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  1. soleeagle

    This years Armory Christmas contest-WINNERS!

    This makes me wish I had a dog.
  2. soleeagle


  3. soleeagle

    dragon awareness

    I went down this with TJ last year on Labor day weekend along with the Skyway. One of the best weekends I have had on my bike. Thanks TJ for the hospitality and great memories.
  4. soleeagle

    Hey AZ1911

  5. soleeagle

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning Everyone
  6. soleeagle

    Hey adair_usmc

  7. soleeagle

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning Armory
  8. soleeagle

    Anybody remember Full Metal and this scene??

    It has been at least 15 years since I saw this movie. I have it a DVR and was going to watch it tonight but my 8 year old was watching tv with me so we ebded up watching Blue Crush. Ill probably be watching it again this weekend.
  9. soleeagle

    The Patriot

    I just watched it earlier this week again. It had been a long time since I saw it. I think it was one of the most meaningful wars in our history.
  10. soleeagle

    New Guy

    to the Armory
  11. soleeagle

    .22 Ammo!

    How much was it?