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  1. can anybody point me in the right direction towards a replacement rail system and gas block? i probably wouldn't mind if it still stays "free float" but it would be nice to mount the front sight to the gas block
  2. Do you guys know of a drop in gas block that i can mount these rails to?
  3. everything on the gun is great except for the front end of it. really want to make it a bit more durable and stronger. like i said, il scared to put to much weigh on the rails out of fear they will break off. pretty disappointing for a 2k plus rifle....
  4. My rifle has the rails that mount to the upper via 3 screws and the two mini allen screws on top, the rails do not mount to the gas block or anywhere else. my issue is that every time i fire the rifle, the rails come loose and bounce around on the gun. i have tried using a tiny bit of lok-tite on the 3 screws and still the same issue. One other issue this causes is that the rails don't sit strait on over the barrel and sights need serious right adjustment is there a gas block i can buy and use that will allow me to mount the rails on the front end too? the biggest issue is that the front sight is on the rails and its rather disappointing that i paid a hefty price for this rifle brand new about 2 months ago and i have this issue. im deathly afraid of using a by pod out of fear that it will rip the hand rails off. basically i want to know if there is a different gas block that i can use that will securely mount the current rails to it with out the need to replace them.
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