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  1. Sorceress 21

    Another Cool SR-71 story. Buzzing the tower.

    That wouldn't be the "tower". They were talking to an ARTCC (Air Route Traffic Control Center). Airport control towers handle surface taxi operations, takeoff and landings. Once an aircraft departs the airport area - typically after 4nm from the center of the of a "controlled" airport they are handed off to Departure control who then eventually hand them off to an ARTCC.
  2. Sorceress 21

    How long before we have a conflict with China?

    I think the key to avoiding this is much like what you described but more focused on technology. Right now, today, the Chinese military simply could not win a head to head conventional war with us. While it would be certainly a bloody conflict, China just doesn't yet have the global force projection they need to beat us in a 1 on 1 war. They have substantial problems with their logistical support forces and inter-service cooperation. They have very limited blue water naval capabilities with their naval aviation especially lacking decades behind ours, their air power is based primarily on obsolete Russian aircraft and they have only at present 5 Ballistic Missile Subs and they lack the technology to hide them from us completely. Force on force numbers, i.e. number of tanks, troops aircraft, etc. matter little unless you can project that force onto your adversary. In short, China would have to get their forces across the Pacific and land massive numbers of troops, armor, support implements etc. on US soil to subdue not only our military defenses but a heavily armed populace. That simply cannot be done by them. In fact, there is no nation on the planet that has the military capability to win a 1 on 1 conventional war against the United States. Now bring in nukes, things get more messy however even then we'd still beat them as we'd be able to shoot down many of their ICBMS and them none of ours not to mention the fact that our nuclear forces substantially outnumber China's. China's overall military forces also have next to zero recent actual combat experience and that plays a huge advantage to us as anyone who studies warfare understands the best laid plans rarely survive first contact with the enemy. "Fighting experience" can win almost any war over technology as proven by history. That's all in a 1 to 1 conflict. In reality if China went to war with us, Russia may or may not get involved and beyond them China has zero allies that would really turn the tide in their favor, whereas we have the entirety of the nuclear armed Western world, NATO etc that would ally with us. If it happened, it would be a long bloody war with multiple tactical nuke exchanges but in the end, the west would win whatever is left of the world which would be a lot of wasteland and irradiated cities to rebuild from provided neither side uses the big strategic world ending nukes. All that being said China's military capabilities/technology is rapidly gaining. They are close to outpacing us in technological advancement. Today they are behind us by about 10 years according to everything averaged out but are on the cusp of surpassing us in anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile tech. Some of their brand new aircraft are certainly impressive and could pose a threae yet they have few of them. They have a substantial cyber-warfare capability and their space forces are nothing to sneeze at. However, all those gains conceded, despite all the hooplah, China, militarily simply is incapable of fighting and sustaining complex overseas military operations. They would have to be able to beat us in that arena to beat us in war. In my opinion the likelihood of the United States and China getting into a direct hot war with each other anytime in the near future is very low and will become even lower if we continue to renew and bolster our own military forces and continue to wage economic warfare with them. Are they becoming a more substantial threat? Absolutely! However they are a long long ways away from being able to defeat us in open warfare.
  3. Sorceress 21

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    Oh stop it..You're as old as you feel! And thank you sweetie, it will if it will...
  4. Sorceress 21

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    Oh lordy....control yourself young man.
  5. Sorceress 21

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    LOL, it's cute when you men think you're in charge..tee hee. I'm on Farmers and Match..I get all types...
  6. Sorceress 21

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    I'm actually dating someone...didn't take long at all. Nice guy, might be a little too "non-alpha" for my tastes but we'll see where it goes. I like a really confident guy, a leader, someone who I know I won't have to end up stepping in to save his ass if we got in a bar fight..
  7. Sorceress 21

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    Heeeyyyyyyyy wait a minute...when did you guys take away my title? But seriously, the best thing about this forum is that all the General Forums gunk (and there isn't really that much of it) doesn't run off into the technical forums...Members here that I've vehemently argued with have been totally helpful when talking strictly gun stuff. There just arn't any "AR-know-it-all" types here..kind of amazing actually. I learned most of what I now know about ARs from these guys.
  8. Sorceress 21

    New shooters!

    Ya took that one waaaaayyyyyy out of context I think...
  9. Sorceress 21

    Dating Site Posers

    Most of us feel first think second, and sometimes we cry for no other reason than to just purge pent up emotion. Doesn't make sense to us either, lol.
  10. Sorceress 21

    Dating Site Posers

    Ive always got along with men better. LOL.
  11. Sorceress 21

    Which Caliber Is Best For Concealed Carry?

    But that's just it isn't it? Small caliber weapons require precision for lethality. You hit someone in the shoulder with a .22,.25 or .32 are they gonna halt their attack? Maybe, but not likely. You hit someone in the shoulder with .45 which would (at the average defensive shooting range of 3ft.) obliterate that shoulder and cause so much shock an trauma they'll likely stop their attack long enough for you to adjust fire and deliver a lethal blow or escape the situation you are upping your chances. A .22 in the brain pan is just as lethal as a .45 at point blank range, the same as a high FPS pellet gun for that matter. I want likelihood on my side. Stacking the deck in my favor with a hand canon is how I roll.
  12. Sorceress 21

    Dating Site Posers

    ARRRGGGHHH... Done with women..we're too crazy. Im goin for guys now...you all are actually sane.
  13. Sorceress 21

    New shooters!

    The title of this thread demands a repost of this oldie but goodie...
  14. Sorceress 21

    Annnnd my career luck continues...

    Of course! The catering will be whatever you like, it's averages about $75 per meal per person but you can have whatever you can think of! LoL, "wet" vs. "dry" arn't terms applied to charter rates, but no, you do not have to pay the fuel bill on top of the retail rate.
  15. Sorceress 21

    Annnnd my career luck continues...

    Sure, for $12,000 an hour at my current charter gig. The Falcon 2000 can carry 10 people.