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  1. Srgt. Hulka

    Tumbler questions

    Let us know how they turn out.
  2. Srgt. Hulka

    Tumbler questions

    Some brass is just dirtier than other. Looks like to me that you don’t have enough Dawn in your mix. You look like you have a pretty large drum there. Don’t be afraid to pour the dawn to it, I don’t think you can use too much. I don’t even measure mine, I just squeeze it in until I think it’s enough. On the other hand, you have to be more careful with lemishine. I don’t measure my lemishine either, but I’m way more careful about how much I put in. I measured one time how much I use, and it’s about a 9mm shell full. Again, you have a bigger drum, so it may take more, but don’t use too much, it will turn you brass pink. Run that batch again with more dawn and a little bit more lemishine, and I think you’ll be pleased. Edit: How many pounds of SS pins are you using? I run a whole 5lb bag of STM pins in mine. Over the years, I lost a few pins here and there, until my brass wasn’t getting as clean. I ordered a new bag to to add to what I had and everything looks good now.
  3. Srgt. Hulka

    Greeting from the Swamp

    Welcome to Louisiana Bush. Those first two pictures looks normal for the places I spent my weekends and summers growing up. I love a Louisiana lake and swamp. Don't like the snakes though. It sucks when a big stinkin water moccasin falls in the boat with you. That catfish with the crawfish etouffee looks really good. I hope you have a great time down here in the Sportsman's Paradise. If you make it to NW Louisiana, let me know, we'll get together and grab some more great Louisiana food.
  4. Srgt. Hulka

    The wife is 'helping' me

    The tree ain't going anywhere. The bushes will fill in in the spring. The roses probably needed to be cut back anyway. The sprinkler pipe is just a couple and a little pvc glue. Go give that woman a big hug and thank her for helping.
  5. Srgt. Hulka

    Good Morning!

    Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana. It's FRIDAY!!!! Edit to add: HOCKEY SEASON STARTS TONIGHT!!!!
  6. Srgt. Hulka


    OK, it's time to start posting pics of these ladies handing you this nanner split. Dang Giggles, you licked that son-of-a-gun clean. Musta been real good.
  7. Srgt. Hulka

    Does Rush get paid by Apple?

    I have no idea of he's getting paid by Apple or not. However, I've been listening to Rush since the late 80's and he has talked good about Apple and Macs for as long as there has been Apple and Macs. He absolutely hates Windows based computers and will not own one. It's never been a secret. And yes, he's given away I-Phones as long as there have been I-Phones. He usually does it once a year. And if he is getting paid by Apple, good for him. I wish I was.
  8. Srgt. Hulka

    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was sitting at my desk at work, when my wife called me on the office phone and told me a plane just hit the World Trade Center, and that it was on fire. She was watching it live on TV at home. I told her it was probably a Cessna off course and just hit the building. I told her it would take days to get that fire under control. Then she said "Oh my God! Another plane just hit the other building!" I immediately told her I had to go, and that I'd call her back. I went and found the only TV at our work, turned it on, and a bunch of us sat and watched the towers burn and fall. At about 1:00 PM, our bosses made us get back to work, but there was no work done the rest of the day. I sat and watched the coverage on the internet until quitting time. After getting home, i watched coverage the rest of the night. I had to explain to my 4 year old son that evil people exist in this world, and what we're watching is pure evil. It was a very sad day.
  9. Srgt. Hulka


    They talked years ago about getting out of the 1911 business too. They don't have a whole lot left. If they bring back the Python, and they can make a little money short term.
  10. Srgt. Hulka

    Good Morning!

    Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana.
  11. Srgt. Hulka

    Good Morning!

    Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana.
  12. I hated changing timing chains and WP belts when they were easy. I can't even see the belt on my truck now. It would never cross my mind to try to change the timing belt myself. Nice job on doing it yourself Winkle.
  13. Srgt. Hulka

    did something stupid this weekend

    Dang-it Grunt. That send a sharp pain through me just reading it. Frikkin broken ribs are the worst. I've broken mine twice. Yep, that Barksdale Air show is a LOONG walk, and it's getting hot down here in April and May.
  14. Srgt. Hulka

    Father-in-Law Funeral Today

    I was tearing up just reading your post Bama. I'm terribly saddened and sorry for the loss of your Father in Law. Give your wife our sincere condolences. We lost my Father in Law in June. And yes, it's tough. I was with my MIL last night, and it's still tough on her. They were married over 60 years.
  15. Srgt. Hulka

    Good Morning!

    Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana. Is it Friday yet?