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  1. We generated into a Bulldog family American Bulldog Mac Toby is supposed to be a miniature English Bulldog Chloe is a Frenchie Maggie who recently passed away at the end of last year
  2. I don't have my PTC yet (should be in the mail) but I will be carrying my G23 and Sig P238. The Sig is a bit heavier than the LCP but it is 100x easier to control than the LCP. I have the P238 and my dad has the LCP so I have been able to compare them side by side. The size of both are identical. The P238 isn't as easy to detail strip as a glock, but it isn't difficult by any means, I do it every time I clean it. the LCP has roll pins and looked to be a pita from the youtube videos I watched on it. Something else you may consider between the LCP and the P238 is the SA trigger with thumb safety vs DA trigger with no thumb safety. If you are used to carrying something with a thumb safety then the P238 should be no problem as you are already accustomed to having to disengage the safety.
  3. Here are a few pics of the BAD lever filed down. Since there will not be much pressure applied, the file job should not effect the function of the lever. (Yes my gun is pretty dirty went to range yesterday and haven't had a chance to clean it yet) The bottom area that is filed does not need to be filed I did not realize that I was making contact with the area and only took off the surface of the paint, which is alright since I will end up putting a new coat on any way. Other than that it is basically filed like a feed ramp on the major filed section. Here are some pictures of it on the rifle. I am not sure if you can really see since I am not a very good photographer and I dont have a micro lens, but it doesn't touch the the body at all when it holds the bolt open in the 2nd and 3rd pics.
  4. Cactus1: I just picked up a magpul B.A.D lever for my Sig M400 it looks like it will work with a little bit of filing to the lever I will post up some pics once I get around to filing the lever.
  5. Officer Shawn Schneider of Lake City, MN was shot and killed with a .22 this past Dec.
  6. Nice pick up, I just bought a Mosquito a couple days ago as well in thoughts of it being a gun mainly for my girlfriend (she doesn't know I bought it yet). So far I put 100 rounds of mini mags through it and no issues, every round fed and went bang. Compared to the S&W .22lr she has the Mosquito is 100X better even though it isn't a real Sig....
  7. Where does one obtain this frog lube? I would rather not buy from midway given the issues they have had on here. and google doesn't give any other options.
  8. I am probably going to the range tomorrow again to sight in the Crimson Trace laser guard I bought for my Dad's LCP for his B-day. I will bring the AR out and see what I can do at 46yards with not magnifier and just iron sights. Next I want to replace the troy grip with something else similar to the Grip-Pod but I am looking for something that has a QD mount. I find my self moving the Troy grip to much and it is kind of a PITA. Also as soon as primary arms gets the FTS magnifier mount in I will pick one of those up.
  9. Went to the range again on Sunday with the lady friend, we started off on the pistol side since that always fills up and one ends up waiting all day for a lane to open up I put 100 rounds through the Glock and between us we probably put between 200-250 rounds through my girlfriends S&W .22 then we headed over to the the rifle side. I started out at the 46 yard max and had to mess with the Eotech as it was still a few clicks off zero. Started of with the same American Eagle .223 55gr. value pack then I had to purchase a few more boxes at the range which was the Remington PMC .223 55gr. Also wee used the Primary arms 3x magnifier the entire time with a stool and sand bag setup. After getting the EOtech to where I felt it was zeroed I made my girlfriend shoot it. She was very reluctant to shoot it as she was to afraid of the recoil since all she was used to is her .22 S&W. She has tried my Sig p6 (9mm) and Glock 22(40S&W) but doesn't like the power; I think she is just afraid that they will come flying out of her hands. We were at the end of the American Eagle box and one mag had 6 rounds in it, so I got her set up with a stool and sand bag, and set the target out to 25 yards for her. Target is a Shoot-N-C 8in. circle w/ 3/4in center. Needless to say she realized the recoil wasn't as bad as she was expecting, and I think her panties got a little wet because she wanted more (I proceeded to finish off the remaining 30rounds of the AE ammo at 46 yards but forgot to take a picture) After I finished off the AE ammo I get her set up with a full mag of the Remington PMC ammo and after like 5 or 6 rounds at 33 yards out I had to bring the target in because the shoot-n-c stickers were falling off when they were hit down range. I got her set up with a new target down at the 46 yard max, since the new target was a bit bigger. She proceeded to put the rest of the rounds down range on target. She ended up doing pretty well for it being her first time shooting it and being a bit nervous. Dirty Bird Splattering Target 2 5/8in