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  1. Sorceress 21

    Strange things afoot in my can!!

    Makes sense! Thanks LH!!
  2. Sorceress 21

    GOP Introduce Bill To 'Modernize' Gun Sales

    Why in blue blazes did they not put this on the floor when we had The House? This will never be law with a Dem as Speaker. Pointless to even try.
  3. Sorceress 21

    Strange things afoot in my can!!

    This is a Silencerco Omega. I cracked it open today and found some oddness...Can anyone tell me if any of this is normal and well...what it is? This looks like corrosion of some kind..has same appearance as corrosion in a flashlight if you leave old batteries in too long: https://photos.app.goo.gl/x9FNLfgYbBECdXnQ6 this one looks like pollen: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MbJzz9i3YppkUFif9 The can has always been safe kept, never been wet and I don't have bees nesting in my safe either....
  4. So gents, give this a read and tell me what you think... https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-man-raccoon-boat-apology What makes no sense here is how you get a small center console boat 20 miles offshore without noticing a full grown raccoon on board. Ive been on many CCs, everything from single engine 25 footers to monsters like the Hydrasport 65' and it'd be hard to miss a Racoon even on the 65'. Every owner I ever went out offshore with checked every inch of their boats over before pulling off the dock. Offshore small-craft boating is seriously fun but it's serious business and can go from fun to a fight for your life very quickly for those who don't take it so. This guy in the video was "angry" and seemed to even take a little joy in what was likely the end of the animal's days. I get it, Raccoons are very dangerous animals and could be a big problem on a small craft. However there was lot's he could have done that by the video didn't look like he even considered. Could have sat still and called the CG or Sea Tow for some help among other things. That being said even if kicking it off boat was what he honestly felt to be his only option...how the hell did it get that far in the first place? My theory is this was intentional. Perhaps he had a nuisance Raccoon, trapped it then took it off shore to dump it just to take gratification in the suffering of a dumb animal. Whatever actually happened, his stripes as a rank moron for the fact that he posted it on FB is quite telling and kinda says he'd be dumb and cruel enough to have set this up from the start.
  5. Sorceress 21

    Easter Bunny In My Backyard!

  6. Sorceress 21

    Sci Fi Anyone??

    If anyone's interested here's a link to my science fiction novel that all of my visual art is apart of. The book isn't done and it's raw manuscript but if you wanna check it out go here: https://www.wattpad.com/454612294-the-way-to-eden-awakenings-to-chaos-prologue
  7. Sorceress 21

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    Me and another pilot are going to counter sue for a helluva lot more than what they're after us for.
  8. Sorceress 21

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    Actually Im being sued by my previous employer over a training contract so that's going towards my attorney
  9. Sorceress 21

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    He was awsome!! Super nice man...tipped me and my copilot $300 each!
  10. Sorceress 21

    Sci Fi Anyone??

  11. Sorceress 21

    Sci Fi Anyone??

    Which famous comedy actor co starred with Robby the Robot in his debut film in 1956 and what was the movie? No Google cheating!
  12. Sorceress 21

    Sci Fi Anyone??

    Had no idea on that one!
  13. Sorceress 21

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    Both sadly
  14. Sorceress 21

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    Ohhhhh...hahaha...those were ICAO codes! Lol..Blonde moment..sorry No I’m flying into ATL on Delta then driving down to our hangar/ office at FFC.
  15. Sorceress 21

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    No idea what CUB is. I’ve been to both CAE and Flight Safety.