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  1. Forsaken352

    Trijicon MRO

    Well, you know.. The Aimpoint wouldn't have broke in the first place. I kid, I kid. Couldn't help myself.
  2. Forsaken352

    Defensive Vehicle Disabling

    If you already suffer from bad shoulders, how would you do lugging around an M82/M107A1 at 30+ lb.? The reason I ask is because the M95/M99's don't utilize the short recoil action of the semi-automatics. I use a 'biathlon style' sling to carry my 95 much like a backpack, and even "it" let's you know it's there, given some time. However, allow me to put into perspective a bit what it's like to use the M95 (and I imagine the 99 to be the same). All bark, no bite sums it up nicely. At least not on the firing end. Between the muzzle brake, weight of the rifle, and thick recoil pad, it is about on par with a mildly stout 20 gauge load. But, more of a push rather than a 'kick'. It really is a Cadillac. Only when I ran some 750 gr. A-Max's did it show a bit more attitude, but it was far from intolerable. Any time I take mine out, it's never the recoil which makes me say "That's enough.". It's the concussion. It is very much unlike anything I've experienced before, but you feel it in your sinuses every time you pull the trigger. According to reports online, running a suppressor brings with it a noticeable increase in recoil. The benefit, however, aside from being a bit quieter (less concussive), the suppressor helps to mitigate the dust signature as these rifles do also have a tendency to shower the shooter with a bit of the environment (dirt, sand, etc.). Pros and cons, like everything. Now, it is my belief that if I were to replace the brake with the cylindrical brake/suppressor adapter of the M107A1, it would help with the debris being kicked up, and it would send the gases in a more perpendicular line to the muzzle, rather than being directed somewhat back towards the shooter as it is currently. Trouble is finding one anymore. I think Barrett stopped offering them for sale. But, I digress. My point being, if you can perhaps some day manage it, the bolt rifles aren't bad whatsoever. I'm sure the semi-auto's are quite a bit smoother, but when you're talking thousands of dollars difference in price...
  3. Forsaken352

    Defensive Vehicle Disabling

    The Serbu RN-50 can be had for somewhere around $1,500.00. It's slow as hell for any sort of follow-up shots, but it *is* a .50BMG. Get yourself a couple of Mk211 Raufoss rounds, and now you're shooting 'high explosive incendiary armor piercing' (HEIAP). Surely a person could ruin someone's day, or their ride, with that. Trouble is, they're damn near $100 a shot. Just recently placed an order on a 100rd belt of API for the .50, and I could swear this stuff is drying up for some reason. Could hardly find anybody offering it for sale, and when I finally do find a website which lists it as 'in stock', they message me a few days after purchasing to inform me they "won't be receiving shipment from their .50 cal purveyor until mid July." (They did offer a refund as well).. I had no issues finding the last belt I purchased, about 8 months back, and that was 4 to 1 API to APIT....
  4. Forsaken352

    rpd help

    If I remember correctly, Hzhardy put together a full auto RPD awhile back. He might be able to help out.
  5. I hope to God it was posted more as a tongue in cheek sort of jab in response to this from a few years ago, but in today's day and age? Hell if I know what the vagina hat wearing soccer moms actually believe, nor do I care about their thoughts to be quite honest.
  6. Forsaken352

    Used Glock 21 .45ACP

    Have had a 3rd gen 17 and 19, a 4th gen 21, a 5th gen 19, a 43, and used plenty of 26's, 34's, as well as a 48. So far my favorite has been the 19X. I actually was carrying the gen 5 19 when I came into possession of the 19X through a trade, ended up getting rid of the 19, and now the 19X is my EDC. The 21 was sort of fun suppressed, but running a full size .45 suppressor on a handgun just sucks. Ended up dedicating that suppressor for sub-machinegun use only. Besides that, the 21 sat around. .45 auto adds up pretty quick compared to 9. Just something to consider. A Glock is a Glock. They work just fine, but there's nothing fancy about 'em. I know all firearms are tools, but Glocks are 'very' utilitarian.
  7. Forsaken352

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the responses! John (hoping I remember your name correctly), I've never actually even heard of a self assemble safe. I'll see what I can dig up on it. I'm really liking the stuff I'm seeing from Ft. Knox. Back to researchin'! Thank you! -Justin
  8. Forsaken352

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    As the title implies, I'd like to hear your recommendations for a quality gun safe. All I know about them is from what I've seen in a few videos awhile back, saying that a true quality safe is going to buy more time than the mass produced stuff you'd find at places like Bass Pro. I realize they fetch a pretty penny, as well as weigh a ton, and that putting them in a corner which prevents the ability to pry is ideal. That's about the extent of my knowledge of a safe. What've you got for me as far as brands go? Not certain on the placement of it 'quite' yet, so dimensions are still up in the air. Thank you!
  9. Forsaken352

