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  1. Very nice! Velkom to ze dark sede! Im an AK addict. I cant stop buying them.
  2. I know this is a little late but in case you're still looking... A buddy of my reloads for his Dragunov (the real one) using Brittish 303 bullets. I think those are something like .312
  3. For the money I'd stick with plain old proven surplus steel mags. A guy on the Saiga forum did a torture test comparing the surplus and the US Palm about 2 years back. Throwing them, doing push ups off of them, loading them with ammo, burring in dirt and then taking them out and shooting. The Palm failed miserably. The surplus mag just chugged along. The second version/redesign of their mag was suposed to be stronger. Some reports from users on the M4carbine forum "I bought some of the First Version US Palm's when they claimed to be molecularly sealed, turns out they glued two to three spots around the base" "I actually had the bottoms pop off 2 of mine simply from having them stored loaded in my go-to bag" <---this one seemed to be a fluke
  4. "The Best" is very subjective. What constitutes as best? Personally I think the best AKs were the pre ban Chinese. These were 100% military AKs but without the 3 pin and in fact some actually had the 3rd pin when they were imported. Part of the reason why they were all banned. Norinco's and Poly's have thicker barrels, thicker recievers, very clean and smooth triggers, and, for their time, an excelent finish. After that in close second Hungarian. But again I'm talking pre ban not the Century AMDs
  5. Century DOES NOT produce the WASR. They only import them, open up the mag well and ad some 922r parts. Overall WASRs are not bad. Because they open up the mag well with basically a dremel there will be some mag wobble. 99% of the time its only cosmetic and does not effect function. If it does send it back on warranty. You already know to check for the canted stuff so I dont have to explain that. The PAP is ok but they too come in as a single stack and are opened up here so you might experience the same mag wobble. Dont count on the top cover rail to hold zero. The top cover was never meant to do that and is there to keep dirt out. In Fact, if you get the PAP, buy a regular top cover and just use that. It will be easier to acquire the sight. Arsenals are very good rifles. Some come in as Saigas and are then converted by Arsenal while others come in half assembled, different set up (whatever the case may be they are not Saigas) and then are done up with enough 922r parts. But even Arsenals are prone to problems. Dont forget the "AK reliability" only exists when PEOPLE build it right. It doesnt just magically happen. (some people assume that if its an AK it must be uber reliable. Until they have a problem then all of a sudden the AK bashing begins) I would not worry much about the chrome lining unless you plan on shooting thousands upon thousands of rounds of surplus ammo and never cleaning the rifle. However it is a plus especially when the rifle that has it is cheaper then the one that doesnt. If you're looking at resale value Arsenal is tops. WASR will get you much less then what you paid for it (unless its an election year). Do you really need a bayo lug? Are you going to mount a bayonet on it and shoot? I mean if you're a collector and want all your AKs to look 100% correct down to the smallest detail then ok but past that I dont see the point. I have both types of AKs. Ones with the lug and ones without. Im not a collector so I go for the overall look. My AKs that have the bayo lug have never seen a bayonet. If you're looking for a blaster that you wont be afraid to scratch, drop, not clean....I'd go with the WASR.
  6. From what Ive read about them is that in the last few years they've outsourced a lot of work to other companies who are using lesser quality steel. Lots of small parts breakage
  7. If you want a 100% Combloc AK you have to look to preban. Otherwise Most AKs WASR or not, are going to be about the same. The worst thing on the WASRs are their finish and the fact that the mag well is opened up by what looked to be a dremel. This causes slight mag wobble but 9/10 it doesnt effect function. As for canted sights and gas blocks most companies put out a few like that anyways. As long as you can still sight in the rifle and it functions problem free you're alright. My Arsenal Bulgarian SBR has canted front sights. For US made parts. The AK has 16 parts that can be replaced with US parts so that it may be set up as an AK and not a "sporter/hunting" rifle. You need 10 or less foreign parts. Heres a checklist. http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildAkVerifyCompliance Most people what to keep the original barrels and use combloc mags. So the most common US parts are.. -The Reciever 1 -Piston 1 -Hand guards 1 -Pistol Grip 1 -Butt stock 1 -FCG (hammer, disconnector, trigger) 3 That right there puts you at 8 foreign parts, more then enough to be completely compliant and use combloc mags. Also none of it requires special alterations (unless thats what youre looking for) just m=basic plug n play parts. As for hitting broad side of barn, well ammo plays a roll in that too but Im sure I dont have to tell you that. The front post sight on the AK is a man at a 100 yards. Here's kinda how they work. When the AK was invented battles were still fought by large numbers of soldiers running across the battlefield towards their adversary (but unlike ww1 there was more covering and tactics). With the slant brake on the muzzle, the font sight, and the large numbers of enemy soldiers running relatively close to one another a burst of full auto from an AK at up to a 100 yards should drop several enemy combatants at one time (say 3-5 combatants). Actually the Germans invented this type of sight first. We dont have FA AKs but in semi auto, with good ammo or ammo your AK likes you should be getting anywhere between 2-3moa. Not much different then the Legacy battle rifles (Fal G3, Centme, MAS49/56)
  8. Originally in 1924 as the Belgians made them...yes. But after they were refurbished in the late 40's some had their bolt bent. Its not supper rare but not very common either. All numbers matching. Stack, bolt, receiver,....etc ...etc
