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  1. Any progress on fixing this yet? Terry
  2. Those you intend to take it from have probably prepared for that. Terry
  3. Good 25 degree Carolina morning! Terry
  4. Mata Hari, the notorious WWI spy (1905 - 1917) Terry
  5. Money sent. Hope it helps brother! Wish I could send more. Terry
  6. Eisenhower, Churchill, Monty Etc (1945) Terry
  7. Good Carolina morning! Terry
  8. Beer Review #111: Narragansett Brewing Company - Narragansett Lager! Bottom line: Another split decision. John tasted sour up front but I didn’t. I thought it had a bit more depth of flavor than your typical American lager. One thumb up from me and a neutral thumb from John. Terry
  9. I don't base it on that. I base it on the fact that. so far, he never has. Even when I thought I couldn't handle it, he gave me the strength to do so. During times when I felt I could not go on, he reached down, gave me a kick in the ass and sent me on my way. When I didn't know what to do, he always showed me the answer. Preach on brother, I don't mind. Terry
  10. I will refuse. For everything that comes after that, as always, I put my faith in GOD not to give me more than I can handle. Terry
  11. Some of us did take some martial arts when younger. I took a little Akido when stationed on Midway Island in the 70s. I was taking Ed Parker Kenpo when my kidneys failed. I honestly can't say how much I'll remember when the time comes. Terry
  12. Storage Food Review: Canned Chicken & Dumplings Taste-Off! Sweet Sue: 24oz - Food Lion - $2.58 / 10.7 per oz Lucks: 15oz - Food Lion - $1.99 / 13.2 per oz Dirty Moore: 20oz - Walmart - $2.06 / 10.2 per oz And the winner is……………. Dirty Moore! Terry
  13. Beer Review #110: Sierra Nevada - 40th Hoppy Anniversary Limited Edition! Bottom line: Split decision! John found it smooth and flavorful. I tasted pine trees and bitterness and nothing else. Two thumbs up and 2 thumbs down. Terry
  14. Beer Review #109: Duclaw Brewing - For Pete’s Sake! Bottom line: Sweet and toasty with plenty of peanut butter and chocolate flavor. Exactly what they said it was. Four thumbs up. Terry
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