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  1. Wouldn't that be nice... I was actually just talking with a co-worker about missing people being on milk cartons. Do they still do that? I don't really drink milk ever, and when I have gotten some, it's only been gallon jugs.
  2. Yeah, and Hillary should be sitting behind bars as of *checks watch* roughly 9 years ago. The sooner people realize that there is a protected class in the United States, the better. I've been listening to everybody around, including my father, say things such as, "This next election, peoples' heads are gonna spin!", for every single election I've been able to vote in since the day I became of age to do so. I've heard people tell me time and again how, "This person or that is gonna end up on trial/in prison, for having done 'this crime or that'!", largely to include Hillary for quite some time. In fact, correct me if I am mistaken, but how many times did Trump make comments during his campaign, that she belonged behind bars, or that he would otherwise "deal with her"? He practically ran on that. My point in all of this is simply that the protected class exists. Nothing is ever going to touch them. No amount of voting will change that. And while I wholeheartedly agree with you that Harris should be held accountable? It's the same story all over again. The elite does something which would land you or me in prison, and they get a free pass, because people have short memories.
  3. I am terribly sorry to disappoint you, comrade, but in some form or another, I break 4 of your 5 commandments with every batch! I use ground beef, Bush's chili beans, del Monte stewed tomatoes , and no beer. Never bell peppers, though.
  4. Nope! Beans BELONG with all forms of chili! Hm, then again, maybe you're onto something, and this explains my love for Russian firearms above all else?
  5. Went ahead with my plan and installed an Arcalock rail from Catalyst Arms, followed with acquiring the Atlas 5H bipod, installing an Area 419 Arcalock clamp, barricade stop, and spigot extension (the extension allows for the oversized 5H to be compatible with the Arcalock clamp). Couldn't be happier to swap out that Iron Elite bipod for this! It's vastly superior in every way. Also had my Blue Force Gear sling arrive. The below image just shows the Arcalock clamp, spigot extension, the barricade stop, and the barricade block (The block is near the receiver). The one thing I'm not entirely sure of as of now is the factory Ruger stock. It works, but it does tend to leave a bit to be desired. The cheek riser/rest is rather uncomfortable, even with the padding I added. I might attempt to make something out of some memory foam scraps which came with a pillow, but I'm limited with the amount I can add due to the scope height. It's essentially the same as dealing with an optic on any AR platform, in that you can only go so low due to the buffer tube, but I also opted for a 1.36" Spuhr mount so as to be, as close as I was comfortable with, getting the objective lens to the rail without having to 'smush' my cheek onto the rest.
  6. I believe it would be included, and they'll probably consider the entire barrel as a suppressor since it will be a rather permanent attachment. Same as an integrally suppressed barrel for a 10/22, for example. Still, best to ask the ATF.
  7. Yeah, I'd probably get the BT10, but I like the idea of keeping the apex above the bore like you were mentioning. That's why I'm thinking the 5H will be the one for me. Hopefully.
  8. I do hope believe you're right! From all of the accounts I keep hearing of, this rifle makes shooting sub-MOA pretty easy. I want to love this bipod. I really do. However, there are a couple of design issues that could've made it just that much better. Namely, the springs which were chosen for the leg extension locks are too weak, and it allows the legs to extend very easily if the levers are pressed against anything accidentally. The other issue is that the bipod is not quickly deployed whatsoever. That's not so much of an issue as it is a nuisance, though. Those two things aside? I love this bipod! It makes the rifle extremely stable! I think I may have the solution in mind with the Atlas 5H on an Arcalock rail.
