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  1. Unfortunately, the Quietbore 9mm units are out of stock. Any other suggestions?
  2. Built or bought, every suppressor has to have the $200 stamp. The Form 1 route is alleged to be a little quicker than any other form of application, from what I've read. As I misunderstand things, the suppressor is a stand-alone item, not tied to any specific firearm. Therefore it could be used on any firearm it would fit.
  3. I've been mulling the idea of building a suppressor using BATFE's Form 1 process. The form asks typical questions for a firearm (yeah, I know... they classify suppressors as firearms) but as yet I don't know enough about what I need to answer the questions. What I'd like to do is to build a 9mm suppressor that I could use on my Polymer 80 Glock build and my AR9. I'm sure that would involve two different sized barrel adapters, one 1/2" X 28, the other 5/8" X 24. Yes, both barrels are threaded. What I don't know is what length/diameter suppressor would meet my needs. Would one of the "solvent trap" kits be adequate, or do I need to go to a genuine suppressor dealer and buy a kit there? Mainly I'd like to be able to grab a gun and step outside to shoot a 'possum without having to hunt down my earmuffs. It would also be nice if someone has the time to walk me through the Form 1. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. Late to the party, as usual, but I've been using a tankless water heater (propane) for over 10 years now, and it has cut my propane use in half compared to the old propane tank heater. The ONLY disadvantage of tankless propane is that it still requires electricity for the control panel and ignitor, but I fixed that with 3 solar panels and 3 AGM 12 batteries with an 800 watt inverter. I run the heater off that system all the time so I don't have to go out and switch anything over if (when) the power goes out.
  5. Well, if you insist that a shotgun is the only thing to bring to a riot, then yes, I'm covered there, too. Or my wife is. She has the High Standard pump she was awarded as Rookie of the Year at Dallas County Sheriff's Reserve in 1976, and it still serves just fine.
  6. Shortly after Ginsburg died, Hillary called Trump and said, "I want to take her place." Trump replied, "That's OK with me, but I'll have to check with the funeral home."
  7. Yep, I have a riot gun. It's whatever I have on me when I encounter a riot.
  8. We had a couple of "crazy" women here that I dealt with too many times. The last time I arrested one of them, we took her to the local clinic the following morning for her evaluation strapped to a wheelchair with a towel wrapped around her head so she could not spit or bite. In the exam room, the doctor insisted the handcuffs be removed despite my objections. We removed the towel and the handcuffs but left the leg restraints on. He stood in front of her, leaned over and smiled at her, asking how she felt. She brought her feet up between his legs and lifted him off the floor. He hit the ground in the fetal position, and we tried hard not to laugh as we got her back under control. In court the next day, the doctor testified that she was not crazy, but mean as a two-headed snake. She ended up being tried and convicted of assault with bodily injury and went to the pen for 5 years. She served the whole sentence, and when she was released we never heard another word out of her.
  9. However, too many Rs in the Senate now hate Trump almost as much as the Ds in the Senate. I don't see it happening before January (hoping I'm wrong all the while).
  10. If you'll recall, Obama was prevented from appointing Scalia's replacement because the election was upcoming. Don't look for any action on this replacement before January.
  11. Happy birthday, Armory, with many happy returns!
  12. Sorry for your loss. Been there, done that too many times myself. We had a Blue Heeler/Husky cross that wandered up to the place and said she was going to live here in 2005. She was a beautiful blue with some white spots and had ice blue eyes. She truly was a perfect dog.
  13. The stadium was limited to about 16,800 socially-distanced seats for its 76,000 capacity, and yesterday I heard that the tickets were selling on alternate sites for less than face value. In other words, nobody was buying them, even at the reduced price. If they go broke it's nobody's fault but their own.
  14. olfart

    Airplane !

    The Panthera is sleek and sexy, but it'll never fly. The wings are in the wrong place. Did you ever see a bird with its wings on the bottom?
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