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  1. Seems to me it's about time to make some noise. Terry
  2. specops56

    The REAL reason for the spike in C19 “cases!”

    I think you missed the main point. They are, once again, faking/inflating the numbers in order to re-instill the fear so they can shut down the economy again. If they're lying about the number of cases, what else are they lying about? Terry
  3. Well, yesterday I tried to RE-moralize one officer. My wife's demon car overheated and she had to stop in the middle of an Interstate overpass. I got there and called AAA. While waiting for the tow truck, a cruiser pulled in behind her. The deputy (black by the way) walked up to see if she was okay or needed help. I explained the situation and he turned to leave. I stopped him and told him how much I appreciated his concern. I told him that they get way too much BS and not enough thanks so I was thanking him now. I said that all these idiots out there now do not represent the rest of us! He smiled and I think (hope) that lightened his load just a little that day. Terry
  4. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good Carolina morning! Terry
  5. specops56

    Hey Belt Fed

  6. Ignore the delivery style and pay attention to the information. Bottom line: If one person is confirmed as infected they are now counting everyone they “contacted” as presumed to be infected in the total number of new cases! And the scam goes on. Terry
  7. specops56

    Little Videos

    The Most Hated Unit in the United States Army Terry
  8. specops56

    Maybe Something....Maybe Nothing

    I agree that it sounds like a scam. I also agree that they would love to do just that if they can. Either way, I'll be locked, loaded and ready to dance. Terry
  9. Somebody needs to pay bounties on Marxists. Terry
  10. They should hire some hackers to dox the doxxers, Then put their names, pictures and addresses on every internet gun and Patriot forum. Terry
  11. specops56

    Equality for All

    I understand and I appreciate it brother! I fully understand everything you've said. I have always taken care to maintain all my weapons. I stopped carrying the Glock several years ago and relegated it to my bedside gun. I shoot it only a few times a year now so it doesn't have quite as many rounds through it as one might expect. Whenever I disassemble it for cleaning, sight change, etc. it gets a close inspection. Lately though, in view of the current increased threat level, I'm considering carrying it again. If I do, it will have a new spring. Terry
  12. specops56

    Hey MnP4me

  13. specops56

    Hey Oedipus Rex

  14. specops56

    Hey Snake46

  15. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good Carolina morning! Terry