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  1. https://abc7.com/video/embed/?pid=6423391 Terry
  2. They would start making high profile examples of some of us, ala Waco and Ruby Ridge. After enough of these examples, most would cave and pay their tribute. Terry
  3. Channel Update! This is a quick update to let my subscribers know why I’ve been slow getting videos uploaded. Terry
  4. The B-29 that Fought without a Tail Terry
  5. Unvaccinated soldiers should not expect ‘business as usual’ summer leave, says Fort Campbell general. May 12, 2021 https://clarksvillenow.com/local/unvaccinated-soldiers-should-not-expect-business-as-usual-summer-leave-says-fort-campbell-general/ “Fort Campbell soldiers choosing not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine could find their plan for summer leave affected, according to Commanding General JP McGee. “It would be irresponsible of me to allow soldiers to travel unvaccinated throughout the United States and bring that back and have an impact on our soldiers, their families and our overall operational readiness. I’m sure that’s not gonna be a popular decision for some, and that’s quite alright,” McGee said. Soldiers who are fully vaccinated should expect more freedom of travel, according to McGee’s update.” “For those soldiers that choose, as is their right, to not take the vaccine, we will prudently apply measures of how we will make sure you are able to travel safely,” McGee said. Terry
  6. Ohio to give five residents $1 million each in vaccine lottery https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ohio-lottery-covid-vaccine/ “The state of Ohio will award five vaccinated residents $1 million each in an effort to raise vaccination percentages, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced Wednesday. "Two weeks from tonight on May 26th, we will announce a winner of a separate drawing for adults who have received at least their first dose of the vaccine. This announcement will occur each Wednesday for five weeks, and the winner each Wednesday will receive one million dollars," DeWine said in a tweet thread Wednesday. The funds for the $5 million gifts and costs of running the drawing will come from existing federal COVID-19 relief funds, according to DeWine. He did not specify what the funds had originally been allocated for.” Terry
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