  9. Welp, I put my LR-308 project on hold. Short-action Ruger Precision Rifle Gen III in 6.5 Creedmoor She's not quite finished yet, but it's gettin' there. It's mostly just the base rifle, really, but the following additions were added (in no particular order): Spuhr ISMS 30MM mount SWFA SS HD 5-20x50 Mil/Mil Iron Elite Revolution bipod (I'll be getting an Atlas) American Rifle Company magazine Accu-shot monopod SilencerCo Omega .300 with an Armageddon wrap Phase 5 ambi selector switch Anarchyoutdoors bolt knob and handle A few other odds and ends... I've actually had this rifle for about two months now, but it's been raining so much here lately I haven't even had a chance to take it to the range yet to 'zero' the optic, since it's all under water over there whenever I have free time. However, I'm not in a huge rush to do so, as I've still got plans for it which is going to require removing the optic anyways. I have a lot of faith in Spuhr products, but even if I remove it, and mount it in exactly the same spot, with the same torque, I think it'd be asking a lot for it not to shift the point of aim whatsoever. I attempted to drop in a Timney 650 trigger, however they failed to mention anywhere that it's incompatible with the generation III short-action RPR's due to the update firing pin design. The new design has two 'wings' which were not part of the Gen I or II rifles, and it interferes with the trigger housing. It appears to me that Ruger's answer for this was to have a step cut in to their trigger housing design as you can see here with the green arrows pointing towards the interference (Timney left, factory right): I've attempted to get a hold of them, even if simply to warn them of this issue, and they've yet to get back to me. That'll make this the first and last Timney product for me. Bummer. Seemed like a nice trigger. I guess it'll make a decent paper weight now until I find somebody that wants to buy it, or I get a wild hair and mill the step and test it for myself. Anyways, it's my first 'precision rifle'. I've never even had a chance to shoot long range, being in Florida where there's a rooftop every 30 yards in the city, every couple hundred in the "country". But, I'm hopeful to get a chance to try stretching its legs soon!
  10. I keep asking myself all the time, "Do I really need to be carrying around a full size handgun with 19 round mags? It's heavy, it's cumbersome, it's annoying in the summertime.. Why do I do this?". Then I get reminded that I would much rather try to have my bases covered for most eventualities, no matter how rare they may be, than not. That being said, not running my mouth to somebody is a pretty safe bet as well. That, and being aware when time for talk is over and the time to run comes, to run fast...
  11. That surprised me as well. Even with a prompt to confirm the video contains explicit content, and asking if you wish to continue, I did not expect that at all on Youtube.
  12. Check out Spuhr. If you're trying to mount it to an AR platform, they have cantilever mounts, or if you are trying to mount it to a bolt rifle, they have the ISMS (Ideal Scope Mounting System), and they've also got just your typical rings. If it's going on any type of large bore, high recoil rifle, you might look at some Badger Max 50 rings. The options will vary some depending on the specific firearm in question.
  13. It's all about money. They're getting paid to vote for the liberals, have dozens of children, sit around on unemployment, etc. That's all it ever boils down to is money. Well, that and the fact that the public school system is entirely indoctrinating those receiving an 'education', and therefore are normalizing the taboo, pussifying kids, changing history to make 'whitey bad', etc., etc. Change the schools Change the voting system Change the welfare system Let it sort itself out. They either work or starve. No more handouts. But, it's just a pipe dream. This country is already on a path which seems unrecoverable.
  14. I work every day with a flat earther. Or, as he prefers to call himself, "A believer in the level, topographical plane.". I'm the type of person that will listen to what another has to say and will base my own opinions off of the facts given. Bottom line is, I'm too stupid to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that "I'm right, they're wrong!", and have no definitive proof to say one way or the other. However, I do believe we have evidence all around which supports the fact that we live on an elliptically-shaped planet, that gravity does exist (he's all about 'density and buoyancy'), it is what allows water to be level, while still forming to the shape of a 'sphere', etc. At the end of the day, it it has been debated ad nauseam. There's no changing anybody's minds.
  15. This is pretty much what I've had in mind. What's left of the screw head is completely recessed into the upper tang which prevents me from trying to cut a new slot. The wood around the lower tang isn't rotted at all, and no chance of a shim heat sink fitting. My intention is to acquire a torch with a pin point flame and use it on the lower tang. I also purchased kroil yesterday prior to seeing any new posts on here. I'll need to acquire also some easy outs. If that still doesn't work, then I'll have to follow it up with drilling and tapping.
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