  9. Another vote for the 357. You can shoot both 38 and 357 ammo out a 357 revolver so why limit yourself.
  10. If the overall condition is anything like the K98s in my LGS then $327 is about $300 too much. If these things could talk!!! Anyways nice find. I recently bought a yugo 24/47 with original bent bolt! Love how it shoots. A lot smoother then the Nagant. Check out Southern Ohio Guns (SOG) I bought a crate (900 rounds) of Yugo surplus 8mm for $175+ shipping. Came out just over $200
  11. Thats probably why you got those jams. I have one of those drums too, never used it. Bought it for the hell of it when some store a few years back had a sale. General rule of thumb is stick with mags from countries that actually fielded the AK.
  12. Sorry for the late reply but.... They are great shotguns as long as you dont expect it to feel like a $3000 shotgun. People trick them out, then go buy cheap low brass bird shot and often complain that the shotgun is a POS that wont cycle properly. They are built as combat shotguns! And are used in combat! That low brass bird shot has a lot of metal and spring tension to push back to cycle the nex round. There are ways to make it cycle low brass (like polishing the internals, opening up or adding gas ports) but it performs best with high brass. Also like all AKs there is no bolt hold open on the last round and sticking in a full mag on a closed bolt is sometimes difficult untill the mag wears in. I wouldn't say they are too expansive for what they are unless they are going for a G unconverted. Avg price is $600-$650. Thats not bad considering that a Chinese knockoff of a Mossberg pump are about $200. For close in defance I wouldnt take anything else. 10 round mags and 12/20 round drums.!
  13. Arik


    If you run into a Century one (we are talking ban era not new) they are typically Brit parts and upper on an Metric Imbel Brazil logo receiver. Both are a good thing and they generally run well but might need tweaking and/or converting since they came in during the ban and have a butthole stock and no flash hider. To convert you have to play the 922r game just like with AKs. I cant comment on the NEW Century FALs cince I never had one. Also there are two types. A metric and standard FAL. Metric were used by Austrians, Argentina, Germans, Belguim, Brazil, Portugal, Israel and a lot more Im sure Im forgetting. The standard was used by Britian, Canada, India, Australia and again Im probably forgetting a few. Generally speaking parts are not interchangable but can be made to. Like Century using a metric Brazilian lower and a British standard upper. There are also two types of mags. Standard and metric. I LOVE MY FAL!
  14. Arik


    Galil is the Israeli version on the Finnish AK. Maybe a better way of saying it is the Israelis looked at the Finn AK when designing their own. Golani "sporter" is a Century version made of parts kits and a US receiver. There was a problem with the early receivers and eventually Century did start to fix the issue. I forget what specific issue they had but the "fixed" ones should have an "F" on the bottom of the receiver somewhere behind the lower handguard. There was also issues with key holing. Some Golanis were missing or had the wrong bullet guide installed causing the bullet to slam into the bottom of the chamber as it was stripped from the mag. This would deform the bullet and cause accuracy issues. Also some barrels were out of spec. If you want to buy one and cant afford the real thing make sure the one you buy is the one where all the issues, if any, had been worked out or buy from a different builder. OR find a Norinco Hunter (It was a Saiga before there was a Saiga) and convert it. Then you will have a Galil looking AK in 7.62x39
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