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  1. As I pointed out in an earlier post... Pride, is purely feel-good semiotics and semantics in relation to the actual forces that drive the economy... It might make you somehow feel good to go down with your ship, that does seem to be a recurring theme to what naturally guides those who lack the ability to "reason". Not only in times of hardship, but in good times as well... The saying that applies here is, "You are your own worst enemy"... Stubborn, bullheaded, thick... some of the other less politically correct terms used to describe those who chose to go down with the ship because of Pride... Less money, is less money... be a it a lesser paying job over higher paying unemployment or going from a skilled position to an unskilled one, due to the lack of jobs in a given area. An area you cannot move from for family and or financial reasons... aka can't sell your house etc... I'm a bit taken by the numbers of folks here and on the right who cannot see this simple, yet logical position... THAT is what is most disturbing. What many on the right cannot see, is that, they are just as guilty of drinking the party kool aid. Just like those on the left they often accuse of doing. The lack of individual thinking regarding all topics is just as deep on the right as it is the left... Far too many people tow the party line, over rational thinking. Without regard to simply how foolish it makes them look towards other... especially when surrounded by many more who gleefully drink the party kool aid and recite the same ole tired language, over forming an individual opinion.
  2. Could of been anything really, from just that bit of information...
  3. So because I simply have a realistic view of those who lost jobs in this recession, I'm somehow unemployed? Amazing logic... or lack thereof. Most who regularly exchange posts with me here, know what I do for a living...
  4. OK... discarding all logic for a second so I can relate to your post... How is taking a job paying LESS, more beneficial to you and your families well being than receiving unemployment which pays more? Seriously, this line of thinking defies all logic...
  5. And please explain to me how pride can effectively manipulate an economy, by all accounts the worst since the Great Depression, into helping you maintain a job with income which is enough to sustain you, your family and their needs? Pride, is purely feel-good semiotics and semantics in relation to the actual forces that drive the economy...
  6. Have you actually looked at just how backlogged the foreclosure process is nationally? I'm friends with a lady attorney who's office handles foreclosures for a big TN baed bank. Right now, if you stopped paying your mortgage and hit the 90 day claims window. It will take the bank 46 to 48 months to fully process it and have an order signed by a judge authorizing the Sheriff to evict you...
  7. That might work if the housing markets were not in complete shambles... Its been addressed before many times... people simply cannot up roots and move today because most own a home, they cannot off load, without losing their asses... And for that part about where are all the jobs at, these people, evidentially... according to all the economists posting in this thread think, that they haven't taken... over an unemployment check? Where are all these jobs? According to the BLS's own data... the jobs simply are not there, unless you are a trained computer programmer, engineer or certified in some college-level technical medical skill... The arrogance shown by those on the right over this issue, and in doing so the ignorance too, is sad, truly sad... Yes there are some who are riding the gravy train. But most simply cannot find a job, paying more than their unemployment benefits... Your unemployment pay is calculated by using a formula that looks at your base pay over a given period of time. So its all very possible, that the reason these folks chose to stay on unemployment, over taking a job paying less is, well financially logical and simple to understand, if you stop and think about it for a second. These folks are not on welfare, they at some point were gainfully employed, most in the construction industry making good money... they lost their jobs by no fault of their own... they have bills, families etc... they must pay for. Their unemployment paychecks were based on their actual pay before being fired/laid off... which would be higher than pumping gas at the kwiki or flipping buyers at McD's... They are caught up, just like many millions more in this mess... Removed
  8. As long as you've got the insurance to cover it, I say go for it... and pray you don't run over someones irreplaceable fully original Model T or a Ferrari 288 GTO... while trying to parallel park your FORD Twin 5000 barge hauler and building mover.
  9. Seriously folks, what the hell... In my apartment complex in the last 3 weeks we've had 6 different cars hit by 6 different pick up trucks. All involved are residents, pick up truck and parked car owners... In all cases except one,,, the guys in these massive super-duper picky-muck trucks were all trying to back these behemoths into a parking space that in reality is barely big enough for a simple car. Two accidents were witnessed by people who tried to stop the truck drivers from backing in, to which the PU truck drivers responded "awe heck I've been driven' this here truck long enough to..." WHAMMM!!!! Last year we had a similar problem with some residents backing in company vehicles, one was a full-size rollback wrecker... The complex management sent out letters telling them to stop... they did, for a little while. But now we've got a new herd of folks who for reasons passing understanding has bought trucks the size of Nebraska to drive back and forth to their job at Geico or the Mall... none of them to my knowledge work on farms or in the oil industry... a couple are students at a local college. But seriously, why do many who buy such ginormous vehicles think they can park them in spots barely big enough for a Honda Civic? More humorously we had a hospital employee a few months back, who owns one of those HUGE jacked up Ford Duelies. I think Ford designed them to pull oil derricks or river barges or something... anyways he came blasting into one of our parking garages at work and nearly took the top off the cab of the thing... Then he proceeded to blame the hospital for the incident, saying the garage was too small... to which engineering responded with a video of a full-size delivery truck and a huge Metro Nashville FD Ambulance successfully negotiating several of the garages... I'm seriously thinking about asking for university grant money to study any link between pick up truck size and IQ...
  10. http://www.businessinsider.com/this-incred...ng-saved-2012-5 The kitten looks quite happy to be with its new found friends.
  11. The deployment of the F-22's are an indicator how critical the situation is and may be an indicator just how close Israel is to launching a strike against Iran. Or how close we think they are. But the real alarm for Iran will be the sudden deployment of any portion of our B-2 bomber fleet to Diego Garcia.
  12. Iran has limited ability to retaliate against Iran... about the only option they have will be via missile attack or from ship borne attacks off the Israeli coastline. The Iranian air force wouldn't make it out of Iran, let alone all the way to Israel. The F-22's are there to stop Iran from attacking assets in the gulf, closing the straits or attacking Saudi Arabia, et al...
  13. A Missing German Sub, and a hydrogen bomb that isn't supposed to exist...
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