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  1. Benfishin1

    Eotech alternative

    Banner worked fine for me.
  2. Benfishin1

    S&W MP15

    I was planning on researching for a couple more months before I made my first purchase. However, I just got my Gander Mountain flyer in the mail today and they have the S&W MP15 Sport with 3 extra mags on sale for $680. I don't plan on using the gun for home defense or LE applications. It will mainly be for plinking/range and probably some small game hunting. I do want to make sure that it is a reliable weapon though. I don't want to clean up FTF's constantly or have it turn into junk after 3,000 rounds. I've read a bunch of reviews on-line and they seemed pretty favorable but I would really appreciate having some thoughts/opinions from some real folks with real knowledge. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Ben
  3. Benfishin1

    Another Newbie

    I think it is a DPMS Panther. My other friend has anAR-10 which I think is a Rock River. I enjoyed shooting them both, but .223 ammo is far cheaper than .308.
  4. Benfishin1

    Another Newbie

    Hello all! My name is Ben, and I'm from Wisconsin. I'm 33 and have been hunting since I was 12. I'm also into fishing & cigars I own multiple rifles, shotguns and a couple of handguns. I've never given much thought to owning an AR as most of my weapons have been bought for hunting or home defense. A few months ago I shot a friends AR-15, and that was it! Now I've decided I have to have one. I've been trolling several forums for awhile now, and choosing this one was a pretty easy choice. The beginners info. was outstanding and answered many of the questions that I had. I'm planning on taking my time and making an informed decision(hopefully) before I purchase my first AR. I've purchased a few books on AR's and between them and all the knowledge here I'm hoping to wade through what right now seems to be an overwhelming number of options. I'm sure I'll have questions as time goes on, but for now just wanted to introduce myself. I look forward to being part of the forum, and hope to make some new friends. Ben