    PCC Question

    Many times I have looked at picking up a Zenith or PTR MP5 clone, maybe a B&T GHM9, or perhaps a Sig MPX (with a tailhook brace for whichever option), the B&T being the one I like the most. With cost aside, my dilemma is that I find it difficult to justify a need for a pistol caliber firearm, that is for all intents and purposes, 'supposed' to be a sub-machinegun, but is semi-auto only, when I'm already in possession of a sub-machinegun. For others, however, I wouldn't necessarily be so quick to toss them into the category of 'range toy' only. We all know pistol calibers generally are not going to be as devastating as a rifle caliber, but I think there's something to be said about a compact, shoulder-able, decently large magazine, low recoil firearm. When I turn mine to semi-auto, I'm often able to connect with a steel torso at 100yd. with ease, even when fighting what seems like a 15lb. trigger. Now, imagine the hail of accurate fire one could put down in no time flat from say a 9x19, at room distances, whilst utilizing a closed bolt semi-auto that undoubtedly has a better trigger than open bolt. The one that keeps piquing 'my' interest, though, is B&T's USWA1. But, that's getting out of the realm of PCC, and into stocked handgun.
  10. Forsaken352

    Help me assess My AR

    This is some sound advice. I'm not too well versed in the NY 'SAFE' Act, but I know they have magazine capacity limitations, and I 'thought' things like pistol grips and flash hiders were out completely. Unsure about muzzle brakes, or threaded barrels in general. Be sure to check your state and local laws before continuing forward. From what you're original post says, you acquired that rifle shortly before the 'SAFE' Act was even enacted in Jan, 2013. Not sure if there was any grandfathering or anything of that sort, so if you reside in NY, it could or potentially could not be in compliance even as it sits. Again, unknown to me. Just do your homework.
  11. Forsaken352

    Help me assess My AR

    It likely wouldn't be worth your time or money to have the muzzle threaded for a brake. As Towtruck mentioned, the lower is best suited for use on a dedicated .22LR upper. Don't take it personally, but if it were *me*, I would either just sell the rifle or keep it for other purposes, and buy or build myself a rifle which fits all of my wants/needs from the start. Right now, anything AR is pretty cheap. Piece together your dream gun, and do yourself this favor: Keep it simple. Remember, ounces add up to pounds. The more you add to a rifle, the more your shoulders are going to realize it. This can be an issue unless it's simply going to be a to and from the bench gun. For example, you mentioned wanting to add a scope, a red dot on a 45 mount, and a freefloat railed handguard to a rifle already equipped with a heavy barrel. Before you know it, you're going to be lugging around a 15lb. rifle. Something that you'll see tends to happen often is, people will toss every device conceivable onto their rifle - Lights, lasers, bipods, scopes, red dots, back-up iron sights, vertical grips, etc. - and they soon come to realize much of it is dead weight, and off it comes. Again, this is what *I* would do. Nix the idea of a red dot on the 45 mount, figure out what your primary intended purpose for a rifle will be, and whether or not the magnification is truly important or not. If it is, I would likely begin by looking into an optic with variable magnification range from 1-4, 1-6, or 1-8, depending on the distances I most likely plan to shoot at, sit it in a cantilever quick detach mount, and pair that with a throw lever on the magnification ring for fast adjustment between settings. If magnification is something I could sacrifice, then I would likely opt for an Aimpoint Comp M3, M4, M5, T1/T2, Trijicon MRO, or something along those lines. Many people like to pair red dots with magnifiers, but again, the weight adds up quick. I would also couple either option with a good set of backup iron sights. They're rather small, unobtrusive, can fit nicely under a scope, and are nice to have in case of optics failure of any kind. One thing I must disagree with Joel on is the co-witness. 1/3 co-witness creates a 'chin weld' rather than a 'cheek weld', whereas absolute co-witness will allow your dot to fall directly in line with your iron sights. If you use a pair of folding BUIS (think low-profile gas block under a freefloat handguard and picatinny mounted folding front sight), then it allows for that perfect cheek weld, as well as an unobstructed view. In essence, the sky is the limit, the world is your oyster, etc. Determine what your intended uses of the rifle will be first. Will it be benchrest shooting? Plinking at targets? Home/property defense? Varmint rig? Hunting? SHTF? All of the above? Once you have that, then buy/build based off of your criteria.
  12. Forsaken352

    What to Get Next?

    Congrats on the rifle! RRA was my first (and still may, or may not be my only complete) rifle which I purchased many moons ago, but it's a pretty decent one. On another note: Didn't Rock River sell out the 2A community a few years ago for something or another?
  13. Forsaken352

    3D Printed G. A crazy Glock-Like pistol project.

    But, really, that's awesome Flesh Wound! I second the above comment for range report.
  14. Forsaken352

    Do you think that guns will go the way of Motorcycles?

    Just came back from watching a video of Keanu training at Taran Tactical with Shawn Ryan. Much respect to them, each for their own reasons.