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  1. Personally, I think this was a bad decision. Apply the simple mantra of backpackers here: "Take care of the ounces and the pounds take care of themselves." With our technological capability the M5 is pretty much an insult to the intellect. The Army could've done much better. Yes, the 6.8 round is a far more "pounds to punch" round than the 5.56, but at what cost? They'll get a few more yards and slightly more armor defeat out of it with a marginal increase in long range accuracy and an "angrier" cartridge but worth it for the weight increase? I think the Army went cheapo on this one. I bet the average grunts will be missing their M4s. However, time will tell.
  2. Anything critical for infrastructure, medical care, food production, energy and transportation as well as military readiness should be required to be manufactured domestically in adequate amounts to meet our national and economic security needs before any US based company is allowed to manufacture oversees. We need a Manufacturing Repatriation Act!!!! We also need an Article V to lock that in as an Amendment.
  3. But then you have a flight like this next one and it somehow makes it all worth it...RNAV Approach to RWY 5 into Queenstown New Zealand.
  4. It got old 10 years ago. The issue is that the flying part is 10% of the job. 90% of the job is company, FAA, stress and training BS. Airline flying also gets pretty boring. Same airports, same approaches over and over and over... It gets very routine. I'll retire the day I hit my savings goal. If I had it today I'd be gone. I wouldn't say just another job but just another career. A good one, but at the end of the day work is work. Here's a satirical video series that gives you a quite an accurate picture of..... Living the Dream!
  5. New hire pilots where? At American or in general? To get a professional flying job you'll need a minimum of a Single Engine Commercial lic. That works for banner towing, sightseeing flights, pipeline patrol etc. But to get into air carrier ops with either charter or scheduled you'll need a commercial multi-engine instrument rating to fly for charter or private companies. To fly for a scheduled airline you'll need an ATP, multi-engine land rating. Hours requirements vary by airline. I have no idea what American's mins to apply are these days. I believe it's just an ATP ME/L with 1st Class medical and U.S. Residency. What competitive minimums are is "who knows." I have about 7400 hours of flight time and 15 years as a professional pilot and licensed for 31 years. American is my 4th Part 121 airline. Most of my classmates had between 5 and 10k hours. Captain is by seniority. So it'll be about two years before I could hold left seat narrowbody (A320 or 737). However I won't be doing that. I'll stay right seat on the bus for a good schedule until I can hold a line as right seat on the widebody (787 or 777). I'll then upgrade on the widebody once I can hold a line vs. reserve. So probably 6 to 8 years before I upgrade at best but probably closer to 10. I mean you have to understand as a widebody First Officer I'll be at about nearly half a million a year so waiting until I can hold a good schedule to upgrade is worth it. I mean hell I'll be a true 1%er before I'm 58.
  6. So you have to register it then if you sell it to be legal correct?
  7. So I left Eastern back in January. Me....she who has a redneck bitchy attitude actually got hired at American Airlines...yep. Finished off my simulator training today and passed my Type Certification Ride for the Airbus A320 series, the push button Barbie fun jet! Fellars....two type ratings in a year..well..10 years off my life...LOL. But..I made it. Last job in aviation I'll have.
  8. So Biden is using Executive authority to ban ghost guns.....I mean huh? WTF? They're already illegal are they not? If you buy incomplete firearm parts, using tooling, finish the manufacturing, i.e. an 80% lower then to be legal you must register that firearm to receive a serial number thus a Form 1 correct? I you don't do this you are in possession of an illegal firearm right? So what exactly is he gonna ban? How can he legally ban the sale of hunks of metal without Congress passing legislation saying if it's in the shape of a firearm it's a firearm???
  9. This is the best thing for Germany and the rest of Europe. They need to learn the lesson of why they should not do business with the East, especially Russia. Obviously neither should we but we've got Oceans and more firepower to protect us.
  10. That was my thought. That it wasn't for some reason. Maybe a shaving in the thread channel got lodged in their somehow? Or perhaps the sizing is slightly out of spec. Defective barrel end possibly.
  11. Asking for a friend that just did an upper build. He said with the barrel tightened to the recommended tq. There's a tiny bit of play between the barrel and the upper. I've never seen this and know littel about upper assembling so I can't help. It's a frankenrifle. Daniel defense handguard on a D-Ring mated to a GTO upper. Any ideas on cause? Resolution? Is it normal? etc?
  12. BOOM, Mike drop! Qweevox gets it! Well said!
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