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  1. "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." Aren't you in law enforcement, sir? The message for others begins from somewhere. Preach it to your fellow officers, and make them understand it so that they may pass it along. When you come into contact with officers from other counties, preach it to them so that they will pass it along into their own department. Make it spread like wildfire. For those like myself? All I/we can do is to share this video with others, in hopes that it reaches those in law enforcement.
  2. Progress is being made! The lower is complete, however, I do believe I have managed to source a grip very much so like the I originally was looking for. It'll come from the Czech Republic, so it'll likely be a little while before I see it, but that's okay! Otherwise, this is her so far: KNS anti-rotational pins installed, Geissele SSA-E installed, Phase 5 ambi safety installed.. One of the nice things about this SLR matched upper and lower is the nylon tipped screws to remove any slop from the upper and lower, as well as the one underneath of the trigger. The Geissele trigger is obviously awesome, and this just made it THAT MUCH better by removing more of the pre-travel (still within a safe margin).. JP silent captured buffer system installed (eliminating the buffer pin and buffer pin spring is a bonus in my book) Got this, as well as a JP high pressure bolt in the mail today, with a stripped 7.62 JP "full mass operating system" carrier, so we'll see if this rifle gets a full JP bolt with JP carrier (probably), or a JP bolt with a Toolcraft Nickel boron carrier. I've got another upper and lower that'll eventually need stuff done to them, and that's what I kept repeating to myself to justify making the purchase of two bolt carrier groups...
  3. I never got the notification that you sent those links, sir. Thank you for doing so! I actually had come across the Fulton carrier (the standard BCG model) across my travels for attempting to source parts, but I have actually purchased two complete bolt carrier groups, and we'll see how I go about it.
  4. And what of the streets of your fellow patriots? Do we focus only on our 'own' homes/towns when dealing with what is a national crisis relating to the undermining of the constitution by the left inciting riots in the streets from the REAL terrorists? "United we stand, divided we fall" ringin' any bells for you guys?
  5. 7.62x39? Yes, it can be done. 7.62x35 (.300 BO)? It can also be accomplished. 7.62 NATO? No. The dimensions of this cartridge are too large to fit into the AR-15 magwell for starters. Just depends what you're referring to.
  6. That's what they're counting on. Now get back in line! Sieg heil!
  7. Toss that into a nice 30mm cantilever mount like this Larue, and you'd have yourself a decent setup for an AR-15:
  8. I walked into a dollar store the other day. Right on the front door it reads, "Masks are mandatory!". Walked right in anyways. I don't even carry a mask with me, and the only time I've worn one since all this nonsense, is while flying. Every single person in that store had a muzzle on like the good sheeple they are. I just walked around, politely said 'excuse me', 'pardon me', when walking in front of others, and got wide-eyed looks from every person I passed by. This is seriously what they think of us:
  9. Perhaps some visuals would be beneficial here? Here is an example of a non-magnified optic (has no provision on its own for magnifying (("zooming in")) on a target). It is a "red dot", meaning that the reticle (the part you aim with), is a single red dot: Here is a view of the reticle on the same type of optic as above: The benefits of such are that it is allows for rapid target acquisition & transitions, quick follow-up shots, etc. The cons being that you physically cannot see your target as well as you would with a magnified optic. Now, there are magnifiers "for" optics such as the red dot, that sit behind it, and typically can quickly be flipped into, or out of the way, depending on the user's needs. Here is an example what that looks like: The pros? It allows for a bit easier target identification, and can make slightly longer distance hits on targets a bit easier. The cons? You are obstructing your field of view (what you see in your peripheral view, as well as what isn't blocking your view due to being behind the optic), as well as [the big one], the overall weight of what you are carrying. Ounces add up to pounds very quickly, and pounds add up to an aching back/shoulders in a hurry. This here is a Trijicon ACOG. This is an example of a low-magnification optic (usually 4x magnification), and the reticle most typically associated with it: The pros? It's got "holdover estimations" built into the reticle which can help you to make more consistent hits out to those ranges. It's simple to use, relatively lightweight, and very robust. The cons? The magnification is FIXED. It cannot be adjusted higher or lower. Moving on, you