

    Do you think that Brownells will ever begin producing the Portugese pattern AR-10?
  7. Forsaken352

    Don't let yer mouth write checks you cannot cash

    What I thought had happened was the old guy was riding the biker's ass, which is why the biker was initially pissed off. If the biker cut the old guy off, then no doubt he's a straight up douchebag. Either way, I think both of them are still kinda dicks in the end, and would have to agree with Pepper's assessment of the situation.
  8. Forsaken352

    Target shooting

    That's weird.. Last night all of those pictures were working. Might I suggest using Imgur to host your images?
  9. Forsaken352

    Don't let yer mouth write checks you cannot cash

    I kinda think they're both assholes. Old man was driving kind of like a dick, and the guy on the bike was BEING a dick. Not to mention, the old guy struck first. Yeah, you could say the biker was being hostile, and he was, but the old man also didn't need to pull over. Then, he steals his GoPro? Pretty sure that's robbery at that point. But, no doubt the biker did have it coming...
  10. Forsaken352

    Target shooting

    Whatever you did for that one seems to have worked. Had the same issues as the others, but that one works for me at least.
  11. That'd make for a pretty cool Monopoly or Risk board, though.
  12. Forsaken352

    I am shocked at SKS prices!!! A few are still "cheap"

    I'll give you $151.00 for it! :P Very nice!
  13. Forsaken352

    "Why I Hate The Desert Eagle"

    Precisely! I've never had doubts that it is a well constructed firearm, and I wouldn't mind even shooting one some day. It truly is those who have made it a status symbol which has completely turned me away from it. Otherwise, if most people just acted the way those on this forum have about it, perhaps it would even BE in my collection some day? Another experience of mine concerning the firearm: I walk into a pawn shop one day to browse over their firearms as I do on occasion, as they'll sometimes have something worthwhile. One of the employees comes over, and we get to talking about this firearm and that. Then, he suddenly gets this different look on his face, and says, "You wanna see something that'll blow your socks off? Wait here!". He runs to the back room for a minute, returns with a hard case, says, "Take a look at THIS!", and proceeds to crack open the case, revealing a gold, tiger stripe Desert Eagle. Not wanting to come across as rude in any way, and understanding he may simply be happy about a new purchase, I tell 'em how cool it is, and end up later walking out of the store empty handed since they didn't have much that day which interested me. MANY months later, I try walking into that shop again to see what they've got on hand. Same guy, same old spiel. We get to talking about 'this and that' gun again - I specifically recall discussing the Tavor that day with him since I was in the market for one, and he gave me his input on it since he'd apparently already owned one - then, next thing I know, "Hey! You wanna see something COOL?".. Yup, same gun. It's even spilling over into the S&W 500. I've considered getting one for the sheer novelty of it, but seems like the same situation.
  14. Forsaken352

    "Why I Hate The Desert Eagle"

    As I was watching a Youtube video last night which featured a Desert Eagle, I began to scroll through the comment's section as I often do. It began to dawn on me that the comments seemed split; half of whom strongly admired the handgun, and half which...did not. One commentator in particular having made some rather disparaging remarks about the firearm, I chose to directly respond to with 'one' of the few stories I have regarding my encounters with this particular firearm, their owners, and my personal observations thus far. I figured a few of you may also get a kick out of it. Mind you, this actually happened: I was at my local gun shop one day bullshittin' with the owner, and making a purchase, when this man and a woman enters the store together. As they both gradually make their way to the counter, we all turn to quickly assess them as we do any newcomers to be sure nobody is a potential threat; One could swear it was a scene borrowed from an old Western saloon. Perhaps the only thing missing being a tumbleweed blowing in the wind outside. That, and whiskey on the counter. One thing I imagine the others took quick note of, as I did, was the "man's" excessive use of what some have, colloquially, come to know as a 'satchel'. Myself? I've always been keen on the term 'man-purse', but to each their own. Now, being a good Southern, God-fearing gentleman myself, I've never been one to judge a person before getting to know them. So, I went to resume filling out the form 4473 on my newest addition [at the time], and kept to my own. As the owner of the store steps to his feet from his previous sitting position, he shakes the feller's hand, and asks politely, "How can I help you?". The man, no older than perhaps 25, without skipping a beat, responds with, "Yes, I have this carry gun, but I don't know what round it shoots. Mind if I pull the gun out?", which is quickly followed up with a small nod, and a "Sure.". I'm sure a few of us may have been a 'bit' surprised by the statement this young man had made. But, as for me? I still withheld any further judgement, thinking that, "Perhaps he is carrying an old firearm which was given to him by granddad?". "Perhaps he is a complete novice to the world of firearms?" I try to be accepting to all possibilities, and give the benefit of a doubt whenever possible. ...I believe I about lost my shat the moment this man removed from his purse a Desert Eagle in .50AE. In that moment, as the guy ostentatiously displayed his blinding, polished chrome handgun for the world to see, clearly in attempt to feed his ego, and his lady-friend gazing in astonishment, the room fell silent, for we had 'obviously' been blessed that day by his visitation. A mere touch from this man's hand may have cured cancer. Those of us present prior to their arrival definitely knew what the other was thinking by this point. Nary a word had been uttered from us patrons to this fine establishment, over what became a rather short duration of stay for the pair, as the shop did not equip 'plinking rounds' for what was 'SURELY' Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. Being the kind gents we are, it was only when the two had vacated the premises that room burst into laughter about the scene which had just befallen us. Verily, I say unto you, the jokes surrounding his 'manhood' were flowing copiously thereafter. At either rate, I suppose I cannot be too harsh on the man. His lady friend was very cute. I, also, believe in live and let live, no harm, no foul. That sort of thing. With that in mind, I passed my FDLE background check, and walked out with my new Barrett 95 which was tucked 'just behind' the counter, on the floor, the entire time. There you have it. The reason why I loathe the Desert Eagle. Every time somebody has presented one before me, they do it in such a flashy, attention-seeking manner, that it almost seems to be exclusive to 'those types'. Now, I feel there is a moral to this story as well. It is absolutely okay to like something, but don't act like you are God Himself coming down from the heavens on a cloud because you have what you believe to be the biggest, baddest thing in the room. Not only does it make one appear to be 'compensating', but there will always be somebody who outdoes you tenfold. This, the same reason I have never liked the .50BMG that much either. Watch almost any Youtube video featuring one, and the host will present it as the be-all, end-all. Yes, I now possess one because the M95 has always been a favorite of mine. Yes, I've shared a few pictures with you guys as well. But, I try to be humble about such things, and realize that Billy-Bob next door might have a 20mm in his living room.