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  1. I'm building my first AR15 its a 6.8spc. I wanna use it for deer hunting....what kind of scope should I get? Also, any suggestions on stuff to put on it? I want it to look and function awesome.
  2. Ok, so this is my first AR15 build and I don't really know that much about them. I need some advice from you guys on upgrades and stuff. Here's what I've got for it so far. Bushmaster 6.8spc upper, bushmaster stripped lower, grip http://dsgarms.com/ProductInfo/CAVERGOBLACK.aspx , lower parts kit http://dsgarms.com/ProductInfo/DD-05-013-21007.aspx , and stock/buffer tube kit http://dsgarms.com/ProductInfo/VLAEB-C-B.aspx. I want this gun to look and perform awesome. My reason for getting the 6.8 is to deer hunt with it so ill need a scope also. If you've got any comments on what I've already bought or stuff I need I'm all ears.
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