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  1. Hey all, Been a while since I posted here. I've been busy with school and work, but finally decided to do a couple upgrades on my rifle.I figured I am pretty much stuck having a rifle without a sling so here it goes. I have a BCM 16'' Standard Midlength Upper with Daniel Defense 12'' handguards and a BCM lower with standard M4 stock with a sling attachment point. I am looking to get a sling for my rifle and I've done some searching and it seems the Gear Sector GS-2P seems to not be a bad choice. My question regards on how to get it Quick Detachable and what mounts, adapters, etc. I will need. Here's what I think I will need... Sling: http://www.gearsector.com/browse/category/slings/two-point-slings/ Mount: http://www.gearsector.com/view/product/171/ or this mount: http://www.gearsector.com/view/product/169/ I see the sling comes equipped with two auxiliary adapters and I know for sure I will need a mount for the handguards so I was just wondering which mount I should purchase and if I purchase said equipment will it be everything I need to get this system said up? Thank you for your help!
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    Hello From Jackson

    In Lansing here. I am a Spartan though. Welcome to the forum!
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    AR15 Primer - A Beginner's Guide

    Is this stickied!? It definitely should be. Great job and I have serious appreciation for guys like you who spend a great deal of time helping out others. Please do not quote an entire article of that size. It makes it difficult for those using tablets, phones, or other devices to read the Armory. Quote only a small excerpt, or just simply reply to the thread.
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    I agree with the Doc. The term "custom" can be extremely ambiguous. At $750 I'm sure you got a fine deal. You should find out the parts that went into making it though. It will help you get a deeper understanding of your rifle and you can look up certain parts here on the forum to get an idea as to how they perform. Also, if you ever get the itch to upgrade it can be helpful to know what you already have. That sucks that it is on layaway. I personally cannot stand having to wait!
  5. skeletor6

    Need help choosing a sling and mount

    Sounds like what I need right now. From experience, that kind of CS and dedication yields great products. I've already read numerous of reviews for the gear sector rail mount that mention it superior to DD's version. Sounds like its time to check out their slings. I can't believe I overlooked them.
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    Looks like a nice rifle thank you for posting the picture! It should be able to shoot both 556 and .223 you can confirm that by checking the barrel for an engraving of "556 NATO" . 556 ammo is just under higher pressure and will result in the bullet traveling faster if all else is equal. On fragmenting bullet designs, the 556's increased velocity offers an advantage because there usually is a fragmentation threshold where below the threshold the bullet won't fragment as effectively and consistently. There are plenty more variables to consider when selecting ammo and I'm a newbie as well so I'm sure the vets will be able to assist you better. Are you using the ammo for HD, plinking, competition, shtf, as well or just for the range? It would be wise for you to try a few varieties in your new rifle and see what it shoots best. I'm currently in that process. Glad to have you at the armory!
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    Need help choosing a sling and mount

    Thank you guys. Lots of useful information to get me started. I have a DD lite 12" rail so it seems I will need some sort of mount. The gear sector one I mentioned seems to be the type of mount that will work best and stay out of the way for me. There is a sling attachment already on the m4 stock on my bcm lower. So does that mean I will not be needing one of these? Link I've already decided that a 2 point set up is the way to go for my situation. I'll contact Jason from gear sector to see what he can do. Thank you very much for the referral. Also, it Looks like I should investigate more into the magpul series as well. I appreciate everyone's assistance
  8. skeletor6

    Handguards and Rails

    Sounds like you were in the same situation as I was not too long ago. It's overwhelming at first trying to decide which to choose. My suggestion to you would be to continue to ask questions and do a lot of searching. There are a lot of infected individuals on the site who can't help but buy many of the products you are looking to buy. They can share with you, their experiences and suggestions with these products and help steer you in the right direction. That being said, the complete rifles you listed are backordered and in my opinion you can do better for the money. There's nothing wrong with spikes, but at a $1200 price range you are making yourself available to a huge variety of complete rifles. From the title of your topic, it seems you want a rail system of some sort. The Colt 6920 just has standard handguards. The Colt 6940 offers this upgrade, but you should not limit yourself to just that. Look through the picture thread here and check out all the different rail systems so you can get a better feel of what you can accomplish. You may also want to check out this thread I created asking some of the same questions as you. Link Glad to have you here and good luck on your future purchase!
  9. skeletor6

    Need help choosing a sling and mount

    This sounds like what I may have to do in the meantime until I can save up. Thank you for the recommendation. How does your wife like the Blue Force? And would getting the QD Rail mount and swivel, plus using the swivel on my M4 stock get the job done as well? If so, are there any cheaper alternatives? It looks like I may have to upgrade elsewhere before I go to a sling. I've read mixed reviews on the MS3, do you personally have one and what are your experiences with it? I don't see myself needing the 1 point capabilities. Thanks for the replies!
  10. So I've done some searching and have made it to the point where I need some advice. I'm looking to get a sling for my rifle. I have 12'' DD LITE handguards without any sling attachments and the lower carries a standard M4 stock which has a sling attachment. A 2-point sling would be the most applicable to my needs. First Question: Is a Rail Mount with QD swivel the best choice for my situation? Gear Sector Rail Mount Second Question: Is Vicker's Combat Application Sling a good choice for a 2 point sling? I was not looking forward to spending close to $90 on a sling and rail mount. Are there any other cheaper alternatives that I could look into? Thanks Guys!
  11. skeletor6

    AR Optics

    Didn't last long. Cheers to whoever got one at that price. Waiting to buy one myself.
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    Here I Go Again,

    The noticeable difference you'll get from an all chrome BCG is that it will be easier to clean and will require less lubrication. "Looks" of a BCG should rank low in your decision as it can only be seen through the ejection port when the dust cover is open. Key considerations should be the testing and inspection processes the BCG goes through. That usually is where the separation of quality is seen. ADDAX is known for putting out quality products. I have yet to seen a complaint on the forum since I've joined. As been stated by others, you cannot go wrong with ADDAX,
  13. skeletor6

    AR Optics

    ^^^^^^^^ That's a great deal
  14. skeletor6

    AR Optics

    I agree there's no need for a laser other than the "cool" factor. Even if a laser stays zeroed in, why not just use your optics/irons for target acquisition? Also, they can easily giveaway ones position under certain circumstances.
  15. skeletor6

    Here I Go Again,

    You are not going to find anything wrong with ADDAX. They have great products, customer service, and are a sponser here. For something that is comparable and in stock check this out. BCM BCG