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  1. Sorceress 21

    Govt. Shutdown and NFA Items...post your pain here..

    Exactly. This is a permanent change of address so that does me no good
  2. Sorceress 21

    Govt. Shutdown and NFA Items...post your pain here..

    That's very good news!
  3. Sorceress 21

    Govt. Shutdown and NFA Items...post your pain here..

    Could be the lag time. They start not getting paid as of tomorrow. Not sure when the NFA processing office actually went on furlough. So you have a good point, my form may have squeaked through.
  4. Sorceress 21

    Govt. Shutdown and NFA Items...post your pain here..

    No, LOL. It's the lower that's registered, not the upper, thus it doesn't matter what upper is or is not on it. I'd have to "de-register" it by writing a letter to the ATF requesting it be returned to Title 1 status then wait unti they acknowledge it's been removed from the NFA registry - THEN I no longer have an approved SBR and woudl have to go back through the tax stamp process to re-register it, no Thank you. Throwing a 16 in carbine upper on it, for example, does not magically make it a non-NFA lower any more than replacing a FA trigger group in a registered MG lower would make it a non-NFA semi-auto. Once you register a lower, that's it until you go thru the paperwork process to un-register it as non-NFA. I've seen this discussed before and there is some confusing info in the ATF FAQ on this topic. But when you look at the actual Federal code there is no stated relief. Think about this from their point of view, doing what you suggest is an intentional circumventing of: [18 U.S.C. 922(a)(4); 27 CFR 478.28]. My trust attorney tells me if I threw on a non NFA length upper on it that essentially invalidates the tax stamp. What is legal here and what you would likely ever have to explain are two different discussions but considering the "delicacy" of the NFA issue to begin with I think complying with the law and not trying to get past it through "gray area" interpretation is the best play. The bottom line is that there is no way to legally transport the SBR, keeping it an SBR from my old trust location to my new trust location without losing the SBR status. I have a bunch of rifles, I can live without the SBR for a while.
  5. Sorceress 21

    Do you have black friends?

    There certainly is an increase of blacks breaking from their ranks and placing their "Americanism" above their "blackness." I also agree that whites have problems too. As a race we are probably the most apathetic demographic in America. We've been at the top so long our "collective" fault is to believe that if we loose majority rule, those who were once minorities won't "proverbially" stamp us out. Whites are just as guilty of clinging to our own self-biases as if the white race was a single individual, he or she would be a arrogant insane narcissist suffering from self-induced PTSD. As individuals, blacks and white both should be judged solely on their individual successes or failures, but as demographics, in America, both groups are deeply disturbed. What makes for a better culture in my book is the group that "generally" acts more responsibly. How many white gangs do you see running around the U.S. that are similar in behavior to say, the Crips for example? The Bloods? BGF? Kumi 415? Etc...White organized crime, for the most part is relegated to political corruption and mafioso. Whites don't typically drive around their neighborhoods murdering people wearing the wrong colored dew rag. No we take it to a whole different level, we kill those flying the wrong flag in their homeland, but most of the time at least...they deserved it. Show me any large population of blacks where crime, murder, rape, gang behavior and even warlordship isn't rampant? One can't because no such example exists. Turn your attention to Africa..the largest populations of blacks anywhere in the world...How well are those nations faring? How rampant is civil war? Dictatorships? Show me any example on Earth of a large white population that is even remotely comparable to the south side of Chicago, South Central LA, Cape Town? Nairobi? Luanda? But I guess to those who believe such observations of fact are racist (not you ozark) I guess all that is the fault of white people isn't it....
  6. Sorceress 21

    Do you have black friends?

    You cannot make a case against the black culture in America being severally broken G. You just can't. Of course many Black Americans are hard working, not criminals, they have jobs etc etc etc...that changes nothing in my view on an inherent issue they have within their own ranks. We don't want to believe it because if we state it then, "we're racists". While one could certainly qualify my view as prejudiced, it is not racist. I'm prejudiced against any other team but the Saints, does that mean I hate Garret Gilbert because he's a Panther? No, I hate him because he sucks!!, LOL There is a huge difference between racism and prejudice. All racism is prejudicial, not all prejudice is racial. I have a cultural bias against blacks G, not a racial dislike. Blacks aren't in the state they are in because of their genetics nor do I think that just because someone is black they are inferior. Far far better human beings have come before me and will come after me who are/will be black. Blacks are in the situation they are in because they "in general" refuse to "teach out" racial paranoia and the entitlement mentality from their children. They perpetuate a state of disarray and large scale destitution because "in general" they will not embrace "non-black" cultural values as being anything but suspect and acting against their racial condition. This isn't about skin color, it's about the average mentality and average behavior of a specific demographic of people. I mean for the love of all that is logical..how else can you explain their allegiance to the party that was the political sponsor behind the KKK for crying out loud? It's not because they are stupid or inferior, it's because their culture is polluted with absurd levels of isolationism, distrust of anything not black and vastly more racism than that of the American demographic.
  7. Sorceress 21

    Govt. Shutdown and NFA Items...post your pain here..

    True dat!
  8. Sorceress 21

    Govt. Shutdown and NFA Items...post your pain here..

