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  1. I like BW but he's dead wrong on this one. How exactly are citizens supposed to fight "within the system" for 2A rights in states that are totally controlled by urban Socialist elitists? The only way to go is what they are doing in NM. A grass roots campaign telling their state's legislators "we will NOT comply!"
  2. Sorceress 21

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    You may have misunderstood or I wasn't clear enough. The very real presence of Soviet spies were in place to gather intelligence the USSR wanted to use to destroy America, not to convert us to a Communist nation as the socialists currently do. I've never prescribed to the view that their goal was subversion vs. annihilation. In my opinion there was a high level of paranoia among people in that era that Commies were everywhere and they wanted to take control of our nation that wasn't based in fact. In my view the subversion theory just wasn't true, they wanted us wiped off the map, not made to join the USSR. But I can see where my comparison wasn't a very good one.
  3. Sorceress 21

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    Ahhhhhh...now I understand the problem. Your brain is clogged up with cheap beer! Try something from the craft beer section....
  4. Sorceress 21

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    Nobody "wants" a civil conflict, what an odd thing to say. And you are ignoring the fact that what we are seeing politically from left is unprecedented in our history as a nation. You are giving them too much credit assuming that they will simply continue to play by the rules. I'll remind you that we have never seen actual Socialists not only run for Legislative branch seats but win them in considerable numbers and now we also have them running for POTUS. This is not the anti-commie craze of the 50s and 60s that came and went that was based on total paranoia. This is a very real all out leftist political revolution that may very well end up in bloodshed. Nothing of recent times has been "business as usual." We no longer have reliable new sources and the media at large has become more or less a propaganda machine for extreme socialist views and policy. The mentality that we are somehow immune to tyranny is frankly idiotic. The only real debatable issue here of any merit is the timing, within 10 or beyond is a very open ended discussion. Yet to dismiss any possibility that something drastic could occur not only within 10 years but even sooner is just living in denial the key word being "possibility". Likelihood, now that's highly subjective and in truth it's anyone's guess. We've got active duty and retired flag officers singing joint statements condemning the private ownership of semi-automatic weapons Hawaii (as already pointed out) passing a state resolution to repeal the 2A Federal courts infested with activist judges that refer to the COTUS only when its suits their agenda. Freedom of speech on campuses being actively and very severely suppressed. Public education systems that have become little more than socialist indoctrination programs Open southern border with "socialist minded" Central Americans pouring in by the tens of thousands. And that;'s just the short list of examples of a much larger number of very disturbing trends. We are charting new ground here however, there are historical precedent comparatives that utterly destroys anyone's position that it won't happen in the United States. That is an extremely naive position for anyone to take not to mention dangerous. People thinking like this aren't taking the left serious and they damn well better start.
  5. Sorceress 21

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    You should be scared...If the Socialists get their way your iPhone will automatically report all of your activity to the government (for your safety), the only characters you can play on xBox will be latino, LGBTQ or black (all adversaries will of course be white men) and your Big Mac will be made of mushrooms and soy.
  6. Sorceress 21

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    I would think it would start by Red states simply declaring themselves "Constitutional Sanctuary" states and officially state they do not recognize a "socialist" Federal govt as being legitimate...As to the Hawaii law....Yes, the 2nd can be repealed, however that takes 2/3rds of the House, 2/3rds of the Senate and Delegates from 26 states to all vote yes in a Constitutional Convention...not gonna happen. But....and there's always a but... Blue states may pull the same thing I stated above but in the opposite direction. That, will make things quite interesting. We may actually see a Socialist Union of States form and secede all at once.
  7. You just can't make this stuff up...Yet another example of crack reporting by expert.....*ahem*...."journalists."
  8. Sorceress 21

