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  1. Will sell this and the 9mm AR pistol together for $1400
  2. Will sell this and the Sig P229 together for $1400.
  3. Getting rid of a couple guns that I don't use to fund another project. Colt SMG upper, barrel, bolt, buffer, and buffer spring, CMMG dedicated 9mm lower receiver, Troy Alpha hand guard, finished in custom 4 color Cerakote H series digital camo with graphite black controls, Bolt is coated in Cerakote Micro Slick, (10) RRA 32 round mags (1) 25 round Colt mag. low round count somewhere between 500 to 600 rds. $800.00 Please call or text (816) 401-6914
  4. Sig P229, 9mm, Sig night sights, short reset trigger, Cerakote H series Tactical Grey with Graphite Black controls, (3) 15 round magazines, (2) additional sets of wrap around Houge grips, original Sig grips, Original Sig hard case, Galco shoulder holster, Blackhawk SERPA holster, Galco double mag belt pouch. Light not included, normal wear on barrel. $750.00 Please call or text 816-401-6914
  5. Thanks for the kind words. She shoots as good as she looks. Its a lot more fun to shoot now.
  6. After a long time of acquiring parts I just got this done. Its built on one of the lowers we had made a couple of years ago (yes, it is a registered SBR). It has an Aero Precision upper, Noveske barrel, Spike's BCG, VLTOR A5 buffer tube and IMPOD stock, MAGPUL grip, Troy handguard, Geissel SSD-E FCG, MAGPULBUIS and an AimPoint optic. Finished it in a modified Kryptek Nomad camo pattern that I tweaked a little to better blend into my area using CeraKote "H" series coating. Overall I am very happy with the build and cant wait to get it out and do some shooting. Here she is:
  7. We use CeraKote Micro Slick. Works very well, Have done 75 to 100 never had any complaints
  8. My favorite is probably Multicam or Kryptek camo Kryptek in local predominant colors on my SR762 Multicam on a SIG 716 Kryptek in some multicam colors on a Noveske SBR
  9. I normally favor the traditional look of wood and black metal. But I wanted her to be more comfortable and needed to add a low power optic due to my aging eyes. So I put on a VLTOR collapsible stock, MI rail, US Palm grip, and added a rail to the upper hand guard. I also scrounged up a used ACOG 2x. Since nothing matched I threw some Multicam camo on her using CeraKote and DuraCoat. Over all I am very happy with how it performs. The stock raised my face up enough to get a good stock to cheek weld and the ACOG makes hitting the target much easier (since Im old and my eyes aren't what they used to be). Edited due to the pictures not loading
  10. The coating I used is CeraKote "H" series on the metal and "C" series on the plastic and optic. I used templates that I made on our cutter
  11. Shoots great. So far have only put some 150gr and 168gr thru her/ (have a couple thousand 168's still so it is what I have been feeding her). Best I can do with fed match168 BTHP is just over a MOA. Which is me and not the rifle. Not sure of the nomenclature of the ACOG. It is one that I had with the cross hairs and 7.62 hold over, (it was originally on one of my FAL's). Overall I am very happy with it. I haven't had any of the mag related failure to feed issues with the PMAGS or the DPMS mags I had on hand. (No malfunctions after about 900 rds). Real test will be coyote and deer hunting this fall.
  12. I have a SLR106UR I really like it. The original finish isn't that great but overall I am very happy with it now:
  13. Finally got around to putting the SBR together and got some pics taken. Its one of our lowers with a Colt upper and barrel, Troy HG, Eotech sight, MAGPUL BUIS, and a VLTOR stock. She is a blast to shoot. Now as soon as I get the can she will be finished.
  14. Here is my Ruger SR762 with a facelift. The stock trigger was horrible so I put a Geissel SSA-E trigger in her and a VLTOR stock with an ACOG. I finished it in Kryptec camo in colors that were good for my area. Its done in CeraKote Patriot Brown, MAGPUL Foliage Green, Flat Dark Earth, Coyote Tan, and OD Green
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