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  1. had not seen addax before looks like a lot for the money
  2. Jacksmatrixxx

    Newbs first AR

    very nice
  3. Jacksmatrixxx

    Left Handed AR Shooters

    i am right handed but due to an eye injury i have to shoot rifles left handed
  4. Jacksmatrixxx


    thanks every one ill post pics as soon as possible
  5. Jacksmatrixxx

    my first Ar build

  6. Jacksmatrixxx

    Got some new toys

  7. Jacksmatrixxx

    latest build

    very nice
  8. Jacksmatrixxx

    Frankenrifle Range Report

    very nice
  9. Jacksmatrixxx

    S&W stripped lower opinions wanted

    i built mine off of a s&w lower seems well made
  10. psa has 16" midlenth hammer forged barrel complete upper for 497.00,add lower for 59.99,lower kit 139.99
  11. Jacksmatrixxx


    hello,new to the ar,but feel very comfortable with it after reading all the great info on here.ar is a stripped s&w lower with psa lower kit and psa upper 16" midlenth
  12. Jacksmatrixxx

    Well, we have another Floridian.

    born and raised in sw florida
  13. Jacksmatrixxx

    S&W M&P field stripping question

    i just pull the trigger as i do with my glocks
  14. Jacksmatrixxx

    Anyone have a S&W M&P 9mm fullsize?

    love mine