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  1. michaelamc

    For all the dads

    I have two daughters. Thankfully I still have 10 years before i have to worry about boyfriends, but sadly, for future boyfriends who happen to hurt my little angels, I have 10 years to hone my skill. I don't have 9000 acres at my disposal, but the inlaws do have a pig farm.
  2. michaelamc

    New to the group

    New to the group. Just bought my first AR, built by my brother in law, who is a gunnery sergeant in the Marines. Should be a good gun? haha. I also have several other guns (I love guns) Remington 710 in .300 win mag, bolt action mossberg, Mosin Nagant. Also have 9mm Ruger, an old .22 revolver, and a Sig Sauer C3 .45 acp. Feel like i'm forgetting a few. Either way anybody else from TN?
  3. michaelamc

    New Members Please Read!

    I understand the 10 post rule, but it still sucks. Love the site, or the idea of it at least. Hopefully, I can get this 10 post cherry popped so I can venture further.