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  1. jimbo91

    So, about that correctional officer job I got

    Gonna try and answer all the things I forgot to put in the OP here lol. It is a maximum security prison The shank was made from a long piece of plexiglass Unfortunately, he is already in seg. But he will start his seg. time over again. He was a lifer, in for murder I definitely am gonna take some time before I decide what to do about this. In the meantime I gotta get back on the saddle, and not let them see it get to me.
  2. About a month and a half ago I came on and told you guys how stoked I was to have finally broken into the LE field, by getting a job as a correctional officer. I have been in the facility for a month and a half, and two days ago, SHTF. While doing my rounds in one of the pods, an inmate (who I had caught passing 5 days prior, and confiscated his TV for 5 days as punishment) walked up to me and asked when he would get his TV back. I told him in just a few minutes, as soon as I finish my rounds. Out of nowhere he pulled a shank out of his pants and swung it at me, aiming for my neck area. I put my arm up to block it, and sustained a pretty deep puncture wound. I took a step back, but he took a step at me and shoved. I lost my footing and ended up on my back. While I was on my back, he stood over me, stabbing for the left side of my neck. I kept lifting my head, and throwing kicks at his face. Eventually I caught him with one, and he stumbled on to his arse. I got up, and by that time my partner rushed in. He started spraying him, and I deployed my OC spray. The inmate locked down, and I was sent to the hospital. I got lucky. Don't get me wrong, I knew this job was dangerous when I took it, but c'mon. We don't have anything to defend ourselves with except a can of OC. When you're taken off guard as I was, the OC can seem to be miles away. I'm seriously second guessing my choice to jump on a CO position, rather than holding out for a police officer position. I know there are dangers in each of those jobs, but at least as a police officer you have a gun to defend yourself. I don't know, I'm pretty shaken up over the whole thing. I haven't gotten any sleep the last couple of nights. I've never had anyone attempt to take my life before.
  3. Hey rampy, thanks for all the great information lol. I'm not so sure that I will frequently open carry, and both me and the mrs will be getting concealed permits, but I really like that I can just go and buy the handguns here, and I don't have to wait 6+ months for a permit first. Do you know how much of a discount glock offers?
  4. jimbo91

    Hey guys, I'm back!

    Hey gmor, I will actually be in sterling, but im in canon city for the next month training
  5. jimbo91

    Hey guys, I'm back!

    Yea… Colorado took a turn for the worst right smack dab in the middle of my application process. It's not where I'll be forever, but it gets my foot in the door. It doesn't get much worse than NY though, any move is a good move
  6. Since Colorado is open carry, and my wife will be working from home in a prison town, I would love for me and her to each get our first handguns, and start going to the range together to practice. What caliber would you recommend for the two of us? 9mm for each? 9mm for her and .45acp for me? What guns would you guys recommend in the 300-500$ range?
  7. jimbo91

    Hey guys, I'm back!

    Hey everyone, its been a little while. I am currently in the basic training academy for the colorado department of corrections. I'm loving colorado right now, decent weather and a great new job! Whats new? anything exciting?
  8. jimbo91

    Anyone hear of this ZIP .22?

    I found this while watching some videos on youtube. I know there really isn't any point in putting a .22lr on a 5.56 gun, but it's cheap, and I like the concept. Who am I kidding, I want one! http://zipfactory.com/
  9. jimbo91

    Say goodbye to Craftsman Tools.

    I love Craftsman, but I hate that all of their shat is made elsewhere. Craftsman sells affordable tools (compared to DeWault power tools, or snap on, mac etc…) which is great for me because I don't use my tools on a daily basis. I tinker in the garage, working on my wife's foreign p.o.s. or my vehicle, engine job for a friend or two etc… I am envious of a few friends of mine. I have a buddy who is a deisel machanic, his tools and tool box are worth more than my tools, guns, and fishing equipment put together And most of his tools are made in the USA
  10. jimbo91

    Back in the great state of NY

    As far as I'm concerned, there are going to be attempts at gun control all over the country, no matter the state. We will fight, to the best of our ability, each and every bill. If I am going to make a stand, NY is not the place to do it. If I am going to stand up and have my voice be heard, I would rather be in CO. In NY, we are sheepdogs among sheep. There are not a lot of people with the courage to stand up for what is right here. When the wolves come, were screwed. I would rather be a sheepdog among other sheepdogs. A community of people that will not compromise, will not stand for any unconstitutional bans. The short amount of time I spent in CO, I felt that I was among other gun loving right wings. People that will fight for their rights, not just take it up the bum bum.
  11. jimbo91

    Back in the great state of NY

    That's bad news bears...
  12. jimbo91

    Back in the great state of NY

    Hey Rampy, I'll keep that in mind man thank you.
  13. jimbo91

    Back in the great state of NY

    Thanks everyone! Nothing feels better than moving from a "blue" state to a "red? maybe reddish purple" state. Colorado may not be the absolute safest place to live when it comes to my rights, but it's definitely better than NY
  14. jimbo91

    Tis the season......... For girlscout cookies!!!!

    I like the peanut butter ones, I think Dosidos? with a glass of milk. Things are like a drug.
  15. jimbo91

    Back in the great state of NY

    God I hate this place. I leave Colorado, 50 degrees and sunny. I come back, 14" of snow. Counting down the days until I leave for Colorado permanently February 27th. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared to death. There is so much to think about, and there are so many affairs to set in order before I go. Not to mention dealing with the gloomy reality of saying goodbye to family and friends. I'm as excited as could be, but this is gonna blow.