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  1. Veteran Owned Coffee Review #16: 11 Bravo Coffee Co. - Recon Roast! 11 Bravo Coffee Co. http://11bravocoffeecompany.com/ One dollar per pound supports wounded and disabled veterans Bottom Line: Strong but smooth! Terry
  2. specops56

    Well, my baby has graduated high school.

  3. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from sunny SC! Terry
  4. specops56

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    I've had my Liberty safe for 20+ years and no complaints. If I ever need to buy another safe it will be a Liberty. Terry
  5. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good lazy morning! I'm not doing diddly today except water my garden! Terry
  6. I like flavor and spice, not pain! Terry
  7. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good sunny S.C. morning! Terry
  8. specops56

    Hey towtruck

  9. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good morning y'all! I'm off to the Nephrologist to pee in a cup. Terry
  10. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good morning. Headed to my Dermatologist in an hour to get a chunk of my left ear cut out. I get to have all the fun! Terry
  11. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good morning! Just picked the first strawberries out of my garden! Terry
  12. I survived 10 years on Navy chow so my stomach just laughs at this! Terry
  13. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good morning! I've already got tomatoes poping out in my garden. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mooorrning! Terry
  14. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good soggy morning! Terry