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  1. Yep, I was around then. Worked security for President Ford's campaign visit to Dallas SMU. He was a decent guy.
  2. Not on Fridays, but in this area fried catfish is so popular we have at least one fish fry a month as a fundraiser for one organization or another. Volunteer fire departments are most common hosts. The local VFW post hosts a fish fry the first Saturday of every month, again as a fundraiser.
  3. No such luck. I saw it again last night.
  4. I can't help wondering how much longer we'll be subjected to that stupid commercial with the singing hood ornament on the car being driven by a black guy. Somebody is bound to figure out that it's racist (because everything else is, right?) for a hood ornament modeled after a white female to sing "You got the brawn, I got the brains". There may yet be something good to come out of the 'everything's racist' movement if it gets that commercial eliminated.
  5. If I were to design a meme about teaching American history, I think maybe I wouldn't put British Spitfires as the prominent element in the image.
  6. Put a good laser on the AR, and she can shoot accurately from the hip without hurting her shoulder.
  7. I recommend using that technique with a fish cooker burner on the patio. If you put all that greasy smoke in the kitchen, you'll be in the doghouse big time.
  8. I drown it out at night with a noise machine that has selectable sounds that play while I'm asleep. I use the ocean wave sounds, and that helps me get to sleep. Daytime, I just live with it.
  9. Bacon is the only correct answer, but the government answer would probably be that the floor would be wet on alternate Thursdays until such time as the roof collapses.
  10. And everything that air touches.
  11. It'll be here shortly after the snow melts, I'm sure. The powder snow being blown out of the trees looked like pollen exploding from the trees as the wind shook it loose.
  12. The freezing rain/sleet we were expecting to get today didn't materialize, but we did get 10" of new powder snow on top of the 9" we got Monday. That's the most snow I've ever seen in Texas, the previous record being 12" in 1983. We're blessed not to get the freezing rain. Our electricity hasn't even flickered the whole time, and I haven't heard trees breaking as I did in 1983 and 2001.
  13. Our cats are pissed at being locked up in the garage with a heat lamp. They get cabin fever. But if we let them out, they meow at the door and make nuisances of themselves wanting in the house. They'd also like to be out catching all the birds on and under the feeders.
  14. I've bought gas for $ .15 a gallon during 'gas wars'. My grandfather had a drug store with soda fountain, where I learned some of the 'soda jerk' terms. A black cow was a Coca Cola float. A brown cow was a rootbeer float.
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