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  1. Happy Birthday WEHollon!

  2. I agree that there won't be a ban but the government will make them expensive to buy, own and feed. So you better already have what you need.
  3. I built a lower thinking I was going to build a 300 BLK. I was waiting to see if the price of the ammo to feed the 300BLK was going to continue to drop. Then came the election. Then came the school shooting. Now ammo prices are nuts and parts are scarce and I can't even finish the build.
  4. 1/6/13 Price for .223. FOR A 20 ROUND BOX. I actually clicked on the CTD website. I'm sorry but I just had to see how bad they are gouging. Ammo 5.56x45mm NATO Lake City 62 Grain SS109 Penetrator Green Tip 3025 fps 20 Round Box XM855 157 Customer Reviews Our Low Price: $34.59 Ships from warehouse: Share Manufacturer: Federal XM855F Item: AMM-223 UPC: 029465060817 .223, 5.56 NATO (5.56x45), Lake City XM855, 62 Grain Steel Penetrator Lead Core Full Metal Jacket Bullet. 20 Round Box. Lake City 5.56 ammo is the best 5.56 military ammo manufactured. This is XM855 specification ammo with the SS109 penetrator bullet. The SS109 is a 62 grain projectile with a lead core and a steel penetrator designed for combat use, leaves the muzzle at 3,025 fps
  5. I had the same proplem with KB Design and Mfg. They immediately charged my account and never shipped my order. No company should charge your account until the item is shipped. Zero communication after many attempts. I started the chargeback process with my bank. Only after I e-mailed this info to the company did they respond. The order was cancelled and my money returned.
  6. Ask your Dad. He knows everything.
  7. I ordered a kit from KB Manufacturing. In a few weeks my account was charged the price of the kit. I assumed the kit had been shipped. After several weeks and no kit I started trying to call the company. Nobody would answer the phone. After a week of unanswered calls I started the charge back process through my credit card company. With some help from a friend on this forum I got the owners name and e-mails address. Eventually I reached the owner via e-mail and received a refund. . Andy
  8. Ask your Dad. He knows everything.
  9. So what actually fails on a UTG quad rail?
  10. Rich, You are the Man!!! I will send Brian an e-mail right now. Thanks
  11. I gave up calling and e-mail them. Their fax machine wont even work. I have started the charge back process through Visa and my bank. If and when the charge back process gets my money back I am going to do whatever I can to get the word out so nobody else gets taken. I did find out that the owners name is Richard Stout. Good luck I hope you get your money back.
  12. Thanks for the welcomes. I have enjoyed reading and learning from everybody on this forum.
  13. I have started the charge back process through my bank and Visa. At this point I would just like my money back. I also want everybody else out there to know about this company so nobody else gets taken. Now that I have their address I might try the certified letter. The first of June I will be driving through that part of the state. I will drive by to see if anybody is home.
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