have Low Power Variable Optics (LPVO). As the name suggests, it allows for variable magnification, meaning that you can physically switch the magnification higher, or lower (typically from 1x ((no magnification)) to 6x or 8x, as well as anything in-between). The Pros are exactly that. Many times, these optics now are being used in conjunction with illumination, and allow them to be used as makeshift "red dots" when used in the 1x setting, and allow a for a quick adjustment to a higher magnification for longer range shots. The CONS, however? They're bulky. They're heavy. They're pricey. They require physical manipulation in order to go from short-range to long range, which requires additional time, which is time that could be used potentially sending rounds downrange if it were necessary. However, the tradeoff being that it'd be easier to make longer-distance hits than something like the red-dot, with or without a magnifier, as well as having more (or less, depending) magnification than the fixed magnification Trijicon above. Here is what an LPVO looks like: Lastly (for this list), you have your more "typical scopes". These can range just about anywhere on the magnification range, but a very common magnification range for hunters, as an example, is 3-9x, with a 40mm objective lens (the larger belled out lens). However, a LOT of people shooting mid/long/extended-long ranges want a lot of magnification, and can get all the way up to 5x at the low end, and 25x at the high end, with 56mm objective lenses, with some going higher, I'm sure. The pros of these are that they allow for easy target identification, allow for easier target engagements at longer ranges, etc. The Cons? They're heavy, they're bulky, they generally do not lend themselves well to being used at nearly point-blank ranges (50 meters and less), as there's such a thing as too much magnification for close-in work, etc. Here is a 3-9x40 "scope": Here is a 5-25x56 with a sunshade (which is a LOT of scope, as you can see): So, with that all in mind, and being a very general run-down on the basics, which is it you're interested in exactly?
  10. To choose to assemble this, when I cannot find a barrel or Bolt/Bolt Carrier without being put on a long, long list of waiting? The mock-up: Details: SLR Rifleworks billet DPMS pattern high shelf upper & matched lower, Precision Reflex Industries 15" Delta carbon fiber free-float forend, PRI Delta "SPR"-like top rail, Elite Iron Revolution bipod, Sparrow Dynamics mag release button, some generic mag catch, Luth rifle length buffer tube, Magpul PRS Gen II stock, Accu-Shot monopod, Blackgunswood AR-15 walnut grip, KAC Micro 2-600M rear sight, and a Magpul 20 round LR/SR mag. I just picked up the Magpul stock today from my local FFL, as I had them Cerakote it. Unbeknownst to me at the time of beginning to assemble this rifle, the Gen II PRS stocks are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Magpul moved to a Gen III a few years ago, and it is hideously ugly, both in appearance, and design. The length of pull of the Gen III is designed for an orangutan at it's shortest setting, and only allowing for increasing LOP adjustment. It is also not equipped with a built-in picatinny rail like the Gen II is, and requires the additional purchase and installation of a piece of rail section in order to use a monopod. AND, once that is all accomplished, the way the underside of the Gen III is designed, the rail mounts at an angle in relation to the bore line, unlike the Gen II, causing the monopod to be at an angle. Magpul REALLY messed up, in my opinion, with the discontinuation of the Gen II, and the horrible design of the Gen III. But, I digress. The point is, the PRS Gen II, especially the 7.62 model, is getting quite difficult to find. I was able to snag this one up from Gunbroker. However, it was OD green. So, I had them Cerakote it black, but with a touch of grey to match the forend better. Parts on the way/not yet installed: Phase 5 ambi safety, Geiselle SSA-E, JP Silent Capture Recoil Spring, KNS Anti-Rotation pins. Parts I'm looking to acquire still: I've been researching many different barrel manufacturers, from Lilja, Black Hole Weaponry, Krieger, Wilson Combat, Bartlein, X-Caliber, etc. I'm searching for a 20" (probably semi-bull), 1/10 twist, 5/8-24 threaded, straight fluted, etc. No matter what, they're *all* out of stock, except for Lilja. However, Lilja became a no-go for me after doing more research. The fact that it's button-rifled rather than cut rifling, and their quality has apparently rapidly declined to the point several people have claimed the barrels are shot out within 300 rounds. X-Caliber is apparently not too far ahead of Lilja in quality control, as many claims are almost the same about them AS Lilja. Bartlein doesn't even offer any drop-in AR barrels currently due to the backlog. Black Hole Weaponry is 6mo. - a year, give or take, backlogged. I'm thinking Krieger will be my choice, and I'll just have to suck it up and wait like the rest. However.... If I want