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  1. jlove73


    Don't really know...lots of ideas just don't know where to start. I want function over cosmetics.
  2. jlove73


    Hey guys, my name is Jamey. I am in the Knoxville area. I just completed my first AR build and was looking for a place to get some ideas for my new "HOBBY " .
  3. Hello gentlemen, I'm new to the forum here. Just a quick reply to this question. There is a new training facility getting ready to open up in the Knoxville area. the name of the group is " Southeast Precision Tactics ". They will be doing training in assault weapons , hand guns , and basic sniper training. They do have a web site but I am not sure if I am allowed by this site admin to post it on here. They have an impressive list of instructors with major credentials. i will be happy to post the web site if I am able .
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