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  1. Good Afternoon from Indiana
  2. soleeagle


    How does one go about setting up a trust to get a tax stamp for a SBR? Are there different ones?
  3. Only thing I’ve seen in my area is shot shells, 6.5 creedmore and 7mm. Would love to find some small primers.
  4. Well it’s literally been years since I’ve been on the Armory. Life and divorce caught up and lost track of time. Ive been skimming through post the last couple nights and it looks like not much has changed. I see a lot of familiar names and lots of new ones. I’m going to do my best and be a contributor again to discussions again. I stay busy most of the time but its time for crappy weather that wont allow me to ride as much. Thanks to a phone call from Neil a couple weeks ago he reminded me of what i have missed. He peaked my interest in the site once again and here I am. Glad to be back Soleeagle
  5. I went down this with TJ last year on Labor day weekend along with the Skyway. One of the best weekends I have had on my bike. Thanks TJ for the hospitality and great memories.
  6. It has been at least 15 years since I saw this movie. I have it a DVR and was going to watch it tonight but my 8 year old was watching tv with me so we ebded up watching Blue Crush. Ill probably be watching it again this weekend.
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