a bolt matched to the barrel, which I would, I have to source a JP Enterprise bolt. I'll likely also use a JP Enterprise full mass carrier, if I can find either one. Last night, I ordered 10 more D&H Steel magazines from PSA. I 'might' attempt to make a new front sight blade from a Lage Manufacturing low-profile front sight that looks like this, as the PRI "SPR" top-rail would make an oddball front sight height at ~.950": I plan to rob the SWFA SS HD 5-20x50 FFP optic from my M1A to use on this rifle: I'm hoping to seat it into a Spuhr 30mm QD mount (need to take a few measurements before committing to an order): The SiCo Omega .300 suppressor will also be stolen from the M1A to be used on this rifle, and will be wrapped with a Cole-Tac HTP suppressor wrap. I'm not *entirely* sold on the bipod. There's two things I'm not a fan of with it. The first, I can live with. That, being the fact it's not exactly a quick-deploying bipod. The second, however, is more of a design flaw in my mind. The springs used to retain the legs in their notches are entirely too weak, and allow for the bipod to extend very easily if accidentally touched. So, I may look into what it'd take to open up the spring pockets in order to install wider, stiffer springs, or I may end up with an Atlas 5H. I'm also not entirely sold on the wood grip. Rather, I should say, I'm not entirely sold on 'this' particular wood grip. There is another wood grip that I was very much so looking to acquire, but once I found the company that produces it and E-mailed them to inquire about their out-of-stock status, I was unfortunately told that they had no plans to manufacture anymore unless a large number of people were interested. It was this: So, being a tinkerer of firearms and firearm accessories, I decided to order another grip from Blackwoodtrading.com, and may try my hand at trying to 'somewhat' replicate the look/pattern of the above, with this being the new one: So on, and so forth... As the title hints towards, I truly wish I'd have begun this project a few years back, as it is a royal puta to attempt to source certain parts nowadays. Thanks for checking out the progress, and hopefully I'll be able to add to it in the near future!
  11. The light primer strikes could potentially be that the hammer spring is installed backwards. The 3 round burst? What were the circumstances surrounding that? For example, does it have any aftermarket trigger/non-Milspec type of trigger with a light trigger pull weight? Were you perhaps seated at a bench and gently squeezing shots off, or was it a very deliberate action of squeezing the trigger and no chance of it having been essentially "bumpfired"? My RRA LAR-15 has a two stage trigger, that you have to be very careful not to be "too gentle" with, otherwise it will almost assuredly toss multiple rounds downrange.
  12. Are you specifically searching for a scope, as in a magnified optic? Or are you saying you're in the market for an optic in general, no particular type, whether magnified or un-magnified, and are looking for suggestions?
  13. What is it you're looking to do with it? That's a good place to begin.
  14. I truly wish I had the answers.. I just don't see enough care from this generation. They get their welfare. They get their Obama phones. They get their stimulus money. They just do not care. And honestly? Why should they, when they've been told time and again to vote, and "this election, or that elected official will change everything for the better", "these elected officials are going to finally be tried for their crimes, and put behind bars..", and none of it has gone anywhere. It is my belief that the republicans and democrats are both, largely, in bed together. The ones who aren't are still there to make money oftentimes, and end up being obviously bought out. I've made several small-stake bets with people in the past ($10 here and there, with my payout being $20 if they were 'right'), when I've been told time and again, "Hillary is going to go to jail!", or "Trump is still president! Just you wait and see!", or "There's going to be a coup to remove Biden from office!", etc., etc., etc. Haven't lost a single bet yet, because it's clear to me that no matter who you vote for, a politician at the end of the day is a politician. The only ways I see to fix our country would be to take it by force, which would require every bit of manpower possible, and a serious lighting of fire under people's asses to storm D.C., remove our tyrannical overlords (who should be arrested and tried for treason, then bring back public hangings in order to re-instill the fear into those who hold office, so they will not follow suit), or by somehow finding a way to garner enough support for a 3rd party candidate in the future. One who is a TRUE patriot, through and through. One who is not bought out. One who is not willing to budge on tough issues. One who *loves* America. One who is looking to do away with the bullshat laws we live by. On and on... But, until that time? We're circling the drain.
