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  1. There's just something special about a stripped lower. So many possibilities! Looks like you have a great setup there. I love the MUR and it's good to see one in a build. I think it is beautiful start to a precision rifle build, and from what I hear you can't go wrong with BHW for a quality barrel.
  2. I would sooner die of the flu on general principal.
  3. I don't even know what to say about this guy that hasn't already been said about Iraq, AIDS, or the IRS.
  4. I attended high school in Corcoran, California. It was a primarily hispanic population and thusly so was the school. There is not a damn thing wrong with being hispanic, or wanting to speak mexican, but there was a lot wrong with hispanic-only classes and not encouraging fluency in english. We could have used a few of this guys ideas no questions asked.
  5. Arcane

    My latest build

    Well, It's been a long time since I posted on my build as it has been a slow process, but here are the latest pics. The MOE handguard is temporary and is just there so I can shoot her. I wouldn't want her to feel neglected. I was also able to pic up a magpul rear sight a little while back and that has replaced the Troy I had planned on. For some reason, having a rear sight seems to help me shoot a lot better. There is still a ton of work to be done, but she is shootable and there's a lot to say about that haha. As soon as funds allow I will be picking up other major parts that I need, but I am loving the way this rifle handles already.
  6. It's great to see you are starting him off right. I will always be thankful for my Dad starting me off young.
  7. Congrats! Start hiding..er..saving money now. That way you can still get a new toy for yourself here and there In all seriousness though congratulations.
  8. Lmao! It's about time they took those freaks off of the TV. I don't watch, but I do have to hear about them.
  9. From what I have read it sounds like this is to scare kids off of your property that are vandalizing your stuff. This being the case, get video of them and ID them. Send the little shats to juvi. As far as using less lethal ammo in general, my .02 is that it is a lawsuit waiting to happen in general. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if you give those little shats an arse load of rock salt, but the courts are not designed to provide justice anymore. When my parents house was broken into months ago and I found myself without my sidearm, I wished to god I had it. I would have used it to "stop" the hell out of that shat bag. I don't think my folks would have minded a few holes in the sheetrock either. Atleast not as much as seeing their son beat to hell and back. Anyway, less lethal is bogus. Don't even consider it.
  10. Man that's the truth. I couldn't help drooling as I saw what some of you guys have in your collections.
  11. There are definitely some weak, shatty people out there who abuse the justice system just to make a point. I would think though that they could sue the shite out of that kid and his family.
  12. Oh another hour and ten minutes and it will be time to have a heart to heart with mister Beam
  13. Oh man that was hilarious! I can't imagine how much time that took to put together.
  14. I actually haven't worn cologne a day in my life. Considering this years dry spell, I may give it a shot.
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