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  1. Hmmm, there will be no knock at your door, they'll come at you sideways. You'll get a letter and time to comply. If you don't, they issue a Federal Arrest Warrant, put you on a no fly list, freeze your bank accounts, and cancel your passport. That's it. You'll be forced to comply by proxy attack. They don't need an F Troop visit. There will be no battlefield to fight on. As long as you steer clear of law enforcement contact its likely you'll stay free. But if you can't get a job or pay bills I hope you like cardboard boxes or living like a wildcat in the hills. Now, It's highly doubtful that even in the current political environment this passes. One, every one with a legal suppressor has undergone a very thorough background check and is "monitored" to a degree. Two, zero chance this get's passed in the Senate without a grandfather clause. Even in the unlikely scenario it made it to the resolute Desk it will immediately be challenged in court. What I do think they could get through is to ban new sales and new transfers.
  2. I prefer my suppressed SBR in .300 Blackout loaded with 125gr frangible rounds. In my opinion there is no better firearm for home defense.
  3. Won't change a thing. With some people, an alien spacecraft could touch down in their back yard, an alien get out, knock on their back door to introduce itself and they still wouldn't believe in aliens because it conflicts with their narrative. The left political class, leftist media are both lying every day, they know we know they are lying but they continue to do it anyway. Leftist voters, the intelligent ones also know this but won't admit it because then they'd have to admit they were hoodwinked and fooled by the TDS crowd so they stick to the "All the ills of the world are Trump and his supporter's fault" and hold their hands on their ears and go "LA LA LA LA LA LA" when someone speaks facts to them which destroys the validity of their opinions. All of this goes on because Americas are too damn lazy to do a damn thing about it. Ironically we could probably use a good Extraterrestrial Alien invasion right about now.
  4. Check out Sandpoint, ID.
  5. Lol..you guys are REALLY showing your age on this silly thread...🤣😋
  6. Here's mine: Bucket List · Visit Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum – Pay respects to Great Lakes Sailors · Visit Vietnam Wall – Pay respects to U.S. Serviceman lost in that horrible war. · Visit the U.S. Normandy American Cemetery to thanks those passed for my freedom WWII Europe. · Visit Iwo Jima to pay respect to the Marines of the 1st Division WWII · Swim in all named seas and oceans of the world · Visit Australia - See Ayres Rock · Visit the Maldives · Visit the Seychelles · Visit French Polynesia · Visit Okinawa · Drive the Dempster Highway / Tuk Road · Visit Patagonia · Visit Antarctica and see the Dry Valleys. · Get high on a tropical beach listening to Jimi Hendrix with a good friend. · Make love to a blonde haired blue eyed beautiful woman · Hike the Appalachian Trail · Feel true romantic love before I die · Experience combat as a bystander or a participant · Spelunk in Letchuguilla Cave · See the Earth from orbit. · Break the sound barrier in an aircraft · Go head-to-head with a Grizzly Bear in the wild · Spend a winter by myself in a Northern Rockies forest · Live at least 3 months in Nelson Canada · Become fluent in another language · Hike and Camp in the Scottish Highlands · Visit the Farrow Islands · Visit Iceland · Pan for Gold · Visit Mt. Everest Basecamp · Finish and publish one of my Science Fiction Novels · Drink a beer on all 7 continents · Take a good photo of a Bald Eagle catching a fish · Free swim with Great White Sharks off the Great Barrier Reef · Have a friendship with my sister · Know for a fact that I have brought joy to everyone in my life
  7. Name a single generation that has ever stated the opposite. "America is headed in the right direction and I'm 100% satisfied with the current state of our nation!" said no American ever.
  8. So every generation has said...I don't necessarily disagree with anything you stated in your prose but I do think we would all do well to read up on our U.S. history a little more to put things into a less draconian context. I think its important to point out he governmental corruption in the United States is nothing new. It's been full steam ahead since they the founders signed the Declaration of Independence as highlighted by the Franklin quote you cited. Corruption has always been an unavoidable component of a Republic or a Democracy going all the way back to the Roman Empire. I've read some articles by some pretty astute historians that brought up the fact that government corruption in the 20s especially makes what we are seeing today look honest. Think about history, while the rhetoric and TV coverage has gotten more intense (true news and fake news) no more people went to jail for any of this crap 100 years ago then they do today. You can argue that maybe even more get prosecuted under today's surveillance state then they ever did back then as crime is a helluva a lot harder to hide. The political class has always enjoyed life above the law to some degree and that's going no where anytime soon. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be concerned over recent events, of course we should. That being said when the dust settles, billionaire level wealth is nearly impossible to gain and very difficult to maintain under any system other than free market capitalism and that's where the true power and force of government lies in the United States. The wealthy elitists that control everything have no real loyalty to any particular form of government or ideology. The inevitability of cancel culture and the Marxist left turning their attention to and on scoundrels like Gates, Soros and the Koch brothers will force them to do what they have always done, support the ideology that is most likely to aid them in preserving their wealth and power regardless of which side of the isle its on. This last 12 years the leftists view has been their ally, that will eventually shift back to the neocons and then the actual conservatives. I think in 20 years we'll still be free and we'll look back at this period the same way we look back at the 60s, a time of political turbulence, violence and uncertainty. I used to think the country is gone, but things I'm seeing on the local and state level are sending the opposite message. Americans wake up from being sheep if you screw with our freedom too much and the leftists are right on the tipping point of loosing any mainstream support. There's even been a slight but present recent shift in coverage from the likes of CNN in the direction of reality. They have a LONG way to go to be a news organization again but its movement in the right direction. Sorry, I'm just not gonna embrace doom and gloom anymore especially after reading a couple of Horiwitz's books he wrote on the 60s. I think a lot of us have conveniently forgotten how screwed up and violent things got back then. I have to believe that this to shall pass as other than voting there isn't a damn thing I can do about any of it anyway and neither can any of us.
  9. Pretty Red Tail Hawk! Ive got tons of shots like that from small slow glass that just arn't printworthy. Frustrating for sure. The beauty of the lens and camera I have is the resolution is massive making crop and zoom usable without loss of image quality. Good point..I was kind of excluding the10k plus Nikkor Prime Lenses. While that giant glass can get you close from farther away the static focal length, size and weight make them less flexible with shooting locations. You're kinda stuck in a single spot at a relatively small distance span. Great for getting shots of nesting birds though or from a hide set up by a roosting tree. You also get a faster lens when you go that $$ big but way out of my budget.
  10. Yep. And you have to shoot typically in mid day if you want action shots with a TC. They certainly reduce the performance range of your glass but for Birds of Prey they're nearly a must for close ups in the wild. Raptors are just too skittish to get close enough for shorter lenses.
  11. Awesome macro shot! I need a good macro lens. That's my next piece of glass. Getting a battery grip and a teleconverter is first.
  12. Sorceress 21

    S21 Albulm

  13. First day on the gimble tripod 10 minutes out of the box and with very little processing, this lens on my D850 is something special... Nikon D850 Nikkor AF-S 200-500mm f/5.6 ED VR Taken at approximately 50 yards 5/5.6 1/500s ISO 100 500.00mm Minor post-pro in Rawtherapee
  14. How did you try to connect? Did you use a cable or wireless? Apple Carplay and Android Auto won't activate on Uconnect wirelessly. You have to plug in. If its still not working then the next thing is to check to see if there is an update for your system available and also those two systems aren't standard. They are in the Technology Group option only.
  15. Also add that the testing rate has gone up dramatically since the vaccines came out as many folk are electing to get a test the same time they get the shot. But ya know, those pesky facts don't seem to interest the legacy media anymore.
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