  15. I keep trying to explain to people that I cannot see the police storming anybody's homes to confiscate guns. The way the democrats/liberals have *ALWAYS* pushed their agenda is by playing the long game. They're well aware of what they are doing, which is getting their foot in the door to make it easier for them in future years. I wholeheartedly believe that, what they are counting on, is adding so-called "assault weapons" to the NFA registry, requiring folks like you and me to register them with the ATF. 10 years from now, Joe-Bob from across the street is transporting a supposed "unregistered assault weapon" when he is pulled over for a broken taillight. Suddenly, he becomes a felon for being in possession of illegal firearms, and can never own another firearm a day in his life. His neighbors, family, friends, acquaintances, etc. hear of Joe-Bob's misfortune, and began to panic because they "have family's to provide for", causing them to turn in the "illegal firearms" *they* have been keeping hidden in their homes, because they simply cannot have that happen to them. Same result when Billy-John is out in the middle of nowhere shooting 'his' unregistered, scary "assault rifle", which a not-so-distant neighbor picks up on, and calls the police. Police make contact, Billy-John and his friends all go to jail for possession of evil STANAG mags and "salt rifles". Friends and loved ones panic at the severe penalties slapped onto their beloved Billy-John, because they just CANNOT have that happen to *them*... This, of course, does not include those who blindly follow the government and willfully surrender their property to be a "responsible citizen". Etc., etc. I see no door-kicking being necessary for them to get their way. Why would they need to when previous generations allowed them to essentially ban everything title II (NFA) related without the permission of Uncle Sam? The vast majority of people who own anything title II are responsible citizens, because we fear the consequences otherwise. But, the point is, our fathers and grandfathers did not make a stand against the government back in 1934 as the regulations did not pertain to 'them' and their bolt-action "hunting rifles". The true patriots of America do NOT stand against tyranny anymore in numbers which cannot be ignored. That has been the case for a very long time. And now? Everybody is too busy either working like a good tax-paying worker-ant, too busy on their phones, and too content in their air-conditioned homes to gather by the millions and converging in certain areas which would make a difference. The spine of America is dead.
  16. I once purchased a firearm because somebody had gifted me a magazine for that model firearm..I think perhaps FW has some justification in this case.
  17. Looks to me like nothing more than another upper receiver missing its lower counter-part, wishing to be a standalone rifle rather than having to continue sharing its partner to another, while it's being forced to sit on on the sidelines, watching it go down.
  18. I appreciate the response, man. I found out the answer I was looking for. Basically, there are three types of DPMS pattern uppers. There is a low rail, that measures the aforementioned .125", there is the high rail that measures .1875", and there is the "slick side", which is a very tall rail (unsure of the measurement) and does not match up to any railed handguard, save for maybe one so I've heard. Now, to make matters even worst, DPMS decided awhile back to *change* the height of their 'high' rail, and it measures somewhere in the vicinity of what you and I seem to be getting (even though mine is ~.010" thicker), and for WHATEVER God awful reason, many manufacturers have supposedly stuck with the old measurement when they produce their own DPMS pattern LR-308's with the 'high' rail. At least, I'm fairly certain it was the high rail that DPMS changed, and not the low. It's possible the inverse is true. I have an awful memory. But, that's what I understand the reasoning to be. I ended up going with something a little bit different and (I think) a lot nicer, keeping the LFA upper and lower for another time. I began to notice that the upper had some finish issues that I didn't care for, and felt that the cost to Cerakote it would be way more than what the upper and lower are worth anyways.
  19. Recently, I was browsing Gunbroker and came across a blemished (but fully functional) stripped billet receiver set for an LR-308, manufactured by Live Free Armory, which uses DPMS pattern accessories. Here is an example of one such set from their own website: I'm looking to move forward buying tools and bits 'n pieces to assemble. However, last night while looking at railed handguards, I knew that since the .308 pattern AR's do not have a milspec, you're looking at various patterns. Meaning, the upper receivers on the .308 DPMS (gen 1) patterns, for example, have a high, low, and slickside (essentially extra high) picatinny rails. This here is what I mean: Now, converted to decimal, you're looking at .125" for the low profile, and .1875" for the high profile according to the sources above. The issue "*I*" am having, though, is this: It seems like it's falling between the two to me. Definitely thicker than the 1/8th" and missing about ~.020" to hit the high profile's .1875".. Soooo, I'm not entirely sure which direction to go with it.
