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  1. Sorceress 21

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    I have a system because I live alone and am gone 190 nights a year. Its sole job is to make it it very difficult for anyone to snatch my guns...all my other crap is what renter's insurance is for. 3 layers of security there...front door, alarm system then gun safe.
  2. Sorceress 21

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    I made this decision myself last December. I did a ton of research and read a lot of reviews. Initially I was gonna go with Simply Safe but read many alarming testimonials on the system reliability and hackability. I went with Frontpoint in the end. It swas substantially cheaper than ADT, I own the equipment and the account is portable if I move. The install was very easy and monitoring is $45. There is a contract which was the only downside.They use a smash protection base station and control pad so if a burgerler destroys keypad before it alarms it goes off automatically.
  3. Sorceress 21

    Ted Cruze on gun control

    I think he chose to use the word "functionally" for a very specific reason now that I think about it.
  4. Sorceress 21

    Ted Cruze on gun control

    And the guy on our side..supposedly fact checking Millano...didn't even have HIS facts straight: I don't know how I feel about this inaccuracy. I mean I've got a couple Class III items so maybe its better if the left is not generally aware that it is perfectly legal to buy an MG under Federal law. If they knew they'd probably go batshat and try to end that as well. I mean it's not like many of us are in the position to drop 30k on a transferable MG anyway. Maybe it's possible Cruz was intentionally not entirely accurate with his statement. Cruz fact checked Milano’s use of the Reagan quote, saying “Machine guns are functionally illegal right now.” The Texas senator added, “the machine gun has been functionally illegal for 80 years, you and I can’t purchase a machine gun.”
  5. So I've got some free time and have been asking all my friends if anyone has the time to meet me in the Caribbean this week...Most of them said: "Isn't there a hurricane down there?" Clearly...Public education has failed to teach geography properly. The Bahamas...are NOT in the Caribbean, nor are the Turks & Caicos nor (for some absurd reason some believe this too) are the Florida Keys. The Bahamas are geographically in the Eastern Atlantic as are the Turks. The Florida Keys border the Gulf of Mexico to the north and the Florida Straight to the south.
  6. Sorceress 21

    No Reloading Today!!

  7. Sorceress 21

    My main gopher killer is on injured reserve.

    I wouldn't hold off on taking him to the Vet. Cat's have a miraculous ability to to acclimate to physical pain without any actual improvement to his injury or condition. They can look better then suddenly expire. This could have been envenomation or a sprain and yes, it could resolve on its own but there are more serious possibilities that he will not mend from without a vet's aid. One cannot tell the health of a cat accurately based on behavior or action. When you know something is wrong due to a limp as you've seen kitty needs a vet visit.
  8. Sorceress 21

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    All good info guys..thank you! I knew I'd get a straight dope from our Armory truckers...
  9. Sorceress 21

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    Not very encouraging......is it.
  10. Sorceress 21

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    So what about the driver shortage? Wouldn't that drive rates up as having lots of equipment is useless without bodies to drive them? Basic economics applies here, supply and demand. If as a carrier you have to prioritize your load commitments due to driver availability you are going to ensure you are servicing your higher paying customers. So I'm not understanding how in the middle of the worst driver shortage the industry has seen there is downward movement on rates. Could you explain further Tommag? What am I missing?
  11. Sorceress 21

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    Yeah in my day there was no ELB mandate so I loose leafed my logs and backed up time as much as I needed to keep on-a-truckin! I never ran out of duty time..
  12. Sorceress 21

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    Interesting. a lot of good info there to consider.
  13. Sorceress 21

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    Hey guys, me and two of my friends are looking into starting a small trucking company as a side business at first but grow it eventually. I drove myself about 10 years before I got into aviation but have been out of the biz a while..I'm looking for a current driver whose brain I could pick on the current state of things in the industry. We are looking to buy two trucks at first and we are gonna get the best equipment we can and pay top dollar for a contractor. We want to create good jobs for two drivers and if at first we just break even we're fine with that as that's actually part of our business plan. We have numerous contacts in the aviation industry and are looking to eventually pick up specialized oversized hauling of jet engines and aircraft components. Any help would be appreciated.