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  1. BigGrumblyBear

    My help is in jail again!

    Oh we've got hilbillies in IL. I'll introduce you to some of my extended family....
  2. BigGrumblyBear

    Poly case ammo

    I read that, too. I was wondering what kind of gunk something like that would leave in your barrel/chamber?
  3. BigGrumblyBear

    Does Anybody Else?

    Unfortunately, yeah, and then I correct the counts as i use up or add more. Just one of my multitude of quirks....
  4. BigGrumblyBear

    Buis on dpms oracle is it possible?

    OK. Went into the dungeon and mocked up one of my rifles. I stand corrected, riser needed. I didn't think the optic was THAT low, from looking at the pic. On the other hand an upper 1/3rd co-witness would be unique.
  5. BigGrumblyBear

    Buis on dpms oracle is it possible?

    Just get a gas block height front sight from Midwest Ind., Yankee hill, Troy, Samson, etc...... No riser needed. Unless you want one.
  6. BigGrumblyBear

    Hearing questions

    I don't know anything about VA stuff. Do they have access to the same range of hearing devices that a private audiologist does?
  7. BigGrumblyBear

    Hearing questions

    Raven, how long ago was that? Tech for hearing aids has jumped incredibly in the last few years.
  8. BigGrumblyBear

    For Sale M885 Ammo Cheap

    Still a better price than ctd.
  9. BigGrumblyBear

    Help needed on ordering ammo online

    Natchez Shooters supplies?
  10. BigGrumblyBear

    Muddy Girl Camo

    Marry her! Now!
  11. BigGrumblyBear


    Why would BHW do that?
  12. Almost a dead ringer for my chop! Parts and paint....maybe a tick under 20 grand, new. Nowadays with the market as it is prolly about 10.
  13. BigGrumblyBear

    Have the chance to get a safe......

    Snag it.
  14. BigGrumblyBear

    Who doesnt own an AR?

    I arrived at the same conclusion the opposite way(sort of). Had an AK. Tried a buds AR. Sold the Ak to buy an AR. Put it in the safe and somehow it multiplied into three.
  15. BigGrumblyBear

    Tactical AR on arms list

    It's yours, isn't it?