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  1. olfart

    Time to kick some butt

    A 'possum will decapitate a chicken and drag the guts out. 'Possums can also be fierce fighters, especially if cornered.
  2. I hate funerals and visitations, so I'm planning to be late to my own funeral.
  3. olfart

    What do/did you call it....

    Our old GE refrigerator (that we called an ice box) had the compressor on top. Looked like a white wash tub on top of the box. The freezer was at the top center and was just big enough for a couple of ice trays and maybe a pint of ice cream. To get a quart of ice cream in it, we had to remove the ice trays. Yep, I remember my mama defrosting it with pans of hot water. I also remember the old screen wire fly swatter with the wire handle that she used to keep on top of that refrigerator for use on flies or ME, depending on which needed it at the time.
  4. olfart

    What do/did you call it....

    Because I grew up in the last of the true "ice boxes" era, we called our old GE refrigerator an ice box. I used to ride on the wooden bed of the ice truck as it made deliveries on our street while eating chips of ice left from the chipping of the blocks. Now it's a refrigerator, and we also have a freezer.
  5. olfart

    What I feel like this morning....

    My work weeks ended 11 years ago, so now my wakeup time is when my eyes pop open. They just weren't ready to be popped open that early.
  6. olfart

    What I feel like this morning....

    Me too. Awakened at 0500 by our dog barking. Didn't see/hear anything, so tried to go back to sleep. 0615, sustained barking. Got up and let the dog out, and he went ape. Neighbor's dogs (4 Labs) were chasing our cats and turned their attention to the dog when I let him out. They likely would have killed him if they had been able to get into the back yard. Red Ryder to the rescue! Several BBs later they were on the run toward home. I left a nastygram on the neighbor's voicemail.
  7. olfart

    My Daughter's latest drawing.

    She has mastered the appearance of a photograph with her selective focus. Beautiful work indeed!
  8. olfart

    Two words you never want to hear as a man.

    So of the 3 aliens sitting on the bench, you chose the pink one? That IS cute!
  9. olfart

    Two words you never want to hear as a man.

    It may be cute. Without pics, it's hard to say.
  10. olfart

    Which Caliber Is Best For Concealed Carry?

    A .22 LR in the eye is still better than a .454 miss.
  11. olfart

    Where Was I? / Grubs

    That looks more like hog damage. Or maybe your 'dillos are more aggressive than mine.
  12. olfart

    Seek Thermal Compact Imager

    With the onset of cooler weather, I've been playing with my little thermal imager. https://www.thermal.com/compact-series.html Here are my footprints on the vinyl kitchen floor. The second is the first fire of the season in our stove. Third is a sink of dishwater. Fourth is a cat on the back porch.
  13. olfart

    Anybody have a flashlight that uses this battery?

    I'd suggest buying batteries with the built-in protection circuit that prevents over charge and over discharge. The button on the positive end is what makes them longer than the two CR123s. Many flashlights can use the two CR123s OR one 18650 despite the difference in voltage. I have one that I was using with two CR123s, and I switched to one 18650 just to see if there was a decrease in light output with the 3.7v. The light is actually brighter with the 18650 than it was with the two CR123s.
  14. olfart

    Yea, it's Monday.

    It's the first Monday THIS week.
  15. olfart

    What's for dinner? Ice Cream?

    Suprep washed down with Mountain Dew. Got a date with a colonoscopy tomorrow. I'd rather have ice cream.