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  1. specops56

    Trump memes

    Dang it GiggleSmith, you beat me to it! Terry
  2. specops56

    Texas judge fines city of Austin

    Outstanding! Stick it to em brother. Terry
  3. Agreed. Back in the late 1990s, when I was a BOD member of GrassRoots GunRights SC, I set up and worked recruiting tables at gun shows all over the state to sign up new members and inform them of gun bills in the legislature. It was a very successful recruiting tool. Terry
  4. specops56

    Sporadic e openings.

    Sounds like it's time to start warming up the tubes! Terry
  5. specops56

    Twin Sisters in Detroit Absolutely Rock

    I guess there's hope for today's youth after all! A hearty "well done" to their parents! Terry
  6. specops56

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    ^^^^ This^^^^ Wallet: NRA GOA JPFO Heart: Holy Bible US Constitution / D of I My enlistment oath Terry
  7. specops56

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    I'm just passing along what the article says. If you want more clarification I'd recommend contacting GOA directly. Terry
  8. specops56

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    "Gun Owners of America has an interest in repealing the individual mandate that passed as part of the anti-gun ObamaCare law. The mandate forces Americans to purchase a govt-approved health care policy. And while that’s bad enough, there are huge problems from a Second Amendment standpoint -- as every medical record on Americans would be fed into a government database which could be trolled by the ATF. Already, more than 300,000 military veterans have lost their gun rights because they received psychiatric treatment for PTSD and similar maladies. Expanding the compilation of medical records on other Americans would only compound these horrid infringements. This case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas." Terry
  9. specops56

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    And what was the NRA leadership’s biggest accomplishment in 2018? Oh yeah…… a bump stock ban, I.E. more gun rights infringements. Rampy, if you don’t like the GOA, don’t join. I’m sure they won’t miss you. Terry
  10. specops56

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    GOA/GOF Challenges Bump Stock Ban December 26, 2018 Currently, GOF has filed a lawsuit against the ATF and DOJ to stop their ban on bump stocks. Young v. Hawaii November 19, 2018 Gun Owners of America -- and its foundation (GOF) -- have filed an amicus brief opposing a request for rehearing by the State of Hawaii of a Ninth Circuit decision which overturned Hawaii’s virtual ban on citizens bearing weapons. Gun Owners Defending Suppressors in Court Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) and Gun Owners of America have worked to defend Jeremy Kettler, a combat veteran, against criminal charges brought against him by the Obama Justice Department, for buying a silencer under the authority of the Kansas “Second Amendment Protection Act.” GOF will be filing additional briefs in the 10th Circuit, and oral argument will be held later in the year. NYSRP v. NY City October 9, 2018 Gun Owners of America -- and its Foundation (GOF) -- have submitted an amicus brief before the Supreme Court in NYSRP v. NY City. Although the case pertains to gun control in the Big Apple, it has huge ramifications for our gun-owning freedoms nationwide. Robinson v. US On July 24, Gun Owners and Gun Owners Foundation filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Robinson v. United States. This brief urges the High Court to review a court of appeals decision that authorizes the police to search and disarm a gun owner at a traffic stop — even if the firearm is being lawfully carried under state law. Texas v. Unites States On May 3, 2018, GOA filed the only amicus brief supporting a 20-state challenge to Obamacare being led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Peruta v. California On June 26, 2017, the Supreme Court denied the petition for certiorari in Peruta v. California. We filed amicus briefs on your behalf in both the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and on petition to the Supreme Court. That’s just 2018 actions. You can read the full details here: https://www.gunowners.com/ January 16, 2019 GOA/GOF Fund Challenge to NFA in U.S. Supreme Court You can ll make up your own minds whether GOA is a “waste of money” or not. Terry
  11. specops56

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    Only in your "reality," wherever that may be. Terry
  12. specops56

    Stabbing at local Walmart

    On the rare occasions I go to Wally World, I carry 2 guns! Terry
  13. You’ll get no argument from me on this. For the record, From the mid 1990s to 2003 when my kidneys failed, I was an NRA Certified instructor in handgun, rifle, shotgun and personal defense. I was also a SC Law Enforcement Division certified CWP instructor. i taught many classes and helped many people obtain their CWP. In every class I taught, I also gave everyone an NRA membership form and signed up many new members on the spot. Correct. And, also for the record, if not for the 1977 Cincinnati NRA member revolt that Neal Knox was involved with, the NRA-ILA would not exist. The first director of the NRA-ILA was Neal Knox 1978-1982. Yes, I know about the membership dues. That’s why, over my 40+ years of continuous membership, I have made donations to the ILA when I could. Until recently. Agreed! Well said John! My beef has never been with the "NRA" but with the NRA "leadership" and the many bad decisions they have made in recent years that have hurt us. LaPierre and Cox act more like the RINOS in Congress than the defenders of the 2A they pretend to be. Terry
  14. Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit! It’s a small victory but a victory nonetheless. Hopefully it’s just the beginning. Just went to the email link and sent my message to my congress critter and then made a donation to the GOF legal defense fund. Terry