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  1. olfart

    muslim student sets fire to Missouri dormitory

    The story as presented on the website was extremely misleading. The photos at the top of the page show a building being destroyed by fire along with a mug shot of the suspect. The body of the story, near the bottom, says she set fire to a chair and some books, toilet paper and sanitary napkins in the restroom. No structural damage to the building was reported. The caption under the photos also reports the incident as occurring in St. Louis, but the body of the story says it was in St. Paul, MN. I'm thinking stories from newspunch.com should be taken with a pound of salt. That being said, I agree she needs to be punished to the maximum extent she can be. It would be nice if they'd deport her and her family. Unfortunately, we all know that ain't gonna happen.
  2. Better glide ratio than a Cessna 150.
  3. olfart

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    Not what I said at all. No semi-sane person wants civil war. I said I think it's likely, and I base that on the growing discontent of the left and the right. The left is teetering on the brink of going full retard, but they haven't yet. When they do, you (and everybody else) will know it.
  4. olfart

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    When Obama was in office, the left was in hog heaven and happy to be in power. Now that Trump is in power, they're sorely pissed and pushing hard for the socialist dream state they thought was in their grasp. If Trump wins in 2020, the left will go absolutely berserk (they're close now), and violence on their part most certainly will beget more of it on our part.
  5. olfart

    Another hate crime hoax

    This is what happens when someone has Munchausen Syndrome and Trump Derangement Syndrome at the same time.
  6. olfart

    Daughter, college, gun question

    The hollow book idea might work at home where no one else has access to snoop, but in a dorm there are too many others with access to the room. Either on her person or in a secure safe in her vehicle would be much better.
  7. olfart

    As if I needed more reasons to carry a gun!

    Crime stats are manipulated by governments of cities/states to make them look better. Some police departments alter the stats by "decriminalizing" minor infractions. Heck, even here in Texas many years ago, our governor convinced the legislature to raise the dollar amount that constitutes felony crimes from $750 to $20,000. Then she added a new category called "State Jail Felony" that really was an enhanced misdemeanor, and that kicked in at $1,500. That made her administration look better, because the number of "felonies" dropped dramatically.
  8. olfart

    .38 Special... not that special

    A carbide sizer is not prohibitively expensive and it's less prone to scratching. If that IS a carbide sizer, have you tried cleaning it?
  9. olfart

    Texas Roll Call...Sound Off

    Better never than late, but here I are in the Ark-La-Tex corner.
  10. olfart

    Possible gathering

    If you have neighbors you don't want to disturb with shooting, you ain't sequestered. Our nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away, and our shooting doesn't bother them, and vice-versa.
  11. olfart

    Yea, It's Monday.

  12. olfart

    Doorbell licker

    He's probably really a window licker, but the windows all had screens on them.
  13. olfart

    Do you have black friends?

    One of my black friends introduced me to the Rush Limbaugh radio program back in the 90s. He was an avid listener. His mother, however, refused to vote for me because I ran for sheriff on the Republican ticket. Of my black friends at church, I don't know their political leanings, as we don't discuss that sort of thing at church. When my mother found out I voted for Reagan, her response was, "How COULD you do that?!" . My dad was a railroad union man, and she couldn't understand how I turned into a Republican.
  14. olfart

    Senior Citizenitis strikes again

    That's why I keep a Horrible Fright volt/ohm meter handy. With its Battery Check function, it tells me good from bad immediately.
  15. olfart

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    1. If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? 2. Learn from other people's mistakes; you don't have time to make them all yourself. 3. Growing old ain't for sissies! 4. The cure of crime is not in the electric chair, but in the high chair. However, the electric chair works wonders on recidivism.