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  1. Go to gander Mt. and see all the d-bags waiting for the truck on Thursday willing to pay whatever for whatever just to get it. This is why nothing is available and prices stay high. I just want some cheap stuff cuz I want to shoot! It's not fun just looking at something I can't use.
  2. If it is not you, maybe consider your sights. Look at this link. http://www.dawsonprecision.com/CategoryProductList.jsp?cat=SIGHTS+FRONT
  3. Not sure. I see 10-8 has one already beveled. There are lots of story's about this happening, but no real reason why.
  4. Yeah I wondered. This pistol isn't my bedside rig, so I want it set up for range use and fast target acquisition.
  5. The point of the bobtail is to reduce printing for CCW. Google it, but it seems its a lot of work and really not worth it.
  6. As I have posted I have the Springer TRP and it has the Novak trijicon sights. Although I do like night sights, it makes it hard to find the front sight in the day light. What are your guys thoughts on the fiber optic (true glow style) front sights? Also, this gun is the black armory coat. I don't want to mar the finish and I was wondering if I did replace both sights, would such a large job result in maring even with brass punches?
  7. This is the Sprinfield TRP. My buddy has the loaded and the barrel looks the same, but no issue. I have ran about 150 through it after the file job and no issues now. IDK, but it PO's me to have to do that to such an expensive gun.
  8. Hopefully run the 1911 tomorrow. We still have plenty of .45 ammo around here and shipments daily.. No AR though.
  9. So Rock River is no better than a Bushmaster and colt is the best AR money can buy? That's is how The Chart reads. I own a RRA and the one I own does have commercial parts, but also has a lot of things not listed on the chart. Thousands of rounds and not one malfunction. I love my non mil spec crap junk commercial excuse of a rifle! Should have bought Colt! Dang it! Here is my properly staked gas key on the chrome BCG that came in the gun.
  10. Not a pro at the light mounts, but I would look at the Haley Strategic Thorntail mount.
  11. I'd like to buy some of your Tula? I did forget to mention that 9mm is harder to find here than .223/5.56
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