X 3 1/2in I finished off the last 30 rounds of the Remington PMC ammo at 46 yards with the Shoot-N-C 8in circle with 3/4in center dot target. My first grouping was at the bottom. There was a red circle sticker there, but it fell off when hit a few times. Second grouping was in the middle. I was going to adjust the EOtech again as I felt I was aiming on the center dot and it was hitting left. I left it where it was as I figure it was shooter error and put a few more rounds into the group. Third group was the last 5 rounds at the top red dot. First shot was right on target. I did feel myself anticipate the shot on the couple random stray rounds in the first grouping at the bottom; the 3 rounds to the right of the dot in the second grouping were after I was debating on tweaking the dot on the EOtech but didn't. Not to shabby for a 3x magnifier with and EOtech EXPS2-0. At 46 yards out the dot on the Eotech is larger than the 3/4in red circle on the target. Even though EOtechs are made for CQ, they do fairly well at a distance with a 3x magnifier behind it. I probably wouldn't go much farther out with the 3x unless I had a little bit larger target. One could probably get it on target at 75 yards maybe even 100yards with the Dirty Bird splatter target with the 2 5/8in X 3 1/2in center, but I don't have an indoor range close enough for me to try. When It gets warmer and the snow melts I will try it out. Impression of the Primary Arms 3x deluxe magnifier: Even though I believe it is made in China, It is has a crisp field of view. It feels well built and durable. It is not top of the line, but at half the price of the EOtech combo it cant be beat. Unless you absolutely have to have the EOtech magnifier with the optic, this is a great magnifier. Until I am proven otherwise about the quality and durability of PA I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one of their optics; from the reviews out there I think most everyone feels the same. Now all I am waiting for is the FTS mount to come back in stock and it'll be a done deal. 2 1/2 weeks and 380 round through
  10. Lol, well as much as I love the gun I still have to show love to the others. After I was done zeroing it in I went to the pistol side and put 100 through the new Glock22 that I picked up a couple days after I got the AR and also put 50 through my Sig p6. I might try and swing out to the range before my hockey game on Sunday and put some down range with the magnifier. 200 rounds in 2 weeks for both the AR and the Glock isn't to shabby
  11. Not trying to start an argument, just trying to open up the gate to the other side of thought. What would your wife think? Would she be able to live knowing you gave your life for her without the feeling that she should have been in your place. Would you want your wife to have to live with that burden the rest of her life? It is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. I am with you Redbarron06 I am willing to to risk my life and not just willingly give it up. I would rather die with my significant other rather than one of us giving our life for the other.
  12. Alrighty I just got back from the range. I ended up putting approximately 50 rounds of the American Eagle value pack 223 55gr. FMJ through it to get the iron sights zeroed in; then another 50 rounds to get the EOtech zeroed in. I was zeroing at 25yards and 46yards(max distance at the indoor range). I was using a sit down table setup they had there with a sand bag rest. After getting some real tight groups during the zeroing process (forgot to take pictures), I went and picked up another 20 rounds at the counter. All he had was Remington PMC 223 55gr. FMJ For this last 20rounds I was standing up and was adjusting the Troy Grip. I shot 4 different groupings at 33yards/100ft. I also only used the EOtech for these last 20, I took the magnifier off so I could get sued to just the EOtech alone first. The target is a shoot-n-c 8in target center dot is 3/4in. Group 1: I used the Troy grip as close to the magazine as I could (position shown in the original post) Pretty tight I would say for having a little shake in my arm from already shooting 100 rounds. Group 2: I adjusted the Troy Grip forward about 3/4ths of the way to the front, again pretty tight with shooter arm fatigue. Group 3: I took the Troy grip off and well pretty tight, one bullet managed to stray up a few inches Group 4: Well...... it is what it is, my eyes were starting to get a little blurry when I focused on the target and couldn't keep the dot still on target. Bottom line, I am very pleased with the Sig M400 and the EOtech as well. For my first AR I really couldn't ask for more. I am liking the American Eagle value pack ammo as well, 200 rounds through so far and zero problems(knock on wood) and only $29/100rds.
  13. What is even more disturbing, is seeing those real young girls wearing the sweatpants with PINK on the butt and knowing that these little girls are shopping at victoria secret....
  14. Have you guys experienced anything with the notice from streamlight with Glock22's? The following was posted under the TLR-1 on the Streicher's website
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