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  1. specops56

    Why not support UBGC?

    Sounds like gun registration to me. Terry
  2. specops56

    Why not support UBGC?

    Fixed it. ALL current gun laws are an infringement of the 2nd Amendment. We already have laws against the act of shooting people. Terry
  3. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good Carolina morning! Terry
  4. specops56

    Little Videos

    Josey Wales "Nothing Extra" Terry
  5. specops56

    Little Videos

    Bad Day At Black Rock Terry
  6. specops56

    Little Videos

    Billy Jack RIGHT FOOT Wops Posner's Face Terry
  7. specops56

    Little Videos

    Hilarious African Action Movie Terry
  8. specops56

    Democrats in VA....Say Piss Off

    I don't believe the purpose was to "convince" the tyrants. I believe it was to serve notice on them just as the Founders did to the King before the shooting had to start. Terry
  9. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good Caro;ina morning! Terry
  10. specops56

    Anybody heard from Retcop?

    Take care of yourself brother! Terry
  11. About this much chance: Terry
  12. specops56

    Good Morning!

    Good Carolina morning! Terry
  13. I'm shocked.... shocked I tell you. Terry
  14. specops56

    So far so good in RIC...but...

    Well, I suppose they could have shown up wearing flannel and Elmer Fudd hats. I'm sure that would have been much more effective. After all, we certainly wouldn't want the tyrants to be scared of us would we? Terry