  20. Could not agree more, as it is my favorite caliber. However, I am having a bit of a dilemma. I am going to assemble (to the best of my ability) an AR-10 platform, which I will do everything I know to do to enhance the accuracy potential of, and rob the SWFA SS HD 5-20x50 FFP from my M1A "Loaded" model, so as to take up the role as my 'designated marksman rifle', and relieving the M1A of the role. The question, however, is do I stick with .308/7,62NATO, or opt for even greater range potential/accuracy with 6.5 Creedmoor, at the cost of pricier ammunition & scarcity? Mind you, I've currently got the M1A and a PTR-91 GI R. Both chambered in .308/7,62. Decisions, decisions...
  21. Honestly, a good crown job should be done on a lathe, with a competent machinist behind the wheel. The crown is the very least area that has an effect on your projectile, and if not uniform, can affect the stability. I'd maybe look into trying to find gun shops nationwide that offer such a service, find one that has awesome reviews, then contact them. For example, if you can get mark novak to do it, you know it'll get done and done right, but it would take time, and I assure you you'll be paying a pretty penny.
  22. Actually, that reminds me.. I did also purchase a Remington 700 SPS-V in .308Win. from Bass Pro, before I went to the gun store and held that M9, because Bass Pro had some sort of rebate offered for those model rifles at the time. They didn't have the caliber I wanted in-stock, so they ordered it to their store, had me fill out the 4473, then I came back to pick it up at a later date. Afterwards, they called me, had me come back down there, simply to write "Rd.", rather than "Road" on my address, then initial & date the change I made, simply because that's how it was written on my license.
  23. My first handgun purchase, I foolishly (in hindsight) chose to go to Bass Pro, and was between two choices: a Glock 17, and a Beretta M9. I remember having to take a ticket, then wait for my number to be called before any of the staff could even get to me. So, the man behind the counter is pulling each firearm, one at a time (also their store policy), from behind the glass, and handing them to me to feel. I didn't know much at all about firearms back then, and perhaps some would say I made the 'right choice', but due to their policy of never removing the trigger locks, I never was able to test the SA/DA trigger of the M9, and, until that point in my life, had also never handled a handgun of any type before. So, I chose the Glock 17, just because, like everybody else in the world, knew the name, more so than the Beretta. About a year later, I'm in a gun store with a buddy, and I'm handed a Beretta M9 without the trigger lock. Instantly fell in love with the feel of it, then made it my mission to get the M9. Now, some love it, some hate it. Personally, I've learned quite a bit since those years, and the M9 isn't 'all that' to me anymore. But, that isn't the point of this story. The point I'm making? I would've walked out of Bass Pro with that M9 if it weren't for their store policies. Don't waste your time with big box stores. Nowadays, I just choose to go to a local favorite FFL. Sometimes I'll browse their wares and might splurge on something they have on-hand. In fact, that's how I came to be in possession of my Barrett M95, as it has always been a dream gun of mine. However, the VAST majority now comes from Gunbroker. I suck it up, and just realize that I might be paying more, but I'm able to find just about anything I am looking for, and I don't have to deal with the BS of a big box store. About the only other avenue I may use to obtain something is, here and there, I'll walk into a pawn shop to see if they have anything of interest.
  24. It is very similar to the 92/m9 in its factory state. I can't say for certain due to not having a trigger weight gauge, but I think a lot of it has to do with the SP-01 having a very curved trigger bow, and the reach being so far. The way the above handgun is now set up? If I had to guesstimate? I would say that the single action breaks around 3 to 3.5lb now, and the double action is maybe around 5 to 5.5lb. The double action breaks sooner than before, with the trigger now having the aforementioned 5mm or so of pre-travel eliminated through the use of a set screw, semi-permanently affixed by red loctite, and then an over travel screw adjusted to have a hair a wiggle room after the break for reliability, and it is affixed using blue loctite. When in single action, it's a short pull before you hit a wall, and then just like pressing a button, the hammer falls. I'm certain the same can be done to an m9/92, though, given enough time and money. But, this SP-01 really seems to work for me, even fresh out of the box, whereas my previous M9, and current M9A3 just never seemed able. But, I do chalk it up to me just needing more time behind handguns. It has to be, right? At the same time, though, why am I *able* to make the one work for me so well, and the other I kinda struggle with?
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