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  1. I totally agree. When I use my AImpoints, I keep the dot only as bright as I need it. Whenever I let someone shoot my rifle’s I crank it up a click or two to make sure it’s bright enough for them so I know that’s not the problem. They usually ask me “how do you turn it on“ even though it’s already on. It just feels natural for me to look through an Aimpoint and see the dot. I just don’t get the head bobbing/rifle moving before someone else can see it. I’ve never seen anyone have that problem with any other optic and I’ve only seen it a few times. My wife was one of the people with the problem and I know she has poor peripheral vision but I wouldn’t have thought that would matter.
  2. Have you ever met anyone who couldn’t see the dot? I’ve met a few now and can’t figure out what the problem is. They do eventually find it but it takes a while. The last guy started out nose to charging handle and then was bobbing his head all over the place trying pick it up. What’s going on there?
  3. AMX

    Folding Utility Knife

    Thanks for the replies. I googled the Milwaukee ones and am leaning towards one of them.
  4. AMX

    Folding Utility Knife

    I used to have a Superknife but someone stole it. I replaced it with a craftsman/husky but it broke after a few weeks. I tried a harbor freight one but that didn’t last long either. What are you guys using? I need one mainly for cardboard boxes and removing shrinkwrap.
  5. AMX

    PVS 14 problem

    The cap wasn’t removed. When I was having the problem, the unit wouldn’t work with the battery compartment snapped shut. If I unlatched the cap (but didn’t remove anything) it worked. My fingers were just keeping the cap and batteries from falling out and making sure there was lite contact being made at both ends of the batteries. After re-reading my original post I can see why you’d ask that. Sorry I didn’t explain it better the first time.
  6. AMX

    PVS 14 problem

    Both. Sand paper in the cap and an eraser on the springs.
  7. AMX

    PVS 14 problem

    It’s working now, cleaning the contacts did the trick. I didn’t see any foam piece in there, though. Thanks for the help.
  8. AMX

    PVS 14 problem

    I’ve tried other new batteries and have the same problem.
  9. AMX

    PVS 14 problem

    Not that I can see. I haven’t tried cleaning them because of that but I will. Others have suggested that also.
  10. AMX

    PVS 14 problem

    I tried googling this but didn’t come up with anything. After changing my batteries, my NV won’t work with the battery compartment snapped shut. If I just hold the batteries in the compartment it works fine. Any ideas?
  11. AMX

    Chevy Chevelle 2018

    Wow! First I’ve heard of this but I am always the last to know what’s going on. Thanks for posting.
  12. I still listen to his old shows occasionally on the Tunein Radio app. If youre intrerested just search The Ultimate Art Bell or DogZebra Radio on Tunein. Its sad to know there will never be any more shows.
  13. AMX

    Man, I hated the M203!

    I loved the 203. I even kept it when I became team leader. I still have the 37mm version in my AR collection.
  14. It was all over the local news when they were doing it. They asked for people to come downtown and participate. The same guy who organized it had thousands of people go downtown and release Chinese lanterns at night. You can find that video on YouTube also.