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  1. Sweet pics. My iphone pics dont turn out too well either. I was chatting with Nwatson99 about mounts and he spoke very highly of the BoBro and for the low cost $140 I cant help but get it.
  2. Funny, I figured I would mark each knob with the acog mount but you are so right, the locking mount will be much better. Im a noob. I will get a mount soon but after dropping the money on the scope Im treading lightly with my cash flow and still have to keep dropping more on ammo and range time so just not trying to go back in the dog house. Thanks
  3. Looks like I will start with the crayon and maybe later attempt something more perm. I never would have thought crayon, awesome. Thanks!
  4. This winter here in Va has been like nothing Ive ever seen. 2 years ago we had 6' of snow, which is not the norm either but this warm winter is equally as odd. I predict massive tornadoes will rip thru the east like never before. Oh and mosquitos the size of small birds.
  5. I see you guys have some sweet painting of your logos and lettering on your lowers. Can you tell me how you did it? Id love to do mine and the only thing I could think of was using a magnifying glass and a small brush but think theres got to be a better/easier way...? Sorry if this has been beaten down but didnt get anything on my search. Thanks!
  6. It looks like theyre around a $100. What exactly do you mean by "wont cut it"? Thanks!
  7. New pics after adding the ACOG TA31F-G =)
  8. You know, that makes a lot of sense. We were emailing back and forth last night, just small talk but I made a comment that a friend of mine was on his way to Afghanastan, is a high level Marine and wasnt thrilled about being away from home for another year and all communication stopped. I only mentioned it as I know this kid is overseas as well and probably misses home but wonder if he got scared... Youre a smart feller Don.
  9. 2 hours before going to meet the grandpa, I got a call from grandpa saying the grandson didnt want to sell. I sent an email to the grandson and he said he didnt understand and would call him and get back to me and have not heard back hours later. I sent him another email saying I got the hint. So if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Guess Im gonna be paying about $900 for one but at least know it will be hassle free, just expensive. Thanks for your responses.
  10. Hi, I plan to buy the 4x32 TAO1 NSN ACOG in the pic below tomorrow for $600. The seller stated its 3 years old but has never been mounted on a rifle. Stated he has the box and paperwork. Ive spent hours looking into how to determine if they are real or fake due to all the fakes out there. Im pretty sure I can spot the fake easily now as Ive researched real ACOGs, fake ones and even airsoft Trijicon scopes. Yesterday I spent an hour with the same model. That said, I still would like any info anyone else may have on spotting a fake. I hope to scan it with my iphone 4s but had difficulty at the local tactical shop, never got it to scan but may have been a lighting issue as its dark inside their store but wanted to know how to spot should the code scanner not work out. The seller is in the military and out of the Country so Im meeting his grandfather tomorrow. Here's what Ive found, let me know if anyone thinks Im missing anything or am off... I believe this scope is legit. - The bible verse is on the commercial ones, the military stopped adding them about 2 years ago after making the news. I expect to see a verse on this one. - The serial # will be on the eye piece and right next to it on the main, up on the top. It will also be on the side under the barcode. - On the other side from the barcode, ACOG is raised and part of the housing not silk screened or a sticker. - The iron sites are normally not quite the same color as the scope. This scope is black and the irons are a greyish. - The lenses should be perfectly clear. - Covering the front of the scope should light up the tritium cross hair. This would be very difficult to fake and probably one of the best checks. I told the seller I would be checking it out very close and am knowledgable in spotting fakes to see if he would show any worry but he seems very confident. I think thats all Ive got... Thanks!
  11. Thanks, the Armalite was pretty stock until this weekend. I replaced the stock forearm with the drop in UTG quad rail which is tight as a drum and wanna say thanks to all the peeps here that told me the 2 pieces can be just as sturdy as the free float. It was so tight I had to tap in on with a hammer after getting it just under the gas block. Added the magpul mbus sights which were cheaper than the ones I wanted but have to say are nicer than I originally thought. Wanted the Troy trigicons but maybe later as this will probably end up as my sons first AR-15. Magpul ACS butt stock with a new tube. The safety spring jumped out (after reading to be careful lol), my buddy stepped on it so went back to the gun show yesterday and picked up a few extra springs and plungers. Also, had a hell of a time getting the staked nut off the butt stock, wow. Magpul vertical grip. Cheap NCStar scope and green laser, need a new scope badly but the ACOG will have to be a later purchase as I will be in the dog house for a lil while lol. The laser isnt bad, will probably keep it, I like the pressure switch. And picked up 420 rds of green tip 62 grain in the ammo box for $150.
  12. Here's a pic after adding a few goodies from this weekends gun show. Got myself in the dog house though but it was worth it.
  13. Don, Sorry to keep posting my noobness but here's a better look at the barrel. The guy I bought it from said he ordered it with the bull barrel from armalite. Hope this view offers a better look....? Edit: My buddy is saying he cant recall if its a bull or heavy barrel... Im looking into the size difference and see the b-Bar is 1" before the gas black and .936 from GB to flash, the h-bar is .75 before GB and .75 from GB to flash? I am confused about what size the new forearm should be. Seems theres a lot of sizes but the measurement for just the hand grip is slightly over 8" so not sure is that an actual 8" forearm needed or is this a standard for like a 7"? Seems 9 and 7" are the standards so kinda confused... Thanks!
  14. At this point im not sure about much. :/ Does this look like a forearm rail that would fit on withe the gas block? http://store.troyind.com/Troy_BattleRail_C...chr-cxbt-00.htm
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