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  1. The Great Recession of 08' as it's come be known was caused, IMHO by a substantial spike in energy costs driven by Obama's energy policy which Biden is repeating. When gas skyrocketed to nearly $4 per gallon on the national average along with Natural gas and electric costs folks had to choose between a running engine and their lights and heat against paying rent/mortgage. When people run out of money they prioritize. This is going to happen again. Biden's polices are crushing our energy sector with no help from mother nature as of late. Covid is fading fast so here's how I think this goes: As the warm weather comes in and covid becomes history people will start driving like crazy. That'll put a cinch on supply. Because Biden is crushing production capacity that'll drive up energy prices back to 2008 levels. People are already long behind on mortgages, rent, credit card payments etc. Add back in 3.85 a gallon gas and nutso natural gas/electric bills - boom! The Great Recession 2.0 is upon us.
  2. So says the arrogant man...I like you Rampy but on this point you are being abundantly ridiculous. Placing a blanket statement on this is the only thing that's stupid. You're going to have to prove you "way more often then you think it does" statement as no one ever can. Open carrying when you're way out in the woods on a solo hike is stupid? Open carrying going to a shooting range is stupid? Open carrying out on your own property is stupid? Open carrying an dozens of other scenarios when it's not only not stupid, it's actually the best way to carry is something you open carry haters never want to think about. While I'm at it what gives you the right judge me or anyone else in how we do or do not carry a weapon? Isn't that kind of like being a.....Democrat?
  3. I hate this debate. Why will it never go away? It's the most hypocritical pile of rubbish among gun owners. Right to carry, but only the way "I" think you should? WTF??? If this was an "actual" problem vs. a "perceived" problem based off this one example then logic dictates that even with professional weapon retention training at play there'd be a "noticeable" number of sidearm snatches from Police Officers ("NOTICABLE" - NOT "many": Reading comprehension is important here) as well paired with many more instances of grabs like this one. One instance does not make a rule but it does give one something to think a good deal about if and when they choose open carry. This is the single most ridiculous long-standing and the MOST divisive debate in the firearms community. What does it matter who advocates for what exactly? Why do people get so up in arms over this topic? Do I have the right to tell any of you to or not to open carry? Open carriers don't make concealed carriers look stupid and concealed carriers don't make open carriers look stupid either. The notion that one reflects in any way on the other on every single observer out there is infantile, egotistical and patently absurd. There's over 150 million gun owners in America and we all have our position on this. You open carry haters will never convince those who make that choice nor vise versa. I've said it before an I'll say it again, there is no empirical data from a reputable source that uses real stats from any source which favors one over the other and every single solitary time someone chimes in and makes grandiose claims about FBI statistics, blah blah blah, I ask them to post the data. Their response: "I'll have to find it again". Do they ever find it post it? Nope. Why? Because it doesn't exist. No one has ever actually studied this. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong. Anyone in my opinion that gets hostile about open carry is anti-2A and pro-government control. Where in the 2nd Amendment does it say ".....keep and bear arms except when the firearm is visible"? If you don't like open carry then don't open carry! Why continue to start this crap against the two chains of thought? What happens to freedom of choice whenever this comes up? What you feel is your reason to or not to is relevant to no one but yourself. I advocate for neither position as I have no right to do so nor do I criticize anyone's choice in the matter. I do what's right for me, appropriate to the circumstances when it comes to carrying a weapon based on my experience and opinion. I suggest all of you do the same.
  4. Won't even get out of committee and has no co-sponsors. Guys, don't underestimate the power of the Swamp. These cronies want status quo! That's what I'm seeing, lot's of drinking top shelf whisky in the back rooms of the Capitol building. The old guard haven't relented, ohhh they're under attack from the far left, but they still control that building! We're gonna get two years of executive orders and little to no legislation. I didn't think it was gonna go that way, but now I'm seeing the truth. THAT's why Trump was ousted, he was threatening these Swamp Turtles and they want nothing but gridlock and bi-partisan bills on meaningless fluff only.
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  6. The fact anyone on this site that calls themselves a conservative is still using Facebook for anything anymore other than something to make fun of baffles me on every level. Some beotch and complain and talk about how worried they are for America's future then two clicks later they're surfing through the Internet Capitol of leftist tyranny without a care in the world probably posting, on Facebook, how much what the left is doing is pissing them off. It's flipping unreal..
  7. Lol, you have nearly twice as many likes as I have posts and we've been on the Armory about the same amount of time..... Anyone wanna guess which of the two of us has a life? Just teasin - Congrats!
  8. This conversation sure did get crappy didn't it!
  9. Yep - I went with the Poop-in-a-box vs the ass pipe camera.
  10. He was in for five months and has unit citations? That makes zero sense. Generally, unit citations are based on 6 consecutive months of excellence in the performance of a unit's mission. Citation eligibility, typically (there are some exceptions) require the recipient to have served the whole of that six month audit period in that unit. In other words you don't get to wear a unit citation ribbon if you were get to the unit two weeks before it's issued. There are some slight variations on those rules but considering boot camp is two months and Rate or MOS training another 2 months to even more than a year in some cases I find this a bit hard to believe that he was eligible at all. Sounds like a clear cut case of stolen Valor to me.
