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  1. My In-laws have one of these, but I think it's bigger than the one in your pic. It has heat, air conditioning, power steering, dump bed, the works. After my Father in Law passed away, everybody but me kept telling her that she needed to sell it. She kept it for me. I love it.
  2. Good news there Specops. Just keep that good news coming.
  3. Only thing better would have been relish and sauerkraut on them. It's nice to have a good day out with the wife.
  4. This is what I want my shop to look like one day when I grow up.
  5. Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana.
  6. Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana.
  7. I don't know what my state's plan is, but I know what mine is...see Neil's post on page 1.
  8. Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana.
  9. Last gun show I went to, someone was selling them for $20 a hundred. I was LMAO at him. I went across the room and bought some for $20/1000. They were older ones, but they looked in good shape.
  10. Well, for your penance, you must face East, towards Anniston, Alabama, say 10 John Brownings, and send me 5000 small rifle primers. Then, and only then, will you have full forgiveness.
  11. I'm sorry to hear your bad news Adam. Prayer for him, his family, and his friends. If you can, go see him. Don't put it off.
  12. I saw something just a few minutes ago that they were moving to Texas, but I didn't see anything about bankruptcy.
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