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    While I don't think it's likely, my scenario being totally hypothetical, one thing about your position strikes me is that you possibly are being somewhat overly dependent on rationality. What we are dealing with in the current movement of the left is not in fact rationale. Bernie Sanders for example has said several times that "the majority of Americans want socialism!". I don't think he's just saying that to tote his platform I think he actually believes it. Then you've got Crazy Kamala, Pocahontas, Queen of the nitwit snowflake brigade AOC, Spartacus and the rest of Socialist League ready to go full-on hammer and sickle. The scary part is 54% of millennials support them and a growing number of elected Democrat Federal legislators do too. Not to bring in scripture or religious connotation for expanded discussion but many Christians will say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world he doesn't exist, well, the Devil and Keyser Soze. While I personally don't believe in that particular entity the adage is relevant here. Politically speaking the socialists are "the devil." and they are coming for your freedom and if you really don't think that what Ronald Reagan once said - "We are never more than one generation away from loosing our freedom" then G..my Libertarian minded friend...you are simply ignoring the facts and a VERY real threat to our liberty. Had you asked an average German in say, 1938, if their nation would be leading a charge of Global Domination and genocide under the leadership of a Tyrannical Police State Fascist Dictator with a bad mustache what do you think their answer would have been? How fast did Venezuela go from a free nation and the most prosperous one in South America to full on Socialist Dictatorship? Hint..it wasn't even ten years. It was damn near overnight. The naivety and apathy of free people is exactly what leads to their oppression. A belief that we are immune from Tyranny is exactly why we are very seriously under threat of loosing our Republic to a Tyrannical Socialist State. In fact the only way we can stop this from happening is to believe it's possible, perhaps even likely, and actively work against that outcome. Yes, right now on March 6th, 2019 we must fight at the ballot box and thru the mailbox. But make no mistake about it my friend, there is a very real political insurgency growing more and more powerful every day that would and probably will attempt to pull off a hard coup in the very near future. They arn't doing this because they know socialism doesn't work and they just wanna live fat like royalty as the top of the "party". They're doing it because they are "believers!" They are political cultists either ignorant of history or practicing willful ignorance of the facts, following a doctrine they believe to their core is the righteous path for America. They are coming for your guns, your freedom , your choices and we may very well have to stop them with bullets instead of ballots. ",the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure." - Thomas Jefferson
  9. Just for hypothetical discussion sake... What's your theory? Here's mine: I think there is a very real possibility that we me see the recent "soft coup" attempt made by the left's deep state move into an active "hard coup." I think when they are totally unable to find any actual evidence of criminality or wrong doing on behalf of President Trump they'll simply manufacture it. Then they'll march into the Oval Office and arrest him for trumped up treason charges. Him and his whole cabinet including Mike Pence will be arrested and jailed. Pelosi will be sworn in as POTUS and she'll immediately declare a National State of Emergency and suspend habeas corpus under the guise of a "governmental" reorganization" necessary for the safety of all Americans. Then the crap hits the fan. I think deep red states would simply refuse to comply. TN, LA, WY and such would close state lines to any Federal Law Enforcement actions and they would activate their National Guard to act as "border" security. It would be a soft "secession" demanding the COTUS be fully restored and the POTUS and cabinet freed. Their would be chaos in the streets of every major city and the economy would collapse overnight. Military units "loyal" to the socialists would begin to take action against rebel states then the hot war starts. Groups of civil militias would go active in every state and would attack "loyalist" institutions and units with guerilla action. More and more US military units and individuals will defect to support COTUS loyal states until the "Socialist" units are no longer coherent until they are totally defeated. I think the whole thing would last about 6 months. After COTUS states regain control they will have the entire Democrat Legislative body executed for treason and initiate new elections to replace those seats with Democratic persons who respect the COTUS and rule of law. It won't be honky dory because while we are "infighting" Russia will move on Eastern Europe, China will re-take Taiwan and North Korea will invade South Korea. NATO will fall apart and the stage for WW III will be firmly set. Obviously a lot more details and intricacies will occur but no matter how it would go down it would be a nightmare scenario with a massive loss of life.
  10. Sorceress 21

    Left pushes in Florida to ban assault weapons.

    Actually....You aren't purple at all Governmentally speaking...for the first time since 1875 you have a GOP Governor and two GOP Senators. Think about that. The Latino vote (legal Latinos that is) vote GOP by 64%.
  11. Sorceress 21

    Take THAT Hawaii!

    In Ecuador, in the Andes Mountains right smack dab on the Equator at over 15k elevation...It snows year round....Mauna Kea, HI summits at over 13k. It has an annual average snowfall of several inches to on occasion seeing storms that exceed 1ft of snow in a single event. There are two other peaks in the Hawaiian Islands that also get a little snow Mauna Loa and Haleakala. During the winter months the snowline gets as low as 9000 ft. Thus, nothing to see here folks..move along!
  12. Sorceress 21

    Salser & Kowalczyk or BFT Trust, are you here???? ATF screwup!

    Sorry guys..if any of you own one of these Trust's you'll have to wait. I was told to destroy them but new copies will be mailed to you immediately.
  13. Sorceress 21

    Salser & Kowalczyk or BFT Trust, are you here???? ATF screwup!

    Actually I thought I should check fist. I am currently on hold with ATF to find out if I'm allowed to fwd. if either Trust owner is here..Will update as soon as I'm off call.
  14. Sorceress 21

    Non semiautomatic open bolt?

    Mehh....Why? LOL Pass
  15. Hi all, I received my ATF 5320.20 and in the classic typical inept govt. style they mistakenly included 5320.20s for two other trusts in my envelope. BFT Trust, Andove MD Salser & Kowalczyk, Colorado Springs If either of these trusts belong to you please PM me so I can get them to you a heck of a lot faster then the ATF reprocessing. I will hold them until Friday to give time for responses then I'll have to contact the ATF for instructions.