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  1. That which one generation tolerates, the next embraces. That which one generation embraces, the next considers an inalienable right. That which one generation considers an inalienable right, the next makes a religion. I believe we've reached that 4th generation, and these idiots worship the idea of killing unborn children. Abortion has become their god.
  2. Highest point in my county is a little over 600'. That qualifies as a 'mountain' around here where most of the terrain is around 300'.
  3. In small town Texas, the city council would be hanged on the public square if they raised taxes enough to pay police what the citizens would consider 'exorbitant' salaries. It's a fact of life in small towns. Not to mention that even higher-than-average pay will not keep incompetence out of a police force.
  4. I've seen them all. Great series!
  5. Except that in this part of the world (up to recent inflation, at least) that was darn good pay. We have a somewhat lower cost of living in Texas than most of the US. When I retired 15 years ago I was topped out at $30,000 with 19 years of service, and that was good pay then.
  6. My use of "cheaper" in this case referred to price, not necessarily quality.
  7. Maybe because it was cheaper to toss the clones than to fix them?
  8. Reparations in the form of a one way bus ticket to Africa?
  9. I wouldn't want to be in a photo with her if they paid me. I'd almost pay to NOT be in a photo with her.
  10. The 19 has been a fan favorite since its birth. Coming from the Performance Center, you can be assured it will be slick as glass out of the box. The adjustable rear sight is nice, too, if you ever need to shoot farther than arm's length. I carried a Smith for 30 years (not a 19) and never had a moment''s doubt about it. Yes, I was a wheel gun dinosaur.
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