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  1. i like sp bullets they just as accurate as vmax way cheaper so u can shoot more no pds here but you cant tell any difference between vmax an sp on jackrabbets
  2. I like varget very consitant and it burns clean
  3. first let me say i like bro products ihave many of their accs but a couple monts ago i saw a pic of the spiral twist fluted barrel an i had to have one for my latest build it took awile to get one as they were back orderd but i finally got it i was dissapointed with the quality of the work the flutes look rough lot of toolmarks i havent shot it yet i hope it shoots much better than it looks
  4. I cut a ear plug in half and put it under the rear lug have done this on many ar for years have never had one come lose or move it works
  5. I have been useing the MGI 2x extra power springs they are more expencive but they work great an dont make that sprong noise
  6. i have a rcbs 1500 charg master i bought a few years ago have loaded thousands of rounds with out a problem i love it
  7. you will also need some case prep tools neck brushes primer pocket cleaners reamers also you will need a set of calipers and a sturdy bench
  8. i just had to get glasses couple of months back i tryed progressev lens i could not ever get used to them i had to get them changed to regular lens
  9. Black rain only sells to dealers
  10. varget works the best for me is also very clean burning
  11. I have used a RCBS 1500 charge master loaded thousands of223 works great i load 26.5 grns varget with 55 grn bullet they shoot great out of my 24 inch bullbarrel
  12. it is allways agood idea to grease your hammer sear engagement to reduce friction and give a smother trigger pull it dosent matter what color the grese is
  13. Any one know where i can get a black rain spiral flute 16 inch barrel
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