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  1. FANTASTIC show for pilots! Like a kid in a 4 square mile candy shop.
  2. By all means go before you get too old to enjoy it! It involves a TON of walking, and my last visit in 2009 I was worn out by 10:00 AM every day.
  3. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Good sweaty morning from NE Texas!
  4. olfart

    Still sucking air

    Welcome home! Good to have you back.
  5. olfart

    Can you believe that?!!

    Congratulations to you, condolences to her! We expect to hit the big 50 in April.
  6. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Uh, thanks! I didn't know I'd been gone. Two posts yesterday, one the day before, and a few scattered here, there and yon. But then I tend to disappear in crowds and such anyway.
  7. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Good morning, all, from NE Texas!
  8. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Good sweaty mornin' from NE Texas! (89 degrees at 0700)
  9. olfart

    Things Haven't Always Been This Way

    Up until 1989 in Dallas, high schools had Jr. ROTC and a 50' range in the basement for the rifle team to train. When I was in high school, all ROTC cadets qualified with .22 rifles in the basement range. We also had numerous racks of M-1 Garands that we used for training, and we marched with them and/or cleaned them daily. I could disassemble and reassemble one blindfolded in under a minute. We also had a BAR and a Ma Deuce that were dragged out to make us familiar with them. (Never got to fire them, though.)
  10. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Mornin', y'all, from NE Texas!
  11. olfart

    Weird WX

    We're in the path of Barry's northernmost rain bands and have had intermittent showers all afternoon. As I went out to milk, the sun was shining brightly, and a big white cloud was just east of us. When I finished milking, the west half of the back yard was in bright sun, and it was raining. The east half of the yard was cloudy and NOT raining. No, our yard is not all that big, but the rain/dry line was right across the middle of it.
  12. Finished unloading/stacking the trailer load of firewood, loaded an old 250 gallon propane tank on the empty trailer, built a set of stairs to nowhere for the goat kids to play on, tried to mow the yard before the rain got here, but got rained out. Next will be milking/feeding goats, and I'm done for the day.
  13. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Mornin' from NE Texas!
  14. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Good sweaty mornin' from NE Texas! Wife and I are unloading/stacking firewood this morning (hoping we get a cold winter for a change).
  15. olfart

    Good Morning!

    Mornin', y'all, from NE Texas!