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  1. SOCOM87

    Just wanted to introduce myself.

    Here we all have BRD.... ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!!!
  2. SOCOM87

    Can't decide what to do..

    My vote is for Spike's
  3. SOCOM87

    After a empty wallet finished

    Too excited to get pics up you didn't even clean the table to show its full beauty Looks really good though! Damn sexy!
  4. There is absolutely no need for more than a few drops of lube on moving parts (ONE DROP PER AREA) Anything that is drenched in oil will only gum up and cause jams and FTE's and FTF's.... I personally use Inox because it is cleaner and lube in one, I can use it in my climate controlled dining room without getting high out of my mind, and with well over 5,000 rounds threw 3 firearms without a single issue I will swear by it and stand by it... It's only downfall is that it won't break up tough crudded on hasn't been cleaned in months type stuff... Other than that it is effing awesome!
  5. SOCOM87

    Building an AR pistol

    If you could legally possess a pistol or handgun than you wouldn't have to have someone buy it for you and then turn around and buy it from them... You could just buy it yourself.. What you just said is no different from giving your dad the money to buy it for you... Also, If you want to go back and forth between pistol and rifle with the same weapon, you can! It will need to be registered as an SBR and then it doesn't matter what setup you use. The best way to go about obtaining the SBR registration is to go to a lawyer and have him make you a revocable trust ($300-$500 one time cost!) Then file the proper paperwork with the ATF and give them $200 with a COPY of the revocable trust and wait 90-180 days for your SBR... You can use the revocable trust as many times as you can afford the tax stamp and then you can use pistol or rifle configurations with that lower
  6. SOCOM87

    My First AR-15

    Not so much what we think but rather how you like the weapon and if it properly suits your needs... All that being said... You have a more than decent first AR and I hope you have fun with her!
  7. SOCOM87

    barrel re-install question

    I'd like to see that video
  8. SOCOM87

    Some Photos of the Family

    My wife wants a big family but I don't think this is what she has in mind....
  9. SOCOM87

    Custom Dust Covers/Ejection Ports

    Take a look into Spike's Tactical (spikestactical.com) They have a variety of different engravings and can make whatever you want as long as it fits
  10. SOCOM87

    First black rifle

    Great looking rifle you have there! How is the trigger? (pull, feel, quality?)
  11. I like Spike's Tactical (www.spikestactical.com) and Special Ops Tactical (specialopstactical.com) Spike's has been around for some time now and SOT is new to the game but definitely knows what it's all about... I encourage you to give one of those two a try or a combination of the two... check em out and see what others are saying
  12. SOCOM87

    Special Ops Tactical

    They are a new company out of Apopka, Florida (Right around the corner from Spike's Tactical) I have personally dealt with Garrett and he was super informative and helpful... Also their rifles are top-notch with melonite and nickel boron finishes