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  1. Oh and by the way...I'll gladly pick up a rifle to fight to the death to protect your inalienable right to have whatever beliefe or faith that you have even when it's is direct opposition to my own. Would you do the same John?
  2. In other words...If I don't agree with your faith then I'm the enemy? You insult my faith as somewhat less important than yours because you're Christian and I'm not and mine is in the minority? What would your pastor/priest/preacher have to say about that John? Hypocrisy is as hypocrisy does. You preach of coming together but then you assault me? Really? The truth is you respect no one whom isn't white, straight, male and Christian of an acceptable denomination. I bet you find Unitarians as petualent as Pagans right? You get to paste you faith statements into posts but when I remind you not all Americans are on your own spiritual path you get angered? What a special piece of work you are. God this, god that...All I did was present the fact that not everyone needs to have a belief in what you believe...and then you go all Rampy and shat on me. Known better? Really? Who's trying harder here John? As memory serves you along with a substantial portion of this forum's membership started slaughtering me on day 1. Good for you!
  3. I haven't. If it did happen, then my comments apply. It could also be a totally exaggerated story about a minor theft, even fake news.
  4. I tend to think this may have been a militia. Which one, what their motivation is or even who they may or may not be working for is the larger question. To pull off a false flag? Maybe but this also could be something more interesting. I doubt this was thievery for profit. It'd take expert level planning that few criminals have the resources to pull off to snatch two containers.
  5. Your creator, not mine. I tend to believe that we have to make our own way through this existence. Above all things we have to have faith in ourselves. You believe in God, that's fine. I don't, not the way you do anyway. As a Pagan I certainly believe in something more, but no God or Gods are gonna help us out of this mess when "We the People" created it in the first place. It's about taking responsibility for our own actions. From what I know of your faith and scriptures your God tends to expect penance when you screw up. Well, America screwed up. Maybe not you are me specifically, but its as much a part of our personal legacies as everyone else's. This may be from a sci fi show but it's a totally relevant quote: "Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things you've done anymore!" - Commander William Adama We allowed this government to grow unchecked into a rotten and corrupt bureaucracy because we wanted to be "taken care of" for this and that. So we need to fix it. We do, not some deity or wishful thinking. We're on our own with this one because that's exactly what we deserve.
  6. I mostly agree with your prose. There's some nitpicky divergences, but more or less well said John.
  7. Yeah no kidding. Yet I have a lot more faith in General Dynamics Electric Boat Division than the trainwreck foreign owned company Austal USA.
  8. I don't know whether or not to laugh or cry considering how many people appear to believe the Government wasn't already capturing firearms, ammo and tactical gear purchase data. Unless you bought it with cash from a private seller or built it yourself they know you have it. "They aren't actually recording the data from 4473's and haven't been recording all CC card transaction data because that would be illegal!" said no one with a functioning intellect ever. This is just the wokity woke woksters of these companies joining the insanity bandwagon. The Deep State hardly needs to resort to such obvious efforts. Our enemy is many things. Evil, cunning, and totally dedicated to eradicating freedom and liberty from the face of the Earth. They have been recording EVERYTHING, video from open circuit security cams, conversations from idiotic devices like Alexa, emails, texts, phone calls all meta data, all electronic data of any kind is saved, cataloged, categorized and indefinitely stored on vast server farms the NSA built in an old Cold War underground facility in the California desert back in the 90s. They know everything you say, do, type, email, buy period right down to an AI generated profile on anyone they need on request anytime they want it. They leave you alone unless you become a threat. Become a big enough one, well, let's just say credit card purchase privacy will be the least of your worries.
  9. I would guess that GB has no idea who the lister actually is beyond verifying the account the same way any of us would be verified. When it comes to the FRT trigger, I believe there's nothing stating you can't sell one (correct me if I'm mistaken), only that you can't possess one installed into an AR or a solvent trap converted to a suppressor. That's the same trap as possessing an M-16 trigger group while owning an AR capable of receiving those parts, yet those trigger groups are widely available and totally legal to sell. It's muddy water legally. It's clear cut "entrapment" for this to be a prosecution scheme of which GB would have tort, if not criminal liability. While my above opinion may not be 100% factually accurate as I'm not an attorney, I seriously doubt GB is knowingly in cahoots with the ATF.
  10. Ohhhh Rumpster..Are you not getting enough vitamins? I'm really starting to worry about you? I got it!!!! It's fiber! Rampy isn't getting enough in his diet! His verbal poo is coming out all watery and diluted! Rampy, listen man, Benefiber works really well, I mean hell I take it and ooohhh does it help the poo. Usually Walgreens has big jugs on sale on Tuesday's. Lemmie know if you need an e-coupon bro.
  11. Talk about em bitin! Man it's like a spillway basin full of catfish after 2 months of drought! I'm not the one who's posted twice in a row and whom uses my comments as his own. C'mon Rampy! I've seen a much higher quality of work from you! You're slippin....Prevagen maybe? Ginko Biloba?
  12. I apologize, you're right. Let me revise my statement. 99% of your posts in the GD forums are designed to be insulting. I stand corrected. Also, I admit, I actually enjoy screwing with you. One, it's really easy, two, you deserve it. I guess I'm a baaaaaaaadddd girl.
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