    Not saying my form is more important but not having anyone working 5320's is absurd. This can stop people from moving. For the change of address there is no reason one shouldn't be able to walk into a field office and have an agent sign off on it. I mean damn. What a hassle.
  9. I need an approved 5320.20 to come back or my SBR is stuck far away. At least I was able to move my suppressor. I can't imagine the frustration you guys waiting for Form 1's and 4's gotta be feeling right now...could literally be over a year on top of normal processing times....
  10. Sorceress 21

    Do you have black friends?

    There is no real mystery when it comes to politics with black Americans. Collectively, they don't trust white people and that is an inherent part of their culture. Black children are raised to distrust whites, they are raised to believe they are second class citizens even know they haven't been so in any actual legal status since 1964 and the Civil Rights Act. But their racial/cultural memory is long. While I certainly do understand why, I mean some of our ancestors enslaved their people, what I have a problem with is the fact that they collectively won't let go of that resentment and it's destroyed and is still destroying their culture and communities. As a demographic, culture and race they are "sick." They are obsessed over historical atrocity that no living person is responsible for and widely consider the act of living responsibly, paying your taxes and having a job to be "acting white" and an affront to their people. They collectively have a deep sense of entitlement that surpasses any other demographic in the nation. They vote Democrat habitually solely based on the fact that it was a Democratic President that ratified their equality that being Lyndon B. Johnson. Make no mistake, had LBJ been a Republican we wouldn't be talking about this. The Democratic Party also contributes heavily to their continued "cultural mania" by stoking the fires of their mistrust and apathy through the manufacturing of what they claim to be "wide-spread" racism among white people and discriminatory practices directed solely at Black Americans by Law Enforcement. In truth none of that actually exists in the "wide-spread" capacity that the Democrats would have us all believe. While racism is certainly alive and well in the United States it's far from "wide-spread" and ironically, it's more prevalent among blacks rather than whites currently. The Democrats are expert information manipulators and their lies and propaganda, while totally dishonorable, unethical and malicious are very effective at rousting their base and retaining political support for their defunct big government socialist agenda despite it's numerous and obvious flaws. Because the average black person is an underachiever, poor and probably had a criminal record before they turned 21 (which they blame conservatives for) they are highly susceptible to buying into the narrative given to them by their Democratic Representatives who have made telling blacks "exactly what they want to hear" into an art form. Consider this, despite the very real presence of the black hating and actively racist far right sadly being among the ranks of conservatives, taking a conservative position on political issues, even a moderate one, would be accepting allegiance to what they think is a party of hate but also taking a view that taking responsibility for one's own condition and not being able to blame said condition on anyone else, whites or otherwise. That goes against every fiber of their cultural being and against the basic fundamental state of Black American Culture. Their issues are exacerbated by the Democratic establishment for one purpose only, votes. While their are obviously individual exceptions among Black Americans as we've had and have blacks holding high offices and have achieved membership in even some of the most elite of successful ranks in our society, i.e. Astronauts, POTUS, CEO's, Flag Military Officers etc. their masses simply can't get passed their addiction to blaming everyone else for problems that they in fact are the only ones actually guilty of perpetuating. I have no Black friends because I don't care for them in general, not because of their skin color or anything to do with their biological state (race) but I loathe their entitlement mentality. I have some black acquaintances in my profession who are extremely successful pilots but talk with them long enough and that "angry entitled black man/woman" comes out. Even when they're making well over 100k, it's still our fault (whites) that they arn't making 10 times that and I see it in every single one of them. Call me guilty of cultural bias, however, prove me wrong? Even members of their own community, i.e. Charles Barkley, Oprah etc have come out and made similar statements. We can't fix their culture or their cultural condition. No legislation, no POTUS and certainly no political party can do that. We are well beyond that point. At this point the only thing that will fix the issues among black Americans are Black Americans who choose to just call themselves..........Americans.
  11. Sorceress 21

    Johnny Quest is HERE!!

    The JB10 model is now available for limited sales to "well qualified" buyers whatever that means. The endurance is up to 10 minutes so the practical use for this thing just isn't there.
  12. Sorceress 21

    Thank you to whomever posted that Draco video.

    Just don't plan on finding solace in professional aviation if your aviator aspirations include working as a pilot. The industry is an absolute mess and very few pilots have unicorn jobs.
  13. I tend to agree, however there have been a number of local / state laws passed as of late that were upheld when they were challenged that were equally as outrageous as this one so it may very well stand. The real 2A fight anymore isn't Federal, it's local. This is why we need to get a 2A Clarification and Protection Act passed. We've long needed the text of the 2A set into law that have interpretive inclusions against nonsense like this, type of weapons restrictions, magazine caps etc etc. We all on the Armory agree what the 2A means and what it doesn't for the most part, but until a broad interpretative piece of legislation is set into law the "death by a thousands" cuts campaign of the left will continue to gain traction.
  14. Sorceress 21

    43 Full Auto Firearms in Ten Minutes

    Ahhhhh..makes sense..Thanks Red!
  15. Sorceress 21

    EMP report : Im going to live with the Amish!

    Partially correct. The technology, engineering and manufactureing for Stealth Technology and the prototype was done in the Skunk-works labs at Palmdale. The actual flight testing of the stealth "proof-of-concept" aircraft called the Have Blue was done at the Groom Lake Facility in Area 51 on the Nellis Test Range.