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  1. They lost me with their support of the bump stock ban, that was the final straw for me. That demonstrated their willingness to accept a whittling down of our 2A rights by a thousand small cuts regardless of the usefulness of that pointless range toy. When the NRA comes out against Red Flag Laws and supports a repeal of the NFA, adamantly states they will never support magazine limits or another "Brady Bill" styled ban is the day I'll hand them a membership payment. They've become an organization for Democrat and Liberal gun owners and they clearly do not stand with the verbiage of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!"
  2. I fail on every level to understand how/why these laws haven't' yet made it to the SCOTUS. They are categorically unconstitutional and violate the basic tenant of "innocent until proven guilty." This is like the Dept. of Pre-Crime from the film Minority Report. It's an absolute nightmare.
  3. LOL, yes. You need never worry about my opinion of you Joel, it is now and always has been quite high! I'm pro-choice but against most abortions. Personally along the lines of legal, safe and RARE! I don't believe taxpayer money should fund it nor do I believe it's okay to use a birth control or late term. I also feel it's an inappropriate issue to be taken up on the Federal Level as any Federal legislation pertaining to it is a clear violation of the 10th Amendment and that includes R v Wade. States must decide it's legality and specifics not the Congress.
  4. Precisely. Doesn't matter on Romney anyway, we're already scratching him and Collins off the list. Red team will get the votes needed without them. Collins though I really don't get, she's not going to win re-election anyway thus she has nothing to lose but her freedom along with the rest of us.
  5. Yeah the website isn't very clear about it. I just looked through it. It used to be very clearly stated. I may just be missing it.
  6. Is that stuff available to the general public yet along with the conversion kits? Or do you still have to be a Simunition qualified instructor to get it? I'd love to train with this stuff with my Neighborhood Watch Group. Used to be there instructor course was really expensive.
  7. Are ya'll using Simunition for this or some other kind of marking round?
  8. I cropped it an blew it up, sharpened it,de- saturated it and reduced the noise. It's a clear fake. The flag portion of the image was tampered with and the faces aren't masks, they are just blot outs. There's a reason it's low rez, if it was full rez it'd be obvious even to the layman.
  9. Now that...............is an accurate statement.
  10. I'd have to see a high resolution version of that image to examine it for the signs its been manipulated before I'd be able to buy into this.
  11. That is 100% not true and a total old wives tale. No one listen to that. The human body DOES NOT expel toxins or irritants in that way. Scratching, even if you break open the blisters only spreads the rash if the oil is still present on the area of your skin near that rash that cause the reaction in the first place. IT IS NOT INSIDE THE BLISTER- TOTAL NONSENSE!!! Getting a plant oil off your skin completely isn't' actually that easy, thus the myth was born. https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/outsmarting-poison-ivy-and-other-poisonous-plants
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