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  1. olfart

    So far so good in RIC...but...

    I've long said that we do NOT want to stampede the sheep. If we frighten them and they stampede, they will do something that is detrimental to our wellbeing.
  2. olfart

    Is it just me?

    My case lube still looks like an orange spray can.
  3. olfart

    New Old Guy

    Welcome to your new home!
  4. olfart

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    Been there, done that, burned the tee shirt. Mine was a hole rusted through the foot valve. Luckily mine was plumbed with the black ABS pipe originally, so it was not a massive project to pull the pump. Of course my well is also a shallow well (60'), which helped a lot, too. Good luck with yours!
  5. After seeking Nike kowtowing to Kaepernick, the American people need to cut their ties with Nike.
  6. olfart

    What's in a name? AR, for example.

    Welcome to your new home! Agreed, the dim Dems misconstrue everything they can into something evil-sounding.
  7. olfart

    My New Years day message.... Moving sucks.

    My wife says if we ever have to move again, she's piling it all in the front yard and burning it, then starting from scratch at the new place. We've been here 40 years, so not much danger of that.
  8. olfart

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    If you're talking military airplanes, I'll agree. I've been flying civilian light aircraft for over 60 years, and I've not had one put me afoot yet. If the wings are still on it and it's not on fire, I'll land it and walk away.
  9. olfart

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    Actually, it's LODEstar... https://www.airplanesofthepast.com/c60-lodestar.htm I flew skydivers in Cessna 180s in the late '60s. Anybody who'll jump out of a perfectly good airplane is nuts!
  10. olfart

    Sad Day Here

    I've dug too many of those holes, small and medium (goats). I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
  11. olfart

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    "Oh, Rochester..."
  12. olfart

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    I still have my Revere 8mm windup movie camera with two lenses mounted in the turret.
  13. olfart

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    I'm so old, I started flying back when most small airplanes didn't have starters or electrical systems. Instruments consisted of compass, altimeter, airspeed and gas gauge. On the better equipped planes, there was a turn/bank and a clock. I worked at the airport when I was 15 and refueled planes and started them by spinning the props. That was how I earned my flying time, since I wasn't being paid for working there. Soloed shortly after my 16th birthday in an Aeronca Champ. I could fly into Dallas Love Field without a radio. Just enter the pattern and watch the tower for a green light to land.
  14. olfart

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    And the penny tubes of peanuts my dad taught me to pour into the nickel Cokes! Good stuff!
  15. olfart

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    I remember buying gas for $.15 per gallon during a 'gas war' at Waco, TX when I was stationed at Ft. Hood. I remember listening to Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny, The Shadow, and the Lone Ranger on the radio. I watched Howdy Doody on our black & white TV and found it funny (part of the time).