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  1. Oh we've got hilbillies in IL. I'll introduce you to some of my extended family....
  2. I read that, too. I was wondering what kind of gunk something like that would leave in your barrel/chamber?
  3. Unfortunately, yeah, and then I correct the counts as i use up or add more. Just one of my multitude of quirks....
  4. OK. Went into the dungeon and mocked up one of my rifles. I stand corrected, riser needed. I didn't think the optic was THAT low, from looking at the pic. On the other hand an upper 1/3rd co-witness would be unique.
  5. Just get a gas block height front sight from Midwest Ind., Yankee hill, Troy, Samson, etc...... No riser needed. Unless you want one.
  6. I don't know anything about VA stuff. Do they have access to the same range of hearing devices that a private audiologist does?
  7. Raven, how long ago was that? Tech for hearing aids has jumped incredibly in the last few years.
  8. Almost a dead ringer for my chop! Parts and paint....maybe a tick under 20 grand, new. Nowadays with the market as it is prolly about 10.
  9. I arrived at the same conclusion the opposite way(sort of). Had an AK. Tried a buds AR. Sold the Ak to buy an AR. Put it in the safe and somehow it multiplied into three.
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