  11. When I was in, 88-92 it was no Bueno. If the wrong person found out it was straight to a dishonorable discharge.
  12. Said the guy on his knees...
  13. That was a great mini series! I enjoyed it a lot.
  14. I just got back into playing. If anyone's up for a game find me on chess.com: sorceress21
  15. There is an overall and fatal flaw in any state, county or local plan to circumvent or protect its citizens from prosecution under any Federal law. If states or localities are unwilling to actively interdict Federal Law Enforcement to stop them from investigating, enforcing or apprehending in lieu of unconstitutional Federal laws then the gestures and declarations are all toothless and will do nothing to protect you from, for example, the ATF serving a no-knock warrant on you for suspicion of possessing unlawful firearms that were unlawful due to an unconstitutional law. 99% percent of these declarations are about as effective as putting a sign underwater 100 yards off a beach pointing out to sea that says: Attention all man-eating sharks. There are no man eating sharks allowed beyond this point. but not putting a barrier or net to stop them, as if they could read anyway!
  16. For regular old civilian web surfing here's a recommendation to substantially lower your risk: Have a cheap PC or Laptop as a dedicated burner: Use it exclusively for web surfing and any social media participation. Equip it with IP and MAC address spoofer scripts. Use Incognito windows on you browser paired with a VPN and do not store any files beyond operating system folders on that machine whatsoever. Have nothing on the machine but your OS files and do a clean install on Windows or IOS or Linux before use to purge the bloatware. NEVER download OR uplaod ANYTHING! Do not use that machine for email accounts associated in any way with your actual identity. NEVER use public wifi. Do not ever connect that machine to any online account that has your actual personal info on it such as banking information. Change the device's name to a random combination of letters and numbers, change it weekly. Change passwords on social media weekly. Do not use it to connect to the internet via a mobile data network SIM card. NEVER EVER EVER type your actual name or ID info anywhere on the net for any reason when using the burner. If it has a webcam destroy the camera physically by driving a nail thru the lens aperture or using pliers to crush it. Deactivating it via the OSI it isn't enough. Hackers can turn it back on and you'd never know it. Now, this makes you basically web-dead for anyone other than your direct ISP. They can be subpoenaed for all of your meta data captured via every IP you've used. There's ways around that too but now you're getting into deep coding and scripting paired up with some rather expensive hardware. So as long as you aren't doing anything blatantly illegal online you'll be pretty protected from Democrat backlash, cancel culture, or ID thieves. You can get a cheap machine for under $300 to be your web play toy. For real ID stuff you use your regular devices including smartphone but in their use you never, ever go to sketchy sites or access social media. Keep the two sides to your web habits segregated on two different machines: OFFICIAL and UNOFFICIAL.
  17. This is all academic. There is no way the new Congress will get legislation passed to retroactively reclassify millions of semi-auto non SBR AR-15 rifles/pistols as Title II firearms. The sheer impossibility of the administrative logistics of that are prohibitive. Such a Bill would never clear Ways & Means in the House. If even 10% of AR owners comply it would bury the ATF under years of paperwork they don't have the manpower to manage and on top of that they'll never getting a funding clause approved for cash buybacks. What will likely happen is they'll continue to press the ammo makers with increased regulation making it harder for them to produce adequate quantities of ammo to get the shelves restocked. They'll get another Brady styled bill at least to the Senate if not into law and it's very possible they may stop the retail sales of brand new ARs without a stamp or even at all.
  18. As far as your reference to me as an appeaser and lobbing me in with those who are - Your failure to recognize my sarcasm was one thing and understandable, I mean it's you after all - sarcasm is often lost on you. However, then despite my explaining that your insistence at labeling me as having an appeasement mindset is incorrect you continue to stand by that judgment? Are you flipping kidding me? I was just starting to think I can actually really respect you but here you go again falling right back to your old patterns of judgmental accusatory crap. Who are you to judge me after I've debunked your assessment of my remarks? Because now you're calling me a liar and that's 100% unacceptable. You owe me an apology - period. If you aren't man enough to own up to the fact that you misunderstood my original post and retract your "you stand by" that assertion then please do me a favor for the sake of peace on the Armory, put me on ignore and stop responding to my posts. Since you have such a detailed understanding about what I'm all about and refuse to admit you actually don't know crap about me then I'll thank you to stop bothering me. I have zero patience for this kind of DEMOCRAT STYLED judgmental BS anymore from you or anyone else. You pulled an AOC there John - SHAME ON YOU!
  19. Lighten up John, it was sarcasm. Sheesh! If I was standing in front of you I'd take off my glove and smack you across the face and ask my purser to fetch my dulling pistols. Appeasement mindset MY ARSE!
  20. For reference the PA password is Bugaloohawaianrobetogaparty. Or at least it should be....
  21. Look at it this way fellars, if old Comrade Bidenski makes all of our Black rifles transferable only via an ATF tax stamp and stops the retail of new weapons a whole bunch of us are gonna have small fortunes in our gun safes not to mention how much